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A distant future... After the death of his father, Ayden is given a mission to prepare his country to the war. How successfully will he cope with the task?

Submitted: June 09, 2016

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Submitted: June 08, 2016



“I promise that next 5 years of my work will be dedicated to accomplishing plans and dreams of my father- Mark Ford. I will bear true faith and allegiance to defend my country against all enemies. I am ready to take the responsibility of being “The First Soldier” of Heflil,” Ayden finished the speech and moved away from the tribune. The hall applauded.

"Your father would be proud of you," said Jordan Hatch as he approached Ayden. "He was a great commander and the strongest leader," with a cold stern voice he continued, "you should try your best to follow his strategies and reach the goal.”

The doors of the giant main storage opened and Ayden accompanied with guards came into the room. 

“Let me introduce the heavy artillery first,” the assistant guided the group to the central part of the storage. “Here is a Plasma weaponry, explosives, aircrafts and tanks. They will be used for the first attack. A special feature of this set of explosives,” the assistant pointed to the left corner, “is the ability to destroy one third of enemy’s army.”

Ayden looked around and asked, “How many of these do we have?”

“Nearly 20 since the invention is new. We aim to have 30 by the end of the next month,” said the assistant without hesitation.

Ayden frowned and then nodded, “Quite impressive…”

The group moved to the next room. The entire room was in the collection of military robots. “Even though the power of our army is far superior than Kasmad’s, their protection is very strong,” explained the assistant. “The soldier robots are invented to beat their shield.”

Ayden stepped up to the largest robot and carefully observed its outfit.

“How are they different from the ones in the laboratory?” he wondered.

Showing on the layout of a robot, the assistant continued, “The robots in the laboratory differ not only physically, but also in terms of the missions they should complete. “Follow me!”

The group entered the Main Lab. It resembled an operating room lit by blue neon lights. Androids that were lying on beds, were connected to thick wires. Their structure was not entirely consisted of metal: they looked like human beings who were wearing heavy suits. Scientists in white coats were going around, observing and recording data.

“These robots are half human,” the assistant informed coming near one of the androids. “It was scientifically proven that androids with both human and robot’s characteristics are much powerful and intelligent,” the assistant paused, then said with a louder voice, “On this basis, they will be used as spies.”

Ayden stood for a moment thinking, starring at the android next to him. Thoughts about the conflict emerged between Heflil and Kasmad started bothering him. He tried to find a logic of his father spending 15 years to invent these technologies. Then, he moved away to see devices around the lab. Displays with the descriptions of androids and other related information appeared in front of his face. It showed: 4/9.

“Other five are outside the lab. Would you like to see them now?” asked the assistant.

“I have a meeting soon. I will come back later,” hurriedly said Ayden looking at his watches. Guardsand Ayden left the lab.




After the meeting, Ayden and Sam went out from the cabinet and sat on the couches in atrium. Sam - Ayden’s childhood friend, worked in the Heflil Technology Organisation last two years when Ayden served in a military. Currently, he helps Ayden to master robotic technology system. People in a dark blue HTO uniform created a peaceful working environment in the atrium.

“I never participated in such operations involving robots,” said Ayden starring at the vase on the table in front of him. Taking a deep breath he continued, “I guess my father would choose someone more experienced.”

“You are the only eligible person for the title “The First Soldier”, claimed Sam holding a cup of coffee in his hands. Then he pointed his finger at Ayden, “Because you have qualities that others don’t, you will cope with the task better than anybody else,” taking a sip, “Believe me,” added Sam.

Suddenly, a siren started blasting in the atrium disturbing the calm atmosphere. After 30 seconds, commander Hailey Cannon and four soldiers showed up. Hailey walked to the centre of the atrium and spoke into the microphone:

“SHR51! Please come to the central site… SHR51!”

“Seems like there is a problem,” rising from his seat, urged Sam.

A humanoid robot… A female android about 18 years old appeared in the atrium. At first glance, she looked like a human. But if you looked attentively, her left eye was red and left cheekbone was metal. Her brown hair was pulled back. She was wearing heavy military uniform which was mainly consisted of aluminium and steel. The crowd moved aside to make way for her to Hailey. She quickly stepped up to the centre.

“I am sorry, it just burned out. I have no idea why,” pronounced android with her monotone voice. She pointed at the actuator attached to her right arm.

