Little Anne and The Circus Fire

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A circus visits a small town leading to quite the adventure for a monkey named Little Anne

Submitted: June 07, 2016

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Submitted: June 07, 2016



All was quiet in the small town of Kenyon. Not much happened here but we were going to shake things up. My name is Little Anne, I am a proud monkey who performs in The Klingbury Travelling Circus with my family. All sorts of acts perform. Tigers jump through hoops, ladies dance on horses, even clowns squeeze out of little cars. Us monkeys get to dance, and ride on dogs.

I couldn’t imagine a better group of people to drive around with, except I could do without Mr. Hunch. Mr. Hunch has been trying to shut down the circus. He is always grumpy ever since his act got cut. Back in the day Mr. Hunch was a strong man, but now he just helps with cleanup. Some days he gets really mad and starts yelling at everyone. I wish we would just leave Mr. Hunch behind but my mom says that he has nowhere else to go.

Today we stopped at this really small town named Kenyon. The big top got set up a day before the show and all the children crowded around to get a sneak peek of the show. Mr. Klingbury tried to keep them away but a few snuck past him. They were a lot of fun. They would pet us and give us treats, of course soon it started to get dark and they had to go home. I hollered begging them not to leave but mom said I could see them again tomorrow, and sent me to bed.

I was having a real nice dream that night. I imagined we were performing and those little kids were watching. They shared their cotton candy with me, but then I woke up. Something seems different, there is a strange smell. I go wake up my mom and she tells me to go back to sleep. I couldn’t go back to sleep, I knew something wasn’t right and was determined to find out what was going on.

I go to the edge of our cart and squeeze my fingers between the bar. I stretch and stretch until I open up the door. Quietly I hop out and go check out the big top. I turn the corner to see the big top up in flames. Lights are flickered everywhere, all my friends were running around, and I see Mr. Hunch running out behind the tent. I run back to my mom and we take all the monkeys away from the circus. I convince my mom to let us try to find those nice kids. We all run into the woods and find a place to rest until morning.

When the sun begins to rise I want to search for the kids. They were all I could think about and after a lot of pleading mom agrees to run into town with me. We search all day, we find lots of cool new things to climb on, and animals to play with, but we don’t find the kids. Finally we have to join all the other monkeys in the woods again.

I never realized how much fun the outdoors can be. I could climb so high in all the trees, sometimes I would climb so high mom would get scared but I didn’t listen to her. I kept climbing until I found a bird nest. I thought the bird nest looked so cool. I hopped right in with the baby birds. We played for a while but then their mom came back. She chased me away, I guess she wasn’t very happy to see me.

I ran back down the tree to mom as fast as I could when mom decided we could go for a walk. We explored and found a really cool river. I jumped right in and splashed mom. The sun was so bright that day I was happy to cool off, but mom wasn’t.

After this we got to sleep in the big trees again. It was a lot of fun out there, but soon we heard shouting. I jumped out of my tree and ran to the noise excited to see what it was. I peer out from behind a bush….. and there were the nice kids! I jumped out at them and they started to laugh. They were just as I remembered.

I led them back to our new house and all the other people with them. We all journeyed through the forest and when we got to the other monkeys the humans said they had to take us back. Of course they also agreed because it was our little home it would be named after us. I was sad that our little adventure was over, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be another one.

This story is based on the tale of how Monkey Valley Hollow in Kenyon, MN got it’s name. In 1898 the J.P. Adams & Son travelling circus visiting Kenyon, MN. One night it suddenly caught fire and many suspected it was arson. Another story is that monkeys escaped a travelling circus and ran to where Monkey Valley Hollow is today, hence the name. The similarity of the circumstances leads me to believe these two events are connected.

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