Heaven, Don't Help This Fool

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Loving someone is frightening, but it's a necessary scare.

Submitted: June 09, 2016

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Submitted: June 09, 2016



“Heaven help a fool who falls in love,” they say.

But to “They” I ask, for what reason?

Of all people, Heaven should know best

Love doesn’t just come at the changing of each season.

So that’s why I’m not scared to keep meeting this familiar stranger.

If I see a million birds in the sky, one must be a dove.

So once again I have a question,

Why don’t we just fall in love?

Because she’s not behind my door…

Yet she walks amongst my floors…

And I don’t want this grey anymore…

So you can see where I am torn…

Because, Heaven, I’ve heard that, when we die, our lives flash before our eyes and I really just want another second of her because, you see, she moves in slow motion and every frame of her makes me fall in love again and I write my memoirs in my laughs and my tears and my sweat and my blood so this is all I’ll have of her so Dear Heaven,

Please leave me the fuck alone.

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