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This is AS-IS incident of two little poor boys. Find out the environment in which I saw them and how I could add a smile on their beautiful face :)

Submitted: June 08, 2016

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Submitted: June 08, 2016



It was a fine Sunday morning and I went to wash my car at a nearby center. I was just passing away my time when I noticed two little kids playing in dirt.

Their clothes were shabby as if not washed for more than a week and one chap wore only a shirt and no pant. The place they were playing had a strong foul smell. They were left unattended by any senior parent or guardian. My eyes were instantly moist because I could compare these two kids with my two nieces (approximately of same age). I never allow my nieces to play at unhygienic places, whenever they are out I try to hold their hands and walk. If my nieces are playing in a ground and I accompany them, I stay very nearby. It was a real pain watching these kids being left so carelessly.

I felt a strong urge to do something for these kids. At first, I tot of giving some money, but then I realized these kids are too young to handle money. On contrary, looking at the vicinity someone could have harmed these kids to take away the money. I went nearby and asked if they would like some food, biscuits or chocolate. Both of the kids stared at me as if I spoke an alien language. At, this point I remembered a plastic ball was there in my car that my nieces used to play. I brought the ball and showed it to them, and a wide smile broke out on beautiful faces. I threw the ball and the elder one caught it. Both of them started playing with the ball.

After few minutes, they started to leave and the elder one got a plastic carry bag and put the ball inside it and then hided the same inside his shirt as if it was some piece of diamond or gold. But then, I guess they did not have the luxury to play with a plastic ball and, hence, they treasured it.

I feel there exits two categories of people. Category number 1, those who have in built nature of helping others and they do it on their own .For example Bill Gates, Mother Teresa ,Salman Khan etc. Category number 2 are people those who don’t have in built nature of helping but, these are the people who realize the importance of helping through the great works done by people who belong to Category number 1. I obviously belong to Category number 2. I came across few articles/images on how these personalities selflessly helped people. It was not their status or nature of help, but what changed my thoughts was just reading the articles/images. Yes ,you heard me right, the very reading of article changed my thoughts. In school days we all learned to help, but I think the practical example was never showcased. Reading the article of real people, real help and real outcome was totally different.Post reading, I realized all this while I was just being selfish and had never helped someone.

Few of us(like me) always need inspiration from other humans and their experiences. Hence, I am sharing this post. Also, I request all those who are reading this post to share any sort of experience in helping a needy, irrespective of the nature of help you provided. Our posts may in no way match up with the good work done by so many people ,but maybe our post will help to change at least one individual’s way of thinking(as it was in my case)

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