The King and The Joker

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This is the story about a king and his joker, who desperately wants revenge.

Submitted: June 05, 2016

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Submitted: June 05, 2016



In this world, there are people of great power. Those of whom could litterally change the course of history with one gesture. Of course, with great power comes envy, those who envy are often times worst then the worst of rulers. Their jelously leads their path, and their eyes become blind. Their senses are cancelled out and their rational half loses contact. All that is left is a person, who wants to watch the world burn.

"Call in the joker!" yelled one of the two head guards who stood by the king and queens throne. Moments later, a small man with a stuffed carnival hat, and colourful clothes stood out in the center. His face was covered in paint and mascara. He looked quite confident, so the king and queen sat intently waiting for his act to begin.

"Hello my king and queen," he said as he bowed down. He stood up an started to take out a bunch of coloured sheets from his torso. He took out all of them, and then he sat them down on the ground. He then picked up one of the blue sheets, and put it in his hand. He made his hand into a fist, and opened it back up after a few seconds. A purple-coloured sheet stood in the middle. 

He stared intently at the king and queen waiting for a response. "Get him out, Even his tricks are becoming old."

All of the sudden, a small chuckle was heard throughout the throne room. The chuckle turned into laughter. The laughter was so maniacal so bizzare, no one could describe it. As the head guards were coming to get the Joker, he put a hand into the air and pointed his finger at the king, and he said, "One more trick." His voice seemed deep and hoarse, different from his usual high-pitched one.

He took all of the coloured sheets on the ground and picked them up, stuffing them inside of his pocket, He then took them all out, and they were all bound together by strings. "That's not it." he said. He then took them all and put them inside of his hands. Then from his hands fell the coloured sheets, and a knife came out. He lunged at the king, his wide and maniacal smile showing his insanity. He landed right beside the kings throne.

He said, "Oh how much I hate you king, Your power is too great! You command the highest and best army in all of Eterna, and you get the right to command the whole city as well. You must pay for your power." And with it, two deaths occured. One of the king who had his throat slit, and one of the Joker who had beeen guillotined not soon after with his final words being, "Let the world know, I, Norman Jas, have killed King Haldeir!"

  This would set up the world's biggest catastrophe yet.

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