My Untold Love Story.....

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This is my untold my love story and hope that you guys will enjoy...

Submitted: June 08, 2016

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Submitted: June 08, 2016



My name is Jai and this is about my love story that happened during my college days. We had a new girl entering the college on the second day of the college and she was beautiful girl named Harsha, I never believed love at first sight until I saw Harsha, she was cute had a pretty smile with big eyes and with nice hair.

I felt butterflies in my stomach and had this feeling which I never had not sure if it was Love or something else but heart said she is the one for me. I was hoping that no else had the same feeling for her :P, days passed and I made friends of her friends and then we met.

We had an instant connection and within few days we became best friends. I realized she was very friendly with everyone and all their friends like her, she is witty and funny. She use to laugh at silly jokes and she started enjoying my company like I did of her.

Within a couple of month's she got her first proposal from a guy who was rich and good looking. I don't know what the reason she didn’t like him and she declined but this guy was crazy about her and kept on giving her cards and other stuffs in my presence. I was hoping and praying that she doesn’t fall for him.

I was good at studies and I was helping her with her notes and she use to ask for help on almost all the subjects and I was glad that I could help her and be around her all the time when she is at college.

We didn't had a phone or any device to keep in touch but I use to hope morning comes early when I go to sleep so that I can go to college and meet her and talk to her and be with her.

Days passed, months passed and our bond became very strong and my love for ever increased to an extend that I couldn't think of life without her. I actually started believing myself that she also loves like

Some of my friends said but I couldn't and didn't want to express my love because of the fear of loosing her, I was very much happy to be her best friend.

Then a day came where we had a misunderstanding and we both ended argument stating we will not talk to each other, I think that might be our first argument and I left to home without saying for to her

for the first time. The night was long and couldn't sleep for whatever reason it was and got up early went to college eagerly to see her. The minutes were like hours waiting for 15 minutes that could easily one of most longest 15 minutes. I waited at the road to catch her up on the way and talk to her, she came in pink chudidhar one of my favorites :). My eyes lit up seeing her from far and when she came near towards me I was about to say hi but she never turned or looked at me and kept on walking to college.


Not sure why I couldn't get courage or was it my Ego that stopped me going and talking to her. I had a pain in my heart for the first time and I stood there for sometime not sure how to face her and talk

to her when she completely ignored me. After reaching the classroom I found that she has changed her place and had a new friend around her. That was the longest day in my life and our eyes didn't meet after such a long time.

In a week we might have faced each other on several occasions but she had nothing to say to me and my ego was not letting me say sorry and talk to her. This continued for some days and I started noticing that she started a replacement friend just like me who use to hang around her always. It went to an extend that the guy started loving her and I came to know about this but he never proposed her and I was so stupid to believe that she also likes him in that way and she didn't had any feelings for me.

This continued for an year and I never really attempted to get back to her and she didn’t too, I was depressed and had an accident and had to rest for 6 months in that year and I completely lost her. She never attempted to see me or contact me when I was at home due to my injury; I use to have couple of friends coming to home and checking on me but she never did in that six months, I should probably call this is sick six month :P.


Past forward I really don't have any memories of this six month's apart from having regular visit to doctors and checking on my crushed leg. Finally I was operated and was ready to get back to the college and meet my love of my life but it was different at college and I was total stranger and I lost my grades starting failing in almost all the subjects. She did came to me and enquired about the injury, just like any other girl at the college and we did had couple of small talks for couple of times but nothing special and we didn't speak about the past and I didn't how I felt and what I was going through.


In this six months the other guy has proposed to her and she has declined because she only thought of him like a good friend and I started thinking that even I was just a friend nothing else.We did have couple of conversations during the last year of the college and it was only about the studies and nothing personal and she had the third proposal in the last year and she also declined it. 


We were at the final stage of college days and we were writing the exams and I couldn’t see her on many days since she was writing exams at the different room and exams were over. I use to think of her everyday and it became more and more when I realized this is my last time I could see her and I may not see her again. 


We had two months of time before we got our results and this was the most painful two months of my life, I didn’t had anything to think about but her, I even wrote her name on forearm using a razor which I thought nobody will do these things when I similar scenes in movies. I was getting crazy about her and I realized how much I love her and I stupid I was not expressing my love to her.

I didn’t go to my graduation day but I went to college to collect my certificates and I was astonished to see her at college and I couldn’t belive  for a moment she is standing right there. For a moment I though it was just my vision but she was there and I was ecstatatic and I walked towards and greeted her with smile and she had a smile on her face.

My heart immediately said that this was my final chance to express my love to her and was ready to take a rejection but I had to express to her. We spoke about lot of things but I don’t remember anything because my heartbeat was at 200 per minute and wanted to burst.Both were talking about the first year how we became friends and other stuff and I was shocked to hear all these things because I never thought she would remember the smallest things like the icecream we had on a rainy day and it went on for an hour. She also mentioned that she was expecting me to come to her and say sorry and talk when we had misunderstanding and always waited for me and how much she missed me in those 6 months when I was at home due to injury.

My heart started beating faster and faster hearing all this from her and thought she had same love like me. The moment came and she asked me whether I had a girl friend and I said no and I asked her if she loves anyone and she said……………….. YES  ooooooooooooooo my godddddddddddddddddddddd.

I felt like I had a heart attack but I couldn’t show her the pain.  I felt like I should cry loudly and express my love to her and I couldn’t do it.

Finally she asked about it, whether I LOVED her and I couldn’t answer but nod yes for which she said I thought I realized it but was thinking she was just my friend.

I asked her whether she would have accepted me if I proposed her at college, she said she might have that made me little happy and we continued to talk at college canteen for 3 hours and she gave me her landline number and left.

I didn’t call her but I felt the Real and purest Love in my life and will have memories for her till I breathe………………Thank you Harsha. 


© Copyright 2018 Jaishain. All rights reserved.

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