The Battle (Lite Writers Contest Piece.)

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This a piece for the Lite Writers Contest.

Submitted: June 06, 2016

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Submitted: June 06, 2016



The battle,

It has begun,

In many years,

There has been many lost,

And many won.


The darkness creeps closer,

The light recedes,

The life we know now,

Is nothing put a dream,

In the far distance of our minds.


We need a hero,

To fight the villains,

To cure us of our demons,

A hero to restore,

The light we lost when the darkness attacked.


The battle is hard,

many will be lost,

But good always conquers,

Unless the evil is too powerful,

Then we must accept our fate.


Blood soaked battlefields,

Bodies on the ground piling up,

It looks like a scene out of a movie,

Motionless eyes stare at me from empty blown off heads,

The darkness' reign has just begun.


For years we must fight,

To become more powerful than our opponent,

To get our lives back together,

To defeat this present darkness,

And to rebuild humanity.


The battle is long,

Feet drag like cinder blocks,

Arms droop motionless from overuse,

The body feel as if it's an empty vessel,

There seems to be no hope,

It looks as if the darkness has won.


The creature of nightmares,

Against the angels of hope,

When all else fails,

When all the angels die off,

Who will come to our aid then?


The battle is never ending,

The struggle is constant,

The body count keeps going,

There is non limit for death,

For death is our fate,

And fate keeps the world turning.


The darkness,

It chants to the light:

"For the world is gone,

It is ours,

And will be our forever,

And then forever more."


But we are strong,

And we don't give in,

We don't cave at temptations door,

We break it down, and then we proceed,

We proceed to win and to live.


The darkness is receding,

The light advances,

There is no hope for the darkness,

For we don't run on brute strength,

We run on the will to live,

We run on the power of believing in the good,

The belief that if we band together,

there is nothing that can stop us.


The darkness is diminishing,

The stragglers are taken care of,

The light advances,

For we have the power of life, love and liberty,

And together,

We can handle anything that gets thrown our way.


In due time,

we will win,

the darkness will be no more,

And we all,

Will live long happy lives,

And will not have to worry,

For evil will never be able,

To stand up to the power of good.


© Copyright 2018 Matt Johnson. All rights reserved.

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