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Submitted: June 06, 2016

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Submitted: June 06, 2016



This is where I work,
I told Tilly.

She followed me
around the place.

It was a Saturday;
the place was almost empty.

I had come to clear up
a few things from the day before.

You make marquees?
She said.

The women do,
I just help,
then go out helping
to put up marquees
all over the place,
I said.

Where abouts
have you been?

All over the place;
did a racing stables
the other week,
some big wedding,
I said.

Not our wedding,
then Benny?

No not ours,
I said.

she said.

I her showed
the area
we kept
the canvas and ropes.

Soft here to lie on,
she said,
touching a piles
of canvas sheets.

Guess so,
I said.

Anyone about?
She said.

A few not many,
I said.

Would they look for you
if you were
missing awhile?

Who knows?
I said.

I'd take you home,
but Mum's there today,
and she'd only give
another inquest into
what we may have done
the other week,
Tilly said.

I opened the door
and peered out
the passage way;
all was clear,
no one about,
I said.

She lay down,
and I lay beside her.

We kissed and hugged,
and I touched her thigh,
and she began
to unbutton my jeans.

Benny, Benny,
are you around?
a voice said
from down the passage.

I jumped up,
and she tidied
herself up,
and I got up,
and opened the door.

Yes, you wanted me?
I said along the passage.

The manager stood
in the doorway.

Do you know what
we did with the order book?

I think I saw Joe
put it in the green file,
I said.

Where'd he put it after that?
The manager said.

God knows,
I said,
maybe it's in the workshop.

I'll look there,
he said,
and walked off.

I went back to Tilly
who was now standing
in the room
against the door.

Has he gone?
she said.

Yes he was looking
for the order book.

I best go,
she said.

I said,
and showed her
the back way out,
and she kissed me,
and walked off.

See you later,
I said.

She nodded
and I went in.

Almost made it,
but no big sin.

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