I Will Cry

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I was inspired to write this poem after singing a song in school choir once. That writer had written the song after visiting a concentration camp and seeing pictures of people who died there. Apparently, a little girl's picture reminded them of a student and they realized that those people died without getting to experience some of life's simple but honest treasures. The lyrics are from the girl's perspective and she keeps asking things like, "who will watch the sunset" and "who will taste the falling snowflakes" and "who will run and dance and play" and "who will cry for me when I dance no more, when I sing no more, when I am silent?"

Submitted: June 08, 2016

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Submitted: June 08, 2016



I Will Cry


Shoes at the front door, pictures on the wall,

seeming to be a home, but not one at all.

Echos through the hallway, whispers of the past,

singing songs of silence, making memories last.

Watching dancing shadows, shadows, but only that,

imagining the place, where someone may have sat.

Listening to voices, voices asking ‘why’,

and ‘who will be there, to think of me and cry’.

I will cry for you, I will sing for you,

sing of things forgotten, but of things so true.

I will taste the snowflakes, watch the lark’s flight,

I will cry for you when you are silent in the night.

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