I can only dream

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Submitted: June 07, 2016

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Submitted: June 07, 2016



I see the light every night

I hear the music they dance to

I smell the girl’s perfume


The light shines through my window as their lives continue inside of it

The music talks of sorrow turning to happiness which I may never know

The perfume smells of daffodils and daisies my mother grew in her garden


I know not who these people are yet I know so much

The light tells of a dark past they wish to escape

The music tells they feel guilty but try to hide it for they lost something dear

The perfume tells of an innocent girl who got caught in something she shouldn’t have


I cannot tell what the story is that they hide

I cannot speak of what they have seen for I do not know

I cannot write a story of a life that was not my own


But I may never know the answer

I will not ask where they came from and where they’ve been

I will not ask what they’ve done

And I absolutely will never ask what they lost


But maybe someday I will ask their names

And if they choose maybe they will tell me a story

One of heartbreak and triumph

But for now, I can only dream

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