Neo & Winter & Qrow's There Somewhere

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This is a brief fanfiction/joke for these people I'm with. If you enjoyed this fanfic, then please call the ship by it's name. New Winter.

Submitted: June 08, 2016

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Submitted: June 08, 2016



My name is Neopolitan and I've been on my own for a few weeks. I have been stuck on my own, wandering, hoping that someone would save me from my suffering. After the incident in Vale, I left the kingdom, knowing that the others would be on my tail for abandoning them and I would be hounded by the police, luckily they don't know what I really look like. That's thanks to my handy semblance of illusions. But getting from Vale to anywhere while low on funds is hard, I had to get on board a ferry leaving Vale the next day, that's where my adventure truly kicked off. I sat alone in the dark and stared at the night sky. I wished I could see Roman again, but I doubt it. I slumped over in defeat, this was the day I was waiting for, right? Plunging a country into destruction and getting off scot-free? I lowered my head, this is not what I wanted. I wanted to meet someone who understood me, understood what I am. Even to hunters and huntresses, I'm in irregularity. My hair is a natural pink and brown and my skin is pale white. I clutched my suit, it surely was getting cold. Winter was around the other corner, and it was already cold. It really is how they say, it is cold without you here...suddenly, someone fell on me.

"Ah! I'm sorry! I didn't know somebody was here! You're not hurt are you?" Staring directly into my face was the coldest, yet most kind hearted face I had ever seen. As if she were Winter embodiment. "Are you hurt?" I shook my head no, and she smiled "That's good. I'm glad to hear that!" She took another look at my face and her smile disappeared. "Are you sure nothing's wrong?" I looked away. It's not as if I can say anything, those fucks at HQ haven't written me more than a gasp, it's not canon. "Look, I know I'm not supposed to let anyone in there as it's for military personnel only, but I can let you stay in my suite. I can't bear to see such a cute girl suffer in the cold." Please, hold your breath. I'm in my 20s just so you know, but I agreed. A free room is a free room, I'm not going to complain.

We entered the woman's room to find a nice carpeted floor, a window to watch the water, a bathroom adjacent, a queen sized bed, a dresser and a closet! You'd imagine a person to be living here. The woman crossed the room to her closet and pulled out a futon, a blanket and some pillows.

"There, that should be good for you. Would you like to clean up in the bathroom? I can put your clothes through the wash and you can borrow some pajamas from me." She told me. Through the WASH?! There's a fucking washer and dryer on this ferry!?! "Oh, and, please. I will be of any assistance if you need anything, just call out my name." Rich. She notices I don't ask for her name, so she smiles a little. "It's Winter. My name is Winter Schnee." Winter huh? She definitely looks the par-WAIT. HOLD THE FUCKING PHONE. DID SHE JUST SAY HER NAME IS SCHNEE? OH SHIT, THIS IS BAD. I smiled nervously, let's just hope she doesn't find out I helped steal from her father's corporation.

I stripped out of my clothes and headed into the bath. The water was so nice and warm! I hadn't had a bath this nice since I was in Beacon, but just like there, I have to keep my guard up.

I went to bed just as Winter returned from a meeting up top. She saw me laying down and she smiled. "I never did get your name. What is it?" I looked at her and opened my mouth, but no words came out. Fucking HQ. She stared at me blankly, I guess she figured I was mute and she wouldn't be wrong. She put down a notepad next to me and placed a pen next to it. I wrote down my name and showed it to her. "Neo Politan? That's a very odd name." And some of the other names I've heard aren't? Seriously, Oobleck. Really. "What's your story, Neo. Why are you out here and can't speak?" Oh shit this can get dangerous. I'll try to write it out for her without giving away that I worked with Roman Torchwick.

On my little notepad, I told my story. My parents gave birth to an abnormal child. They threw me away as if I were trash, and a boy took me to his home. I don't remember his name, but I do remember the red in his eyes. When I was a kid, I could talk all I wanted, but the boy's sister was always mean to me. I was afraid of her, she didn't accept me as a friend, and I'm not sure the boy accepted me as a friend either. Years after attending normal training school, I attended Beacon academy to become a huntress and be with the boy, except, I didn't get on the same team. The team I got stuck with were mean to me. They abandoned me on missions because I never used my semblance in front of them. I knew they would turn me away when they found me out, the whole school would. The night I decided to leave, the boy stopped me and told me not to go. I got mad, I was doing my own things, why wouldn't he let me go? I changed, my appearance wasn't like I had been. In front of him, I grew almost to 5 feet, but I wasn't lucky. Everything about me changed. I ran away that night. That was the same night where I heard about a Grimm invasion at a nearby town, the town where I was born. I went to try to save them, but in the end, I was weak and useless. I watched the Grimm kill my parents. Although they were never nice to me, I still loved them for not just killing me before I was born. I couldn't help it, I went into shock. Since then, I was never able to speak.

Winter looked at me, she didn't know what to say. My story intrigued, and yet it horrified her. I left out meeting Roman and helping destroy Beacon, but it was better she didn't know.

"I'm so sorry that had to happened to you, but you look so cute and mature. I guess that's what happens when you watch something traumatic." She got up from her chair and walked over to me and sat down. "But I won't let anyone harm you." She hugged me, and it felt so special. Nobody had ever hugged me like that before, not even Roman...

The next day, we arrived in Atlas. She helped me off the boat and told me I could stay at her place. I never asked her why she had to take a ferry when I watched her leave Vale in a jet, but hey, people have reasons. After departing on foot for Winter's, a man walked into the middle of the road. The man was drunk off his toes, he could barely even stand up.

"Hello, Ice Queen." He noticed me. "Who's your new little friend? She is absolutely adorable." I hate him now.

"This is not a good time, Qrow." Winter growled at him. Qrow? Why does that name sound so familiar? "I need to get back now. There are some urgent matters that must be addressed."

"Sure, you can get past, if you fight." He glanced around. "I didn't see that gaudy ship of your's...didja ditch it for something worse?" He really didn't recognize me.

"It was plunged into the ocean during the skirmish in Vale." That makes sense. "Now, Qrow. Move aside, or else I will take drastic measures."

"Take them, Ice Bitch." Qrow snarled at Winter. She grabbed her sword and was about to attack Qrow, but I jumped in the middle of it and put my hands out. I tried to say 'Don't attack him!' or something, but my VA has yet to be discovered. I started to cry, I guess she got the message.

"Okay, Qrow. Stand aside, this will be a peaceful conflict." She interjected.

"Peaceful conflict? That's so contradicting it hurts-" I slapped him. I knew he just wanted to make her so mad she fought. I looked at him straight in the face, and something inside my pink and brown eyes brought his red eyes back to reality. "I'll let you by, Ice Queen. But only this once. Next time I see you, you'll be dead meat."

As he started to walk away, I grabbed his sleeve to stop him. There was something I wanted to tell him, something deep inside. Winter saw I wanted to say something, so she took our stuff away from here. Qrow looked back at me, and I him. I smiled at him, parted my lips and FINALLY spoke the words "I missed you."

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