Father Chooses

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Warning: contains mature language
A simple game of 'Kiss or Kill?'. What will it turn into and can the father find what he's looking for and save the one who he wants to save?

Submitted: June 07, 2016

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Submitted: June 07, 2016



I slowly opened my eyes and saw that I was surrounded by darkness. I didn’t feel anything covering my eyes. For some reason my eyelids were in immense pain. Was I blind? I didn’t remember much. What was happening?

All around me, I heard quiet sobbing. It was like I was surrounded by crying children.

I could feel my wrists burning. I was just making a guess, but, maybe they were tied with rope. I was sitting on a wooden chair. Where the hell was I?

“Oh, so you’re awake?” said a voice. The voice was gentle but at the same time cold. It belonged to a woman.

“Who are you and where the fuck am I?” I asked with my tone aggressive. I was terrified, but if there was a murderer here, I wasn’t about to show fear.

“Relax and mind you’re language: children are here.” said the woman. “Welcome to this random abandoned factory, you can call me Sexy Mama. Just joking!” the woman started to laugh but quickly stopped. “Enough fooling around, you don’t need to know my name. Just use M,” I somehow knew that M was smiling.

“I want to go home to mama and papa…” said another voice. It was one of the children. “Your parents don’t know you’re here, sweetie,” M stated.

Suddenly, I remembered that I was taking a walk with my son, Samuel. “Samuel! Are you there?!” I yelled. No answer. “What did you do to Samuel, you bitch!” I screamed.

“He’s fine,” M said. “His mouth’s just covered,” she added. I heard some kind of muffled scream coming from one of the kids. “Stay still, dearest,” M said. Maybe she was putting a cloth gag in the kid’s mouth.

“All done!” M said. “I’ll ask again, what the fuck is happening?” I harshly repeated. I didn’t care about my language, I just wanted my son in my arms.

“I’ll explain, It’s quite simple,” M said. “We’ll play a game of ‘Kiss or Kill?’. There are seven children here and one of them is your son. When you were sleeping I sew your eyes closed so you can’t see the kids,” M continued.

“You did what?! Couldn’t’ve you used a blindfold or something?!” I asked. “Can’t be bothered to,” as M said that a light snicker came from her direction.

“Anyways, I will take you to each of the children one by one. You will touch them and see which is your son. Now the catch is, that you only have one minute to feel each child. When the minute is over,” M paused for a second, “I will ask ‘Kiss or Kill?’. If you choose Kiss, I’ll make you kiss the child. If you choose Kill, I’ll give you a knife and you’ll kill the child. Remember though, you can choose Kiss only once; for your son of course. If you take out their filthy gag, all of you will die. When you’ve went through all the children, I’ll let you go. I promise,” M finished her explanation. Somehow, she didn’t sound vey believable.

If that’s the only way out, I’ll do it. I guess today I’ll kill six children. This has to be the worst day of my life.

“I’m ready,” I said. I was determined to save my son and walk away alive.

“Good, good,” M said, and pushed my chair to the first kid.

I felt and touched each child; M said it’s been half an hour since we started.

Sweat was running down my face and my mouth was dry. My heart painfully throbbed in my chest and my muscles were tense.

I’ve already killed three children. The only thing that’s on my mind is if one of them was Samuel. My dearest son. If I accidentally killed him, I will probably kill myself then. There’s absolutely no way that I can live with that.

People say that it’s hard to kill a human being. However, I’m terrified by how easy it is. Each time I took hold of the knife my hands started to violently shake. The way the knife went thought the kids’ necks felt weird. I’m trying to deny this, but, I somehow looked forward to that moment.

Time passed by and my clothes felt damp from the blood.

“Well, it seems we’re done,” M said. She’s been surprisingly quiet this entire time. I thought I had already killed my son. All hope left me.

“I suppose you deserve to see now,” M said with disappointment in her voice. Finally.

The pain was unbearable. A few moans of pain escaped my throat. M cut the threads keeping my eyes closed.

The light flooded in my vision and it took about twenty seconds to get used to seeing again. When I could see properly, I looked around the room and I saw corpses of children. Their throats split open and eyes full of horror.

The one child that was still alive was Samuel. Relief flooded over me. I didn’t kill my son. But something was wrong.

M walked over to Samuel and took out the gag in his mouth. M sighed and looked at me.

“If you would’ve been quicker he would’ve lived,” a grin appeared on M’s face. She was pleased with herself.

“What…what do you mean?” I asked with my voice shaking.

“I administered poison to your son before the game started. It’s lethal to adults, kids will die even quicker. If you would’ve done everything quicker, then you could’ve taken him to the hospital. His blood is on your hands.” M smiled.

My heart felt as if someone was trying to crush it, but never being strong enough. Tears rolled down my cheeks and my mouth hanged slightly open.

I wasn’t fast enough. If only I could do this again and save my son. If only I would’ve stayed home and watched a movie with Samuel instead of dragging him outside. If only I wasn’t such a fucking idiot.

“I suppose it hurts, doesn’t it?” M said. “Shut the fuck up, you whore!” I screamed.

M scoweled at me; she was offended. I wanted to kill her so badly.

“I said that I would let you go,” M said. ”However, I’m sure you’ll try to kill me. I’m not taking any chances.” M took a cloth gag and stuck in my mouth. I knew what was going to happen to me. M slowly reached into her pocket and took out a syringe filled with liquid.

“Like father like son,” M whispered in my ear and injected me with the same poison as my son.

“Hasta la vista, Papa!” M said with a smile as she locked the doors of the abandoned factory. She left me to die from poison, and drown in sadness and tears.


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