How Friendly is Time

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When I like your lifeline more than all God has given birth in this creation, how friendly is time for this beginning. Where it is a planning for everyone stands out for perfection. Let this balance all things sowed below the heaven. I only like to add this poem so written in the book of secrets. Thanking God for all that is given. :)

Submitted: June 08, 2016

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Submitted: June 08, 2016



In everlasting spirit if God kept one secret around songs of HIS heart,

If you once find this missing in your passion of the life,

As your time says all it is all written in one voice born within supreme spirit of existence,

If you once pray this missing mystery on its footprint for God cannot show what we are will never return back, 

When you came here for endless celebration all promise what is more than love to share all gifts we enjoy,

If you once free this freedom you can cherish all the way you are hovering one cloud in an endless hope,

Your heart shines on this shore you have been searching along the living tale of memories,

If you once listen spoting what you see may just around the order of lifetime show only making of the prefection within,

Back in your existence years go by silence of infinite gestures turning this secret for the presence of the peace of one valuable work,

If you once link the star of all universe back into this secret born friendly in time how above the word you pay what you want for how much you can share,

Once God liked demining all this lasting secret unbroken when you wake up from sleep of time,

If you once tell this lifetime search for giving happiness for everyone who hold this candle in the wind never undone,

You may say this simple beauty can be lost and found only on this Earth,

If you once meet someone who will be waiting for the next episode nothing may be the need of a loved life except inner peace,

Yet your mind always meet some strangers who like to say that this endless pursuit is not the end,

If you once gift what cannot say you will explain where God loves more than the important person in HIS heart.

As all energy in this universe give it to you what you are wanting for in this heart our teacher made all sacrifices,

If you once challenge making this feeling hold your life back from death this love is the greatest celebration of your existence,

One day gratefulness wandered so given for a favour this garden of heaven in your time will liberate its trapped soul,

If you once feel how friendly is time who will exist on this Earth for the only thing you cannot hurry back in how much another person will again start from what we live behind,

This picture tells you all the secrets made for all God's promise is the voice talking to you that it is a easy way behind this day how friendly is time when you wanted this most,

If you once cherish this kind holding hand back in time you will all the way take every single step how much God loved you from this need the greatest secrets life gave you for wellness,

Want your best for the finest craft that make us secure in treasure when you are given freedom for the day we will shape our communion for the better days ahead,

Willingness your heart for the deepest need that is made for all the crossroad we travel for all give this healthy wealth make them sustain everyday for the generations loved ahead,

Welfare your life gift for the planet how friendly is time made looking around for the hope God wanted all happiness in timeless secrets that is being enlightened for making our lifeline saving from disasters we will prepare our family safe,

If you rethink all heaven wanted your heart more in this duty of all existence,

I do seek a time from God for this fortune your life will make how friendly is time for the smartest choice given away for the deepest need of care you dont know how life can call out in the way ahead rest of the time we share in this existence,

Let us make how friendly is time again for all... :) 

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