Are You Here?

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Some black clouds can't be escaped from alone.

Submitted: June 05, 2016

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Submitted: June 05, 2016



Are You Here?


This big black cloud seems to have come up from nowhere. It has approached so fast I did not even see it coming. That fact alone is making it so much worse than usual, so much harder to escape from.


As it gets closer the blackness gets heavier. It weighs me down, smothers me in a black blanket of misery. I struggle against it, try to shrug it off, brush it away. It's having none of it. Each move I make against it seems to make the density of the cloud increase.


Can you get blacker than black? The colour has drained from everything, from everywhere. There is not even a hint of a shadow, not even one speck of grey on the horizon.


The cloud is so thick and heavy now, cloying, stagnant, malignant. It enters my eyes, my ears, my mouth. There are thick tendrils of blackness reaching down my throat, choking me as they reach further and further down. There is no mistaking that they mean me harm.


Other tendrils seperate and coil around me, holding me tight. For a moment it feels almost comforting but the pressure increases, squeezing my stomach and my spine together so tightly it is hard to tell one from another. It is getting hard to breathe as my lungs are pressed closed.


A thick tendril, an octopus-like tentacle, coils its way around my neck. It is a solid noose of blackness. My hands want to reach out, to release the stranglehold it is making around my neck but my arms are clamped firmly to my sides. I simply cannot move my hands to my neck at all.


It will not take long for this to overcome me. I am in such a dense blackness I may already be dead. But I can still think. Consciousness has not totally deserted me. Yet!


I need to call for help. There is no possibility of me being capable of defeating this alone. Could anybody fight off such an all-engulfing blackness with no one fighting alongside them? Could anybody fight back against such a malign entity?


If I can make the effort to open my mouth and call your name will you hear me? It is hard to force my lips apart, almost impossible to move my tongue. The cloud is roiling in my mouth, snuffling out my efforts at making sound. It has formed itself into a gelatinous gag of thick black tar.


Can I call you with my mind? You are so far away. Even if you should hear my call, even if you should choose to come to my aid, will you be able to reach out and help me in time?


I can feel myself slipping away, becoming one with the dark. My skin is slowly starting to dissolve into this black morass. If I don't act now my chance will have slipped past, never to return.


I call your name as hard and as loud as I can with my mind. I want to screw up my eyes with the effort but I no longer have any sensations at all apart from this deep desperation.


Will you hear me?


Will you come?


Are you here?



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