The man and his family

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All about the refugees trying to give their families a life.

Submitted: June 08, 2016

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Submitted: June 08, 2016



The man and his family went to sea
In a ramshackle wreck of a boat
They had no money, it just wasn't funny
The ship was barely afloat

They sailed on for days, under the cruel sun's rays
Fellow passengers succumbing to death
Grandparents, children, babies in arms
Fighting for every breath

Desperate to land, to just have a chance
Of living at peace to get on with their lives
The only goal of every passenger
Parents, children, husbands and wives

They hope that the world will take note of their plight
And give aid in some little way
"A roof over our heads, and a life for our kids,
Just some light at the end of the day"

Don't judge them so harshly since you have it good
Food on your plate every night
It's only the fact that you weren't born there
That saved you from suffering their plight

Show some humanity at the very least
Welcome them as best you can
Let them all see just how decent you are
Please help your fellow man.

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