Faith in My Heart

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This poem tells me that all you can be for this lifetime is a blessing for how we can make our world better through everlasting faith nourished in making the big day ahead for a smile. I hope you will like this near our home on this Earth. :)

Submitted: June 06, 2016

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Submitted: June 06, 2016



From the time immortal when we become realistic about future unseen I seek the rest,

Sometimes all we want keep saying our dreams will one day be reality,

In this lifetime for all the reason to ask for more,

If God saw different to us with the cross I bear wherever we go,

What character may lie in the making of dream castle giving up on faith?

Whenever last time you saw whats going on for this adventure of a lifetime,

Are you willing to keep searching inside your heart for the magic of spirit all this lifetime were working till the dawn?

If the moonlight rise ahead of the smiling sun for our tomorrow,

I seek this mystery in the roots I am unknown yet will never give up,

There is my home in your presence for all time I am waiting waking myself from the story of life,

As this night shadow every true epic of life make far away from its freedom,

Can you redeem all you have been through for a home God promised for this music from the heart?

Where I clearly see you will never give up for the strongest grace God like to be loved what this lifetime is longing for,

Is this the end of history when you harvest one thought how you are made for the healing steps I seek as refugee in Lords care?

When I think about this feeling I am awakened in all the glory life showers for a silent freedom of our dawn,

I thank the closest companion of thankfulness for all the grace it may be its sacrifice we were born in a life made turning away from the sins of this world,

No life may promise this quest I seek one name all the days of our existence call from the tree of mystic worldly life,

If this power of cleaniness from sins rinse the animal of minds tireless thoughts that may have once back gone wild when you said I am one free bird of this life lost in your compassion,

When it is stopping for the heart what God's want from all our corrections we make for our wellbeing,

Do you think what your friend next door will lose for the time our teacher has been through everything you are made for this day?

This liberty shines in the silent freedom of our dawn when nothing life brings give the birth for the reasoning time is sowed from all the things you will do for daily living,

If we are born here when the only famine rest on this greatness you may live this life for one home we are blessed on this Earth,

What counts more than perfection is all we share for the happiness our dawn live these days we love,

For I am fulfilled in this smile I seek my place near all hope as there is all that brings us here near God's promise,

Let us care this tireless effort of one teacher who lives beyond destiny yet so unknown..:)

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