“Let me see it,” Hailey took an actuator from android and observed it. “Well, I am sure the new one will last longer. Please take her to the Main Lab,” she said referring to guards.

Right after guards took the android girl away, Ayden and Sam approached commander Cannon.

“Mr. Ford The First Soldier! Nice to meet you here,” Hailey addressed Ayden holding out her hand.

“Commander Cannon!” Ayden greeted shaking hands. “Did something serious happen which I can help you with?” he asked.

“No need,” she said politely. “The control system of one spy humanoid robot was broken and we have almost fixed it.”

Ayden nodded, “Glad to hear that!”




The next day Ayden looked for SHR51. Finding out that she was in the training zone, he went there. SHR51 was practicing climbing on slippery walls. Ayden waited till she got down and came near her. She glanced at him with her bicoloured eyes.

“Hello, I just wanted to make sure that your new control system works well,” said Ayden with a calm voice, looking at the renewed actuator in her right arm.

“It does! But it still hurts when I practice shooting,” explained android. She looked away, “Anyway, I already got used to it.”

“How long has it been since you are in the army?” asked Ayden looking at her bony hands.

“I am here since I was eleven years old,” admitted android unfastening the rope from her waist.

Ayden kept silence for a while: “Um… Just wondering, it is not convenient to call you SHR51. What is your real name?” he asked.

“Eva,” she smiled.

“Eva… That is a way better!” thought Ayden, “Especially when you are almost human, but you are treated as any other typical robot.” Her name was not Ayden’s only concern: “How did she handle the robotic system starting from such an young age? Oh, she looks so fragile,” he viewed devices that covered Eva’s neck and assumed, “All these mechanisms and wires seem to be torturing her…”

“May I request you something?” Ayden addressed Eva with a gentle voice. Approaching the big climbing wall he said, “Can you make a little scratch over there?”

“For what?” she asked.

“I want you to write your name. Every time when you climb the wall, you will see it and try to keep reminding others who you actually are.” His voice sounded so powerful and inspiring.

Eva didn’t ask further questions. Instead, she came near the wall, raised her hand and drew three letters with her steel gloves.

“Well, it was nice to meet you, Eva! Take care…,” Ayden took a long look at her, “and I hope I will see you around.”



Papers, documents, data from the information base - those are the things Ayden spent his last three hours with. Apart from the military plan and newspapers from Kasmad on the table, there was a stack of documents containing information about each humanoid robot. He carefully examined “SHR51” page and came across this:

“2083 - we received 11 year old girl. She is in poor condition: weak, injured and even unconscious. Parents' whereabouts are unknown. The only way to save the girl’s life is to connect her to robotic system. The decision is to be confirmed.” Holding the paper, Ayden went outside to have some fresh air. His eyes quickly scanned the text:

2087 - the android is successfully upgraded into the spy humanoid robot. Equipped with advanced technology, she is now able to resist extreme forces.”

“I guess she is even more powerful today…” thought Ayden looking away to the view form the balcony. Suddenly, his eyes caught Eva among some few people near the garden. He folded the paper and put in his pocket. He went down from his cabinet and approached her.

“Such a sunny day!” Ayden came and stood beside her, “How are you doing?”

“But it can start raining at any moment. I am fine, thank you!” she said politely, “Just received new tasks.” She was starring at something to the side of big blocks and stones behind the fence.

“Where are you looking at?” wondered Ayden.

Not explaining anything, Eva run toward the big fence. Getting on the other side of the fence, she moved one of the giant stones. There was a flower underneath. She returned and stood near Ayden.

“It was dying under the stone,” she pronounced with a quiet voice.

“Oh, you like flowers?” asked Ayden.

“Not much, I almost don’t feel its smell now,” with a calm tone she continued, “But it wouldn’t grow through the stone which would be very sad.”

Ayden looked pleased and impressed.

“I gotta go! Mission is waiting for me,” she said in a rush and approached a black car near the road. The car seemed unfamiliar to Ayden. He also couldn’t recognise the faces of two muscular guys standing next to the car. Not hesitating, he decided to go after Eva.

“Eva!” he called out. Grasping her arm, he asked, “Are you sure you wanna follow these people?” There was a concern in his voice.

“Of course, they are my brothers!” she claimed confidently. “There is nothing to worry about.”

