Snow Girl

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This is not a story about me. It's about Snow Girl, Flame. I don't really knew her but she understands me. She is my childhood friend that I'm sure to never forget. She is my best friend up till now.

Submitted: June 08, 2016

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Submitted: June 08, 2016



This a story about my friend, Flame. For all I know is that she loves playing in the snow. Every winter, I would saw her at the playground near my neighborhood. The strange thing is, I never saw her family or relatives with her. I wonder if she is living alone.

One cold winter day, I was done playing with my friends at the playground I usually saw her at. I was eleven as I remembered. My friends went home early and I was left there alone. I was going to go back home when I suddenly saw her. The girl in the snow, the snow girl I used to called her. I never talked to her until that day.

I said, “Hey, what’s your name? I’m Timothy. Nice to meet you.” She just kept silence looking at me. She walked closer to me and said, “I’m flame. It’s a pleasure to meet you, Timothy.” For the first time, since the past few years I saw her, I finally talked to her. Her voice was rather soothing and calm. She sounded as if she was a free bird.

Her hair was as white as snow, eyes pitch black and her skin was pinkish but looked pale too. She wore green jacket, green sweater, yellow boots and thick layer of beanies on her head covering half of her white stunning hair.

“Which bird describes me best?” She asked me so sudden. I know nothing about birds, not much since my neighborhood was located in the city. All I see every day are sparrows and little birds. “So?” she asked again.

I quickly replied, “Doves. They looked a lot like you. White, your hair.” She smiled and said, “I am the one who looked a lot like them.” I don’t get what she meant by saying that she is the one who looked a lot like doves but not until she sang a song, her song.

Away the doves, flew pass by… afraid of the dark, so come to the light… when days darken and nights lighten… they seem to know where to go… follow them, not a single chance… for snow will hide them and sun revealed them…

That song of hers was what she always sang when we meet every days of winter since the first time we talked to each other. I never knew what the meaning of the lyrics is but she always sang it in different melody every time we met.

Soon winter ended and spring came. The pond in the park where dad and I used to go fishing was no longer icy. Snow melted on the roads, the garage door, and the half-filled pool on our backyard and on the playground we used to hang out together. Yes, me and snow girl, flame.

Seasons passed on. Spring, summer, fall and winter came again. The first snow fell, I was twelve, I went to the playground that evening and saw her there building a snow man.

“Hey, snow girl.” I called her out. “Timothy! It’s great to see you early today.” She said as she continued building the snow man. “May I join in the fun? I’m pretty good at building stuffs you know.” I said breaking the silence. “Sure, why not.”

I spent the rest of my winter days with her after school. Two days before Christmas, I told my mom about her and mom wanted me to invite her and her family for dinner on Christmas Eve. I thought about all the wonderful things we are going to do together after dinner. Going to open presents together, maybe catch Santa Claus, or just seating near the fireplace, burning marshmallows. A lot of things.

So I invited her the next day and she replied, “I would be delighted to come to your house for dinner tonight. I’m sure my parents will too but I must ask them first.” She stood up from the see saw we were both seating on and ran away from the playground. I thought that she was going to come back but she didn’t.

I waited for her and her family to come but they did not showed up. Not a sign of her. That night, our family had dinner as usual as what we always do on Christmas Eve. I woke up early on Christmas day, passed the Christmas tree where some presents were wrapped nicely and put there underneath, put on my jacket and boots, ran outside towards the playground to wish Flame a merry Christmas.

As I was running I realize she wouldn’t be in the playground that early in the morning but I just kept running out of excitement. When I reached there, there was nobody. Just me and the playground’s equipment. I knew she wasn’t there yet so I wasn’t that disappointed.

“Timothy!” I quickly turned and surprisingly I saw her. “Merry Christmas, Timothy!” She smiled like the first time we talked. She was holding a bird on her right hand. A white bird, a dove…

“Merry Christmas to you too, Flame!” I shouted back to her. She took a deep breath closing her eyes. She wore a nice white dress and was not wearing her beanie anymore. I got to fully see her beautiful, white color, long straight hair. The wind blew her hair and she looked so angelic on that Christmas morning.

I close my eyes and took a deep breath too. As I did that, I could hear her soft voice said “Bye, Timothy.” And when I open my eyes, she was gone. No longer there. I went back home later and opened my Christmas presents. I wonder where she went that morning and what present might she open.

Evening came, I went to the playground to meet her again, ask her where she went but she never did came. And so does the next day, and the other days of winter. Snow started to melt again and it was another spring, flowers bloomed everywhere around the playground. I saw birds flying around there sometimes and butterflies too. But not a single dove flew passed by the playground.

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