I'll Climb any Tree for You

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You never know how amazing a person is until you lose it but if it was meant to be you'll get that someone back. When you do you'll never let that person go.

Submitted: June 05, 2016

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Submitted: June 05, 2016



Just imagine you made a plane that you loved to fly outside. It made you see how free you were, it was your pride and joy but one day it but it flew too high and got stuck in a tree and tangles in vines. You look around you don't see a ladder, no one is able to get it and every time you climb the tree you break a branch, you scrape your knees and you fall every time. You grow weary and you just think "I'll never be able to get it back. You sit there on the ground, you look up at it and you just sigh and walk away. Everyday you think about plane stuck in the tree but you tell yourself that nothing it will never be in your reach but one day everything changes. The wind blows just right. The vines that once tangled that plane loses its grip and it falls right in front you. You feel so happy, so relieved, your lost hope returns. You're faith for happiness comes back. You're free again. You always remember the pain you felt when that tree took what you've worked hard for, what you you're passionate about, how it took your purpose. You'll never forget that but it made you appreciate what you have even more. Made the scrapes and bruises worth it. So if that plane ever got stuck in a tree again, you'll climb that tree a thousand times if you had to. 

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