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Several poems about the earth

Submitted: June 07, 2016

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Submitted: June 07, 2016




The world was a dull, dark place. Nothing seemed worth it.

The humans had taken away everything, my family, my friends, my home.

I couldn’t leave it like this, I couldn’t.


The humans came in with large machines longing for a kill.

They knocked down the mighty trees and conquered every hill.

My family couldn’t escape the shots of the gun.

They fell out of our home like a mighty drum.


My world was falling apart and there was nothing I could do,

so now I call for help from someone like you.

Save me from this disastrous place, save me as I am stuck in these vines.

Captured by these humans who only care about money all the time.


Show them what their doing, show how much it hurts.

Show how all their leaving is a little bit of dirt.

We cry and yell to them, “Stop it’s not a game.”

But they just capture us and try to make us tame.


We’re disappearing fast, no escape from it.

Nothing will survive, not even a little kit.

So now I shout out to you, Help! We need help.

From the giant elephants to the fish living in kelp.


Nothing will stop this disaster from coming true.

But now we can stop this, me and you.

21 lines


The tiger was running far and wide.

The tiger was running alongside the tide.


Now I look, but he’s hard to spot.

And I fear that he, like others, was finally caught.


They cage the poor animals day and night.

Don’t care for others, what’s wrong or right.


Some they kill for there fur,

others they kill to find a cure.


Some are tortured kept as a pet,

and that’s not even the worst yet.


Some they attack just for sport,

then leave them in their forest fort.


So after waiting for so long,

I realized the tiger was really gone.


I tried so hard to protect him you see,

but how can I when I need to protect him from me.

16 lines


I bounced up and down in the car, waiting for the sign.

We pulled into the parking lot when the clock struck nine.


I bolted as fast as I could out the door,

not able to hold my excitement any more.


I showed them my ticket ready to go,

hearing the rushing water flow.


My mom shouted wait but that was something I couldn’t do.

I was so happy, I was at the zoo.


But then I saw the lion’s wounded pride,

and thinking of that I ran to my mom and cried.


Why are these animals trapped in cages,

forced to be sad throughout the ages.


My mother looked at me longingly,

they aren’t being tortured can’t you see.


So I looked closer at the lion still,

and saw that he had been injured by his last kill.


Some zoos are bad that is true,

but some are just helping the sick and hurt too.

18 lines


Fire, fire burning bright.

Burning through the entire night.

Save the animals can’t you see.

The looks on their face, the misery.


The fire cried, “Who started me,

I am innocent I plea.

It was that tiny, little cigar,

that flew so innocently out of a car.

Please, help me save the greater good,

help protect this neighborhood.”


After a while the fire stopped,

and the clouds poured out every last drop.

The ground absorbed this happily,

and long gone seeds stretched to see.


They cried out full of hope,

“the fire cleaned the ground like earthly soap.

Sadly our brothers had to die,

and humans are the reason why.

But it wasn’t all bad that came from that night.

The land is more alive from the fire that shone so bright.”

20 lines



Close down the factories, I cry.


Animals are dying and I know why.

The air is black full of smoke.

The air they breath causes them to choke.

The oil spills into the sea,

and causes the ocean much misery.


The fish cry out save me please,

the same cry called by animals in the trees.

We could just bike, and be more green,

instead of using factories and being mean.


The world was happy as can be.

Now the earth is dying, can’t you see.

All you need to do is take little steps to heal,

then see how much better the earth can feel.


Ride a bike and bicycle,

or maybe something as easy as recycle.

Just keep trying throughout the land,

and the world will again look so grand.


Please just help can’t you see,

how much can change starting with just you and me.

20 lines


The earth started over a billion years ago,

when the wind first began to blow.


The water flowed with a mighty fight,

and the sun created day and night.

The trees began to rise so high,

and rain would fall from the sky.

The dirt was laid under our feet,

the fruits grew which we now eat.


Eventually the animals came,

and all run around enjoying life as a game.

Just to sit and listen to the world,

the music it makes as it twirls.


Animals swim in the see,

animals run in the trees,

animals running far and wide,

animals flying in the sky.


This mighty majesty of green,

is every beautiful thing you’ve seen.

18 lines

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