“Believe me, we have all rights to take her away,” said one of the guys showing HTO id.

Ayden slowly let go of Eva’s hand still looking at her eyes. All of a sudden, it started to rain. She sat on the car. Doors closed and the black car left the place.



According to the military plan of Heflil, only few weeks left till the attack. Explosives, plasma weaponry, tanks and aircrafts were ready. Soldier robots were in their last stage of training and checking. Regarding the humanoid robots, Ayden received latest updates to his tablet:

The number reached 11

Hi-tech hardware system is installed

Additional technological upgrades to SHR48, SHR51 and NSHR37

Suddenly, the door of the cabinet opened and Sam showed up.

“Have you heard the recent news from Kasmad?” he pronounced with urgent voice. “They have got an arsenal not smaller than ours!” He spoke in fast pace, “This created a concern among military leaders.”

“We are better to check out what is happening in the training area now”, suggested Ayden and went out from the cabinet with Sam.

In the training area, androids were practicing and demonstrating their abilities in the new weaponry system. Some of them became even more advanced than before… including Eva. Ayden looked at her with astonishment. Her suit was much bigger, with more appliances and gears. She became faster, her movements more confident and shots more precise.

Ayden walked closer to androids and leaders of the group.

“There is something I need to tell all of you,” he started with a serious voice and immediately got everybody’s attention. “I know the latest information about Kasmad’s artillery led to a great dispute. It was unpredictable change of circumstances,” he sighed. “It is a success that our army became able to improve humanoid robots as a response.” People listened to each his word attentively. “However, I don’t think there is a need to upgrade them further,” Ayden announced.

The reaction of military leaders was not so delightful.

“We cannot let the army of Heflil lose after so much efforts of over 15 years,” resented the leader of soldier robots.

“Try to understand the situation,” Ayden patiently explained, “It is not reasonable for us to increase the army: they will do the same.”

It seemed like others didn’t approve his words as well and started whispering. The leaders ordered androids to leave the hall. Ayden run toward the crowd and approached Eva.

“I hope you will be by my side!” he asked. Eva kept silent.

“Tell me…” he continued.

“Why do you think so? Have we met each other before?” she looked so puzzled.

Ayden was shocked and couldn’t speak. Thoughts in his mind were stuck. After few seconds he pronounced:

“Okay… I should let you go,” he turned away and left the training zone.



“Jordan Hatch? That is unbelievable!” Ayden was surprised. “I had to notice that there was something wrong when he was absent in the leaders’ gathering.”

“Two guys that you saw are his sons,” explained Sam sitting in front of the sensor screen. “They have access to HTO laboratory and probably they erased Eva’s memory.”

“I will not forgive him!” said Ayden making a fist and wrathfully looking at the view from the window.

“Disposal of all kinds of emotions in her mind is an effective way to create a strong soldier,” Sam kept explaining, “…according to their believes.”

“I must stop this and I know how!” exclaimed Ayden and run toward the Main lab.

He entered the lab not caring about the number of people inside. Seeing Eva on the bed, he immediately unplugged all wires connected to her head and picked her up. Scientists and assistants didn't have any idea of what was going on. Eva tried to resist while Ayden was carrying her to the garden, but she was almost unconscious after another memory erasing therapy. When they reached the garden, Eva woke up and started to panic.

“What am I doing here? Who are you?” she began sweating. “Leave me alone!” she screamed.

“SHR51, you know me and I am here to help you!” Ayden hardly tried to convince and calm her down.

“Why are you calling me like that?” she cried. “Eva… I am Eva!”

Ayden took a long look at her dichromatic eyes and pale skin.

“You remember your name!” he smiled. “Do you know why? That scratch on the wall… I told you it will keep reminding of who you actually are!”

“No, I am not a human! Don’t you see - I am a robot! The fact that I am crying doesn’t mean anything, all these metals and wires…”

“Hey, listen to me!” interrupted Ayden and grabbed her shoulders. “You are a human! You didn’t lose kindness within yourself. Do you see that flower near the fence?” he pointed at the blooming plant near the stones. “It is growing because of you! You saved that flower even though it will not bring any benefit to you.” He passionately repeated, “You are a human! …Not those ones who don't feel the significance of other peoples’ lives.”

There was a silence for a moment.

“Ayden…,” quietly pronounced Eva and hugged him, “We gotta stop the war!"

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