Through the Darkness

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I discuss my personal journey and related experiences which began as a child. The cost of transition financially, personal, socially and the endurance of daily insurmountable hate. Through out the book I debunk the myths and expose the lies being parroted by the public regarding Transgender/ Transsexual individuals. I use valid scientific facts by which to debunk and dispel the fears propagated by ignorant individuals. I discuss my nineteen nineties transition with related topics including important legal issues including legal forms I have authored for the purpose of protecting the Trans individual in death.
LINKs are provided where need be.
The Terminology
Debunking the Pedophile accusation with science and legitimate medical resources.
Exposing the Cluster B personality, superiority complex’s as well the personality disorders of the bigots, haters and frantic members of the public.
The differences between Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity.
Trans suicide and murder, the numbers and the causes.
Debunking the bathroom issue by way of established facts including statements made by authorities.
The culture of religious bigotry and hate.
Personal experiences and observations of todays Transsexual/Transgender community.
Gender Equality Map- very important tool
Trans health care, hospital care, nursing homes, Medicare and Medicaid
Transition health care and hormones
Open enrollment health care for the Trans individual
Inclusion in health care
HRC inclusion benefits for employees and dependents.
Trans law center.
Trans rights, the ACLU
Trans Civil Rights by state.
Trans human rights by state.
The Trans voter
APA online
Know your rights
Inclusive states and more

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Submitted: June 09, 2016

Opening of book defining Gender Dysphoria thus debunking the non-scientific myths and lies. Read Chapter