The Past for the Future

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

How we came to be cost someone her past.

The sky was ribboned with magentas, each one a shade darker than the other, overlapping each other in a hurry to reach the horizon. Fern sat on her rocking chair gazing at this last piece of beauty she would see, the last of god's mistakes that tortured her with their beauty. All she would ever see from now would be black, she would see colour but just black. The colour that so effortlessly sucks in the light, so easily makes up so much of our lives that we don't realize it's there until it's the only thing you seem to see, it leaves little wisps of sadness in it's presence - little bursts of gloom that remind us of the things we lost and so we're drawn to it, bit by bit because we want to regain the things which we lost, we want to force time back or maybe she would she nothing which was hard to comprehend because she didn't exactly know what was nothing there was no way to visualize it, it was so unique that our brains knew about it but they can't know it and maybe like black it controls time and makes us want to push it back till it teeters over the edge of the past. That was Fern's problem, there was no time to push back. There was only the time which was before time, which seemed to be nonexistent. And the only thing which she thrived on was snatched away from her lap, and she and everyone else would die from the intended consequences.

She sighed and heaved herself off her chair. Four days after they had taken the little potted plant- the last plant on earth from her nurture, they were ready to die now and she was too. In the kitchen where she had cooked her last meal, she had left her ancient brown satchel. She slung the bag over one shoulder and hurried out the door, only to be mobbed by a crowd of people all dressed in their good attire and all heading for the town square. Like the streets the town square was brimming with fancy clothing and from the center like a cat's tail rose a small podium and perched on it was the governor himself.

''Ladies and Gentleman, thank you for gathering here today. As you all know today is the day of the big bang and we have gathered here to die together united for the purpose of creating a whole universe of planets, not just one planet like the Earth we live in now but billions of planets... however there are some practicalities that we have been unable to deal with. All of you will not die.''

The announcement sent heat cascading over her heart, yes she thought yesyesyesyes, even as an old lady Fern was enthusiastic, and this was the thing she had been waiting for all her life. She believed that every person had a bubble, a cage-like bubble which every human being lived in and carry out their normal lives until they find a purpose, an absolute certain feeling in their hearts that they had to absolutely do this, and it wasn't until you fulfilled this certain desire that you escaped from your bubble that you were free to die. At least that was what Fern thought.

''We will need 100 individuals that will be willing to live in a private facility underground with all your requirements provide. We will release you into the world once you are needed, your job will be to take one necessity for life into the new world and task yourself with being the inventor of this particular thing. Some people may not be known for their contributions for example if someone was tasked with water, they would not be considered as an inventor since water would be considered as an element to the new humans.However there is a price, you will have to give up your past for the future, you will no longer remember this life, you will have the same name but no idea of the past earth. Please consider that this is not a command and we only ask you to do this if you agree with it on your own terms. If you are certain of this please raise your arm''

Fern's arm raised up and so did around 60 others in front of her, she would give up her past for everything if it meant that she could be free, if it meant that she would have a purpose for once.One by one there names were called out and they were asked which thing they preferred to be tasked with. At last her name was called.

''Fern Marigold,81''

''Knowledge,Curiosity and imagination'' Fern instantly replied

''Three?'' The clerk looks up at the Governor

''That is fine after all Fern was the one who cared for the sacred seeding, if it isn't for the seedling the big bang will never happen'' The Governor calmly assured him

''Very well, Thomas Edison?'' 

The clerk had already moved on and Fern felt free ,at least she could see a little break in her bubble it will get better she thought. 

''Can the inventors please line up behind the podium, you will be escorted to your new home - Area 51''

Fern followed. She would live like this until she was set free, they would probably give her ant-ageing pills to keep her alive but for all she had against medicine she didn't care.Fern Marigold would blossom the things that would make mankind successful and it would start in a little while, when the seedling she nurtured was cast into the sky, when it breaks and creates the big bang. Then she will be free, with nothing but future ahead of her.

Submitted: June 09, 2016

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