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This is a goodbye to someone who broke my heart but this is a form of forgiveness

Submitted: June 08, 2016

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Submitted: June 08, 2016



Fifteen years old seems pretty young to say one is in love


I was in love…..

I've been in love for almost four years.

I don't blame you for saying goodbye

But you didn't say goodbye


That was the last thing you told me after I laid my heart on the ground for you

She was always in your heart, while you were in mine

I can't blame you, the way I feel for you

You felt that for her

Yes I was pissed at you for breaking my heart

I still find myself thinking of you here and there throughout the day

But I have to understand

She gets you

She’s been there since the beginning

I'm not her...I never was and you understood that and i'm grateful

Thank you for always being the ear I needed, the shoulder for me to cry on, the person I can hug, thank you for saying I could do anything

I'm happy you ever existed


It’s time for me to say goodbye because we never had the chance

October sixths two thousand thirteen... will just be another day for us now

You keep her in your heart

Make her happy and give her everything she always dreamed of

I hope the universe grants you everything your heart desires

And I hope the same for mine..

Goodbye…. Michael


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