No Reflection

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic
How cool is it to have a twin? Having another you. Is it cool? I guess this girl doesn't think so.

Submitted: June 06, 2016

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Submitted: June 06, 2016



A mirror.

That's what I see when I look at Jena; my twin. She's exactly like me. Our hair is long and ginger. Our eyes resemble those of a cat and they're deep blue like the ocean.

Our personalities, they're the same. We like the same color, music, food and so on. We talk simultaneously and say the same thing. We wear the same clothes and have the same friends, grades.

We're part of a whole. So alike, yet, so different.

Jena loves being the same, she feels that we're two drops of water and that's awesome.

I, on the other hand, go insane because of this. We're too similar. When I try to do something unique, Jena's doing it too. When I try to be alone, she's with me. When I try to be an individual, she's there to prevent that from happening.

My friends say how cool it would be if they had a twin, that it's cool to have another you.

I don't feel like I'm unique. There's a copy of me.

My mirror image.

Every morning is the same. Deciding on makeup, clothes and accessories. I would wear more black but, for some reason, me and Jena need to wear the same thing. That means bright colors, high heels, flashy jewelry and a barbie's makeup. I hate this.

I don’t understand something though.

Whenever I manage to do something unique, everyone say "Gosh Jena! You thought of this! Didn't you?"

We act the same but people treat Jena like an angel, and me like a demon.

"What if I shatter this mirror?" that questions popped up in my mind and wouldn't leave me alone.

Hope. I have hope now, that I could be my own person.

I can be the only me.

Walking downstairs seemed different. The steps felt more exhausted and the stairs seemed steeper.

My racing heart wouldn't leave me alone. Thump, thump, thump. It's distracting.

I reached into my gym bag. I pulled out a long skipping rope. Me and Jena loved skipping during breaks when we were still in kindergarten. We don't do it anymore.

I would, but Jena thinks we're too old. We're only thirteen. I don't understand how that's too old.

It doesn't really matter. I don't care what she thinks, I'm going to go play.

After six minutes of skipping Jena came outside.

"Hey! What're you doing?! You're too old for this!" she said as she ripped the skipping rope out of my hands and carried it into the house.

"Wait! What are you gonna do?!" I screamed and chased after her.

That skipping rope was a present for my fourth birthday. So many memories lay with it. So much happiness. Now, my twin is cutting it into half with scissors and throwing it away.

I was holding back my tears and anger. I was infuriated. My insides were burning and I was suppressing a death glare.

"June, listen, we're The Mirror Twins. That means we need to be exactly the same. I'm better than you, so you need to be like me. Do I play outside? No. So you don't do that either. Do you understand?" a smirk appeared on Jena's face.

My fists were shaking; she pissed me off. I wanted to hurt her. To make her suffer.

Am I going crazy? Whatever, I thought.

This one time I was wearing something different from my sister. She didn't notice it at first, but now she did and scowled at me.

"Take that off!" she commanded. "But I-," I was cut off by the sudden feeling of relief on my skin.
Jena cut open my shirt.

"What are you doing?!" I exclaimed.

"June, darling, don't scream at your twin. Remember, you're looking in a mirror," she said to me.

That's it.

That was the last drop.

"Fine," I said and a satisfied smile creeped on Jena's face. "I will be like my mirror image; you. I will act like you, talk like you, do everything like you." I continued, Jena's smile grew wider. "However," Jena's grin faded and she grew confused. "What if, I killed you right now?" I asked.

Jena grew terrified; I became more and more intimidating.

"W-why would you kill your dear twin?" she quickly said, afraid of the answer.

Without answering the question, I grabbed the nearest object. It happened to be a spear-shaped umbrella. I was quite strong and I managed to stab my twin through the neck.

Blood squinted on my face and flooded on the floor. My clothes covered in crimson blood.

"...J-June..." Jena weakly whimpered. Her pale hands reached up to my face and she cupped my cheeks.

I couldn't move. I thought she would hate me. However, here she is. I don't understand.

I never thought of hurting someone and disliked fighting. Yet, somehow, I killed Jena.

"I just...wa-wanted us to be...identical..." Jena quietly whispered.

Hatred boiled within me like lava. "I love you," I said and continuously stabbed Jena.

There's no escape now. It's done.

She's dead.

I am now unique. There's no one else like me.

I smiled. It was a genuine smile of happiness. I realized that now, I can wear, say and do what I want.

I was finally free, yet, I felt tears on my cheeks. I regretted killing Jena. However, no matter what I’d do, there’s no going back. It’s way too late.

She still looks too much like me. Even if she’s a corpse, I can’t tolerate looking like someone. I slash her face, just a little bit. Now I’m unique.


I sit in the shadows and stalk two twins, Tom and Sam.

I search, stalk, judge and shatter.

Fast, deadly, I strike.

I stare at the petrified Tom who holds Sam in his hands. “Your mirror is shattered,” I say.

“What have you done, you bitch?!” Tom yells.

I don’t really care. “I guess it’ll rain today,” I open my umbrella and walk away. Behind me I hear the heartbreaking cries. I don’t look back.

He’ll get used to it, I thought.

“He’ll get used to not having a reflection.”

© Copyright 2020 iicupcakeii. All rights reserved.

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