Romeo 1

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This message was found aboard the FSS-MarrieAnne floating without power in deep space. It is written by a unknown marine going only by the call-sign Romeo 1.

Submitted: June 08, 2016

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Submitted: June 08, 2016



Romeo 1

This is how it ends, stuck in a flightless ship in space hurdling myself to an unknown destination. The chances of me ever being found are minutely small, and alive nonexistent. If a race of intelligent aliens finds this please know we tried. We chose peace between man in the last days to fight a common enemy, to fight hell itself. Every man woman and child working on a common goal but it was too late.

We chose to fight over dwindling resources for too long before choosing to find more. We chose to kill those who disagreed with us or wanted more than us. We have given to the primal instincts of the predator, only to be eaten by a larger one. I look across the darkness of the future and I only hope that this can be a warning.

When they arrived we were waiting for them, a hundred years of peace forging great ships of war. They slammed headlong against us with the power of a thousand suns, their fleet containing ships three times the size of our own. The might of our men only took out one of the three now classified Titan class ships.

I write this with little context and I am sorry. I know you wish to know where their home is, where my home is, what they looked like, how they arrived, but it is very cold and I am very weak. I cannot tell you where they came from as we don’t know, but I can tell you that I come from a planet know as Earth. I do not have a star map and I am unsure that if this message is found that my planet will even still be there.

Earth, my home, was blue and covered in saltwater. As it turns out both of these are a favored resource by all. I am progressively losing consciousness, I cannot continue writing this.

I am sorry, a war is coming and the entirety of the human race could not stop it. May your god be with you.

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