The Patron: Prologue

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Steven Muertos has a mysterious past. One day he is captured by an organization and accidentally killed by a fire.

Submitted: June 08, 2016

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Submitted: June 08, 2016



 “KILL ME!! If you don't I swear on all that is good in this world I will hunt you down and make you wish you had,” a Caucasian male says.


The man, about 6 feet tall and of medium build wearing a black wet suit, is sitting on an old wooden chair, strapped in at the wrists, waist and legs by leather shackles. The room is dim, with merely a lone overhanging light illuminating the room. It appears as though it is an old fishing shack, long since abandoned.


“No, no, no,” a deep voice with a British accent says over an intercom. “That would be too easy. I want you to hunt us down. Let that anger fuel you. Use it my dear Steven. Oh and I will let your wife know how much of a hero you were.”


Steven struggles with his bindings as he smells smoke. The building he is in is on fire. Steven pulls even harder, his bindings not budging. “I will not die here,” he says as he pulls hard enough to undo his right wrist but breaks it in the process.


Steven then tips over the chair and moves it over enough to reach a rusty fishing knife that was about 5 feet away. He grabs it with his free hand and begins to cut his waist free. Pieces of the building start falling down. Steven goes into panic mode and as his is cutting his waist free, he cuts the wet suit and himself as well. He grimaces but then cuts his other wrist free.


By the time he cuts his legs free, it is too late. The blazing building collapses on top of Steve and he plunges into the ocean below him. He begins swimming up to the surface but he doesn't get up to the surface in time. With his final breaths he curses the people that put him here. He then begins to fade into the ocean below.


Steve opens his eyes, sits up and looks at his surroundings. It is white all around. The temperature is ambient and the white floor is comfortable. Steve stands up, “Where am I?”


“You are in the Under World,” a deep masculine voice says from all directions.


Steve puts a perplexed look on his face, “The Under World? I am dead?”


“Yes you are.”


“Well damn. Had I known I was going to die, I would had a beer or three.”


“I am here to give you a chance to get back at the people who did this to you.”






Steve laughs, “Well that is well and good but how.”


“By this.”


A gold watch appears on Steve's wrist. The face of the watch is black with white numbers. “What is this?”


“A Watch of the Patrons. You will become my Patron. Besides hunting your captors, you will also work for me.”

“Doing what?”


“Hunting down those who are to die.”


“A reaper?”


“That would be correct. Just not any beings. When people who have regrets or have done bad things die, they can become hostile. You are to bring them back. Your background suits this.”


Steve gasps, “How do you know about my past?”


“I know all about you. This is why I have chose you for this.”


“Pardon me if I am not skeptical.”


“That is understandable but if you want to save your wife and kids you will do this. They are still in danger.”


“Vicky, Nancy,” Steve then gets an angry look on his face. He then looks up, “Fine, you got me.”


“Good. Before I send you, I need to train you.”


“My wife and daughter are in danger and you want to train me?”


“I know you are more than capable but these powers will take some getting used to. Would you rather learn now or in battle?”

“What about my wife and kid?”


“They are safe, for now. Those people cannot get to them.”


“You sure?”


“Yes. I am guaranteeing it.”


Steve puts on a grimace, “Fine. Lets do this.”


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