I remember

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Submitted: June 07, 2016

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Submitted: June 07, 2016



I always dreamed of having my own little girl and I was blessed with you

I remember on your thirteenth birthday when we went bowling

I remember your graduation when we shocked you with your brand new car

I remember the day you left for college and I cried in front of your roommate

I remember your wedding day when your father tried to speak and broke down for the first time


But I don’t remember these memories because they never happened

We dreamed of these moments and I pictured them in my mind

I remember you waltzing around in my wedding gown and graduation cap at five

I remember how you couldn’t carry your daddy’s bowling ball and he would help you roll it at 8

I remember when you stole the car keys and almost crashed the car at ten


But after that you began to get sick and you didn’t get better

I remember torturous days when you would cry constantly in the hospital

I remember waiting for you to wake up after long nights fearing you wouldn’t

I remember the countless pills you hated taking and begged for them to be over

I remember the machines holding onto your life and I remember when we had them unplugged

I remember lowering you down as no mother ever should that cold rainy day

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