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I learn in metaphors

Submitted: June 08, 2016

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Submitted: June 08, 2016



So strong the sickness was


they ate and ate 

until there was nothing left but eachother

they ate and ate

until they picked eachothers bone clean

the aches of hunger gnawed at their minds

they chewed at the bones for any drop of blood 

both skeletons 

in search of some sort of life 

begging the other for food

for forgiveness

for and end of this urge

They ate and ate but were never full


They drank and drank

their thirst never quenched

they drank and drank

piles of bones digging for water

until the earth was drained

but it wasn't enough

they begged the earth for liquid

for forgiveness

for and end of this urge

They drank and drank but were never hydrated


They craved and craved

and were never satisfied

they craved and craved

trying to fill their barren bones with flesh

searching for something to make them more

until the earth was desert

they begged their God for meaning

they begged for forgiveness 

for an end to this urge

they craved and craved but were never satisfied


Pile of bones two bodies once thriving

dry bones in the desert of their own destruction

craving water

craving food

craving love

craving life

craving eachother

begging for an end

to their hunger

to their thirst

to their cravings 


So strong the sickness grows

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