The Man Behind The Camera

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Chapter 4 (v.1) - Willingly Gone

Submitted: July 07, 2016

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Submitted: July 07, 2016



I glared, the anger rising within me like a volcano about to erupt.  I was being treated like some sort of animal, like a possession, and I wasn't ok with it.  I wasn't going to accept that, I wasn't going to have it.  I was going to fight and scream, never giving up; and if they tried to 'break' me I would let them believe they had so that when I fought again they would never expect it.  I would be the one they wished they had never taken. 

"I enjoy your fire.  It's been a long time sense I've been given a gift that wasn't already broken.  I assume they didn't have much time to train you?" he seemed to be asking me?  I didn't know what was going on so how would I know what he was even talking about? I just looked at him, unsure of what to say or if he was even truly asking me.

"She was caught this morning sir." the man behind me answered professionally.  

"This morning? Ah I see she's very fresh." he laughed, a look in his eyes as if he couldn't believe it, like he was the luckiest man on the planet.  

The look spread a feeling of power and pride through me.  I felt like I had some control over this man.  His eyes held excitement, but controlled, and something I couldn't decide.  Was it lust? Or was it some longing, like I was his long lost princess? I couldn't tell, but I felt which ever it was gave me power; not much but some.  But the feeling of pride didn't outweigh the feeling of uneasiness that consumed me.  My senses were on high alert, each little noise made my pupils dilate and my body tense ready to bolt.  My blood pumped quickly through my veins and loudly in my ears.  Sweat covered the back of my neck from the chills this man sent through me just from his stare.  

A floor board creaked beside me making me snap my head to where I heard the sound.  Another man, two, three were walking into the room, soon standing slightly behind the man in the dark suit.  The three boys standing behind my 'master'- although he would never be such to me- looked to be around 18-20.  They were all fairly attractive and if I would have seen them in a coffee shop rather than this I would have been quick to introduce myself. 

"I think my guest needs to rest boys, she's had quite a busy day.  Please take care of it and get all that is needed done.  Thank you Noah for bringing her here, you are good to go." The man ordered and instantly the boys began approaching me, one holding something in his hand, and the man behind me left the mansion.  The three boys circled around me like I was some sort of prey.

"She's a good catch don't you think Andrew?" asked one of the boys to the boy who was holding something in his hand.  I still couldn't see what it was. Andrew, I guess his name was, just nodded which made the other boy scoff.  

"I think she's gonna be entertaining Preston, Andrew just doesn't know how to have fun." he said patting Andrew on the back. 

"Stop it Jacob." sighed Andrew moving away from the boys patting hand.  When he moved I could see what was in his hand, it was needle.  The moment I realized it was a needle, and that they were about to drug me, all my senses kicked into overdrive and I jumped up quickly running for the door behind me.  It seemed to catch the boys off guard because it took a moment before I heard yelling and more running.   Everything seemed to be in slow motion yet happening so fast at the same time.

A hand grabbed my shoulder, which I tried to twist out of but he wrapped his arms around me locking them tight.  Jacob was the one holding me.  I thrashed and bucked but his grip was tight as he pressed his arms against me, pushing my back into his chest.  I began shouting and screaming which he tried to sooth me to stop by saying, "Easy girl it's ok.  Your just gonna take a small nap." his words sounded sweet and calm but my body refused to listen to them, still determined to get free.  Jacob placed his hand lightly over my mouth, pressing my head back into his shoulder, trying to prepare my body from the needle.  

"Here give me the needle Andrew." Preston grabbed the needle from Andrew's hand and came for me with an evil grin on his face.  I could tell what he was thinking.  Jacob and Andrew were trying to be gentle with me but Preston was going to shove the needle into my neck to make it as painful as possible; I could just tell. As soon as he was close enough I kicked my leg out, hitting Preston right where the sun doesn't shine.  He hunched over, dropping to his knees letting out a groan of pain.  Satisfaction spread through my body making me smile.  

"Damn." Jacob snickered seeing Preston on the gorund in pain, "You ok dude?" Preston didn't answer Jacob's question.

Andrew walked over and took the needle from Preston, slowly coming over to me.  Even though Andrew seemed the nicest, I wasn't going to let him stick me with that!I began yelling and twisting trying to get free as tears ran down my cheeks.  "Hey it's ok.  I promise I won't hurt you.  Nothing bad is going to happen to you ok?" Spoke Andrew calmly, seeming like he honestly wanted to help me.  I shook my head 'no' quickly hoping they would just give up the idea.  I didn't want this! I had to get back home, I had to tell my mom I was sorry!  They didn't understand what pain I was in! 

"I'm sorry…" whispered Andrew as he pushed the needle into my soft skin.  Tears fell from my eyes as my wall of strength began to crumble showing my true weakness and fear.  I clenched my jaw, trying not to show that it hurt, as darkness slowly came over me.  Wanting an escape I willingly closed my eyes.

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