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Chapter 6 (v.1) - Haunted

Submitted: June 06, 2016

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Submitted: June 06, 2016



Chapter 6



Wake up, Danny, I say. He frowns and keeps his eyes closed. I put my hand on his shoulder and shake him awake.

What time is it? Danny asks. We’re parked at a turn-out next to a road sign that tells not to do exactly what we’re doing. The sun just started coming up and the sky looks bloody. It’s bright enough to see the Absarokas.  

We gotta get going, I say. We don’t need anymore cops giving us shit. Danny doesn’t seem too excited. Take a look at those mountains, Danny. We’re in God’s country now. Danny cracks his knuckles and rolls his neck. Why don’t I take over, I say.

No, says Danny. I’ll drive.

You remember how to get there?

Yeah, says Danny. I remember. I recline my seat and fold my hands behind my head. These mountain highways always put me right to sleep. Danny fires up the Chrysler and pulls on to the road.

You feeling all right, Danny?

Yeah, he says. I was just having a dream and you took me out of it.

Sorry about that, I say. It was a good one then?

I’m not sure, says Danny.

You were dreaming about that girl, I’ll bet.

Yeah, says Danny. It’s been awhile since I had a dream about her. I always try to but I never can. Or if I do I can’t remember when I wake up. Danny’s rubbing the sleep from his eyes and zipping down the mountain highway at a steady speed.

You ever think about it? I ask.

Bout what, says Danny.

What we did. I roll down my window to rest my arm.

What you did, says Danny.

Well I had to do something, I say.

Do you ever regret it? Asks Danny.

Never, I say. Do you?

I guess not, says Danny. It’s just these last two years have been so long.

What do you think they’ll call you when we get back?

My uncle always calls me by my middle name, says Danny. I think if I see Faye she’ll call me Daniel.

Been waiting for that, I say.

For what?

For you to say her name. Danny doesn’t say anything until we get to the farm roads.

My uncle won’t let me stay with him if he knows I’m still talking to you, says Danny. He might not let me stay with him anyway. You can stay up in the loft in the barn. I think you should take the gun and stash it up there too in case he looks in the car.

You’re not gonna let me freeze to death, I say.

I’ll come by after dark tonight with some food and blankets.

I think I’ll take the bong with me too, I say.

Fine, says Danny.

You want your pills?

No, says Danny. Toss them out.

You’re sure?

Yeah I don’t want them.



The place is bigger than I remember. Danny slows as he drives past his uncle’s house. The house could use some paint.

You used to hate coming here, I say.

Yeah, says Danny. Some things never change. We drive about a half mile down the dirt road to get to the barn. The thing looks haunted. Danny’s uncle stopped using it years ago after his last horse died.


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