True love stories never have endings!

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Submitted: June 08, 2016

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Submitted: June 08, 2016



True love stories never have endings!

This is probably the last segment on Reena and Aman!

In the previous segment ‘Changing colors’ we saw Reena had a suspecting and insecure side to her as well. But she was a wife every husband would want in his life – intelligent, sensible, sensitive, loving, super caring and compassionate. She was mentally very strong that she would find a way in any difficult situation without even making a small squeak about it. She was the backbone of the house and the central pillar of their family structure. Aman was lucky! And so was Human to have a mother like her.

Human is now a big boy. He is put in a university in the US for higher studies. He wants to become a singer, and Reena has no objections, but she also wants him to have a basic education before he gets into his field of interest full time. So he must complete his graduation. And believe me- he sings extraordinarily well. Reena is in fact more than happy about his choice, because she is musically very inclined and in her growing up years she always wanted to become a singer. But destiny had other plans for her. She wants to live her dreams through her son and so supports his decision strongly while Aman is in two minds about it.

All these latest developments have left Reena with so much time for herself. Aman understands only one math – the math of money, and he is in his own world always trying to understand this math more and more. Human is also now entered into a different world of his. But Reena is stranded at the same old place and in the same old circumstances.

One morning she told Aman –

“Aman, I am getting bored... I just want to do something to keep me busy... Now that Human is also flown out, I am feeling very lonely…”.

“Ok, Ree, what do you want to do?”

“I …I want to learn dance. There is this dance master who comes to teach Madhavi aunty’s youngest daughter. So we can learn together, no... He is Mohiniyattam exponent..”.

“What!” – Aman exclaimed - “I think you should reconsider your decision because age is not in your favor because one must learn dance or music at very young age and the older you grow, your body will not support you esp, when dance needs agility and flexibility…”.

“Mohiniyattam form doesn’t need any high jumping or leaping, Aman... It is a semi classical dance form of Kerala which is considered a very graceful form of dance. It needs expressions and it involves gentle movements of body- like swinging of palm trees?..”

“I don’t know, but am not very sure whether you should pursue dance. Why don’t you try painting or writing, Ree?. Because I have seen you help Human with his projects. You draw so well.. and writing also – you are a fabulous writer... So if you get some training in drawing or writing, it will be more easy and effortless because you have those innate skills in you and you just have to hone your skills… where as in dance, you would have to start from zero. Think about it. But I leave the decision to you” – Aman said and left for office.

They left that topic at that.

Reena was figuring out what she should do in free time which would give her joy as well as satisfaction. Hmm.. what Aman said is right. I think I must pursue painting and get some training from an expert… let me ask Rakhi (Rakhi is Human’s friend Ajay’s mother).

  She rang up Rakhi.

“Hi, Reena! How are you?” – Rakhi picked up the phone and said.

“Hi Rakhi, how are you doing”

“Good, Reena. Long time..I have been meaning to call you and drop by one day. But look at me.. no time for anything. My in-laws live with me and you know how fussy my mother-in-law is. On top of that so many guests at home, Reena. Its hectic!.. so tell me about you”.

“Oh I am just the opposite - full time free. Because Human is not there and Aman as usual living out of a suitcase! What to do. Acha, I called you to ask about Ajay’s painting teacher. How is he? Because I want to hire him to teach me painting. I have some basic knowledge as I make sketches occasionally. But Aman suggests that I get some formal training”.

“Oh, yes. His name is Peter , an Anglo-Indian young chap. But he is supremely talented.. His institute’s name is Magic lines but he gives home service also, for which he charges very high.. a lakh per month just for 1 hour each for 10 days”. Take his number.. 9810…… ok?”

“Magic Lines! sounds interesting.. thanks so much , Rakhi”

“Ok, Reena, I better keep the phone now and go inside before my mother in law screams my name as she wants me in front of her eyes all the time! Will catch you later. I anyway will see you next week as my husband is sending his parents on a pilgrimage for a month to Rishikesh etc… aahh..looking forward, yaar, hahaha..”

“hahaha” – Reena laughed and disconnected the phone.

She sat down thinking about how each one’s life is entirely different from another one.

I am so lucky that Aman’s parents are wonderful … and I never faced any problem from my mom (in law) unlike Rakhi… Mom is very understanding and never interferes in our life.. Human is very attached to both his nani and his dadi and they spoil him rotten...

I will call this Peter tomorrow.. and will ask him to start training from next week itself.. I will not tell Aman about this right now…. I will master the craft as I want to hold exhibitions.. and Aman will only come to know about it when I am ready to hold a solo exhibition of my work… it will be such a BIG surprise for him...

She got up to see what’s the news on TV. She switched the TV on and skimmed through channels. She paused at the news channel. Some breaking news playing live.

Oh every news these days is ‘BREAKING’ for TV channels… She thought. Sorry, but I am not interested...

She changed the channel ahead. But something just struck her.

Hey... did I hear Magic Lines somewhere..? Let me.. go back and check...

 She reversed the channels and paused again at the news channel.

She read the headlines - 

Studio Magic line’s owner in Delhi arrested.., sexual harassment case was filed against him by two of his students.. Evidences are against the accused..

The news sent shivers down her spine!!! Ohhhhh God.. she screamed.

That night she cuddled and cosied up to Aman.

“what I am saying..”

“hmm..tell me…”

“you know. I have decided to heed your advice. I think the best is to WRITE to pass my free time. I have so many stories and themes in mind, you know. I only have to add colors to it and put it on paper..”

“Oh, that’s great, darling. I am glad.”- he said excitedly. “and you must write.. because you write soo well. Will you share with me your work, my lady Shakespeare in the making..hehehe” – he smiled at her and softly pulled her cheek.

“We are such stuff..As dreams are made on; and our little life is rounded with a sleep”-  she quoted from Shakespeare’s The tempest: Act 4 in a poetic style.

“ssssoo let’s sleeeeeep, Mr. Husband” – and then switched off the table lamp and put her hand around him.

Reena and Aman were made for each other. They were soul mates with an ethereal connection from soul to soul, entwined with each other for this life and the next seven births.

True love stories never have endings…



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