The Tickle Addict

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In this story a woman looks at her wife's search history and finds tickle porn videos. The woman gets a naughty idea and it leads to laughter for the rest of their lives.

Jenna was a stay at home wife and her wife Rachel was a doctor. They loved each other a lot and we're always together. One day when Rachel was at work, jenna decided to look at Rachel's Google search history. She logged on to Rachel's computer and found lesbian bondage tickle videos and tickle stories. Jenna had always loved being tickled, but she had no idea Rachel loved tickling too. Tickling actually gave Jenna amazingly large orgasms, which she had found out because of her college roommate, but that's a different story. ( comment if u want to hear that story) she began to feel a little horny and an amazing idea formed into her mind. She checked her watch. It was 3:30 . Rachel would be home in an hour and she had work to do. She quickly drove down to the kinky sex shop downtown and bought two sets of handcuffs and a bondage bed. It was surprisingly expensive, but it would be worth it. When she got home she mosturized her entire body and stripped down naked. Rachel would be home in about 10 minutes. She set up the bondage bed in their room and strapped herself in. She was now very wet, and was pretty sure here clit was sticking out. She really wished she could finger herself, but she couldn't escape. She heard Rachel's car pull in to their driveway. When Rachel opened the door, jenna screamed.  " Rachel! Help! Somebody strapped me into this bed!" Jenna heard Rachel walking up the stairs. "HELP" she screamed again. Rachel walked into the doorway and Jenna said " Rachel, please get me out of here!" Jenna hoped she didn't sound convincing. Rachel looked Jenna over and then said: " oh Jenna, I think I need to have a little fun with you now that you're all tied up and can't escape." Jenna whimpered. " I know you like being tied up, Jenna. I see that sexy little clit of yours just begging for attention. Hmmm, let's see. You aren't ticklish, are you?" Jenna was now a bit frightened but didn't want to let it show. "No, I've never been ticklish" lied Jenna. " well then you wouldn't mind if we played a game then, would yo? It's called ticklish trivia." "I don't mind!" Whispered Jenna. " well, here's how it works. I ask you a question. If you get it wrong I'll tickle you for 15 minutes. If you get it right I'll  make you cum. Sound good?" " well, since I'm not ticklish, then yes." Lied Jenna. "Okay. First question. Are you ticklish?" " no" answered Jenna. "Oh no! First question wrong already! Here we go!" She stroked a long nail down Jenna's side. Jenna let out a squeak. Rachel heard it and began to full out torture Jenna. 







Submitted: June 06, 2016

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