Day of memory

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Tear-jerker. The Jane Knight's story which presents a gloomy flash-back of a strong and heart-broken woman.

Submitted: June 07, 2016

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Submitted: June 07, 2016



Awake before the alarm clock, Jane Knight stayed seated in her bed – the bed of the hotel room precisely. An old piece of paper was trapped by the single woman. The few baggages still tidy told us that Jane didn’t hold an ordinary geographical map for tourism.

Indeed, she wasn’t a common “Mrs X”. She had a fiery temperament, certainly! Sometimes, the strongest minds are those which have the deepest wounds – the loss of a loved one. Two or three years ago, she lived in the countryside, near a beautiful lake, with her beloved husband and their son. Thomas, her husband, was a superb pianist – he couldn’t exist without music however he would give his life and everything he had just for Jane.

One Saturday night, a fire broke out in Jane’s house while his wife was on the way home from her office. Her son, Jake, was sleeping and her spouse was standing in front of the clear water of the great lake. He was thinking deeply about everything and nothing, about love and music. The fire spread easily and too fast! Thomas tried to save his only son in vain. Since this date, he hasn’t been the same man; he was constantly in a gloomy and bleak mood. Some months after, Jane found her Thomas dead – he hung himself during the night. Jane broke down with grief...

Ever since their had, she lived like the wind, moving from common place to another. The piece of paper was, in fact, a picture of her late Thomas and Jane. She had always remembered the house near a lake, her husband posted ahead of the door and her, pregnant with Jake. She still looked toward the horizon, the futur. But today, she is like phantom refugee work...

Everyday is the same, she wakes up, looks at the picture, don't eat and just goes to the office. she was the secretary of a wonderful and nice judge - judge Mayers.

One day, she stayed late at work and cried alone in the storehouse when sudden a voice rang cut :

"Hello ? Jane ?" judge Mayers said.

The woman wiped her tears in a quick gesture of hands. She came into the Mayers' office.

"Yes, I'm here. Can I help you ?" she asked.

"No. It's me who would like to help you !" he exclaimed.

"Excuse me ?" she said shyly.

"I often listen to you cry and... I just wanted to ask you : how are you, Jane ? Really." he declared.

She turned her back on him and pretended to classify some files. She was completely lost in her thoughts.

"Dear Jane, you're strong but not infallible. I know your past, all your hardships. My dear friend, you're not a coward if you open your open your heart. a heart too hurt to pretend to be feeling good." he said kindly;

"I've lost my heart since I've lost my family. In truth, I'm too much of coward to die and too wounded to live... My friend, I'm a ghost of myself." she exclaimed through her tears.

Judge Mayers approached to her and held Jane in his arms. He slipped some words into her ear in order to convince the woman to stay - because she had the right to live, to be happy again.


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