White Fire

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Anya was born with a gift that only the Royal families of the Ice Clan possessed...white fire, a power colder than ice that could destroy anything in its path. It is the most powerful substance that can be wielded by man, one that could stop the Fire Clan from winning a ten year war against their nation.

Once the kingdom learns of Anya's gift, they bring her to the kingdom to train to be a warrior. It is at the castle that she learn that there are three others just like her that had been brought to the kingdom, a girl and two boys, and she quickly forges a friendship among them.

But with friendships come enemies, and Anya quickly learns that Prince Sebastian, the future king, has taken a distaste in her. When she learns that he is her trainer and ultimately decides her fate at the castle, she tries everything to win his favor.

But Prince Sebastian is the only Royal member left with the gift to wield White Fire, and his power is so strong, it eats away at his sanity, causing him to become darker and more powerful. It is then that Anya realizes that the threat to the kingdom isn't the Fire Clan, but the future king himself, Sebastian.

Will she be able to keep him from becoming an evil threat to the throne, or will she be able to save the land from a tragic ending?

Table of Contents

Chapter One: The Ice Castle

Submitted: June 05, 2016

He was beautiful, with hair whiter than my own, and skin like that of a porcelain doll. His eyes were icy blue cerulean crystals that loo... Read Chapter

Chapter Two: The Dinning Hall

Submitted: June 05, 2016

My maid watched me silently as I threw myself onto the lush, lavender comforter that decorated my new bed. I buried my head into the pill... Read Chapter

Chapter Three: Dragon Stone

Submitted: June 05, 2016

Five in the morning came like a thunderstorm on a small island. I'd just finished dressing in a pair of black slacks and a loose fitting ... Read Chapter