The Mirror Game

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Emilly had an immense fear of mirrors since she was a child. A fear that never seemed to dwindle down. But from now on, it would o ly get worst when she dabbled in things a person shpuld never mess with. This was no longer a game......

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Prelude\psyche ward 1953

Submitted: June 09, 2016

I remember being a kid........

I mean which one of us doesn't, cause I remember every single thing there was to remember about being a kid. But most try to linger on only the good childhood memories. In fact, it might just be better to do that. But if I linger in the good, it really wouldn't be a good story now would it?

When I was seven years old, Me and and my twin brother used to play like any kid does. I called him Hush, cause when we were kids, this was how mother always spoke of him. The child who never kept quiet out of us twins. We used to play in the attic a lot. More than two children should. We used to play regular games like, ring around the rosey, you know kids stuff. And I always remember we never wanted to grow up.

But our favorite part about playi in the attic, had to be the vanity mirror that was left In our attic. I have no clue why I enjoyed mirrors so much then, but I did.

One day while playing around in the attic, right when our mother had told us not to, we were running back and forth playing it near the mirror, when Hush tripped me into the wood floor.

"Hey! Why did you do that!" I shouted at him as he giggled. So I stood up, and I pushed my brother to get him back. When I pushed him, he bumped into the mirror and the mirror slowly began to slide to the side on the wall it was leaning on. I ran to catch it as his eyes shut preparing for the noise of the big heavy mirror hitting the floor.

When I figured that I couldn't hold it, I instantly screamed for help, but my brother froze still on the floor where he sat, and not a word escaped his mouth. The mirror tipped over and fell on top of me. It began to crack on top of my tiny body and I felt as if I was being crushed, and all I could see was my reflection staring back at me grinning it seemed. Teasing me. That's when my brother tried to lift it off of me, but he couldn't. He tried for at least ten minutes before he finally agreed to find my parent who were outside on the front porch and hadn't heard a thing.

From that moment on......... I couldn't stand mirrors. Being around them, knowing of them.

The bell in the asylum rung loud in the halls. I held my ears from the loud obnoxious noise."Oh no not again!" I said to myself knowing what was going on already. I looked down the hallway waiting on what I was expecting, which was Mr. James who would be running down the halls any moment now. I stepped back towards the wall and held tight to it because I knew that Mr. James would be the first person down the hall. I could slowly hear the faint voices of the orderly screaming at the patient, the patient laughing evilly and very crazy at that. I knew I could catch up with this maniac this time. I finally saw the patient stumble up the stairs, and I stared directly at his piercing blue eyes, as they caught my sight over the staircase. He continued to run and the orderly was not to far behind. He crossed in front of me and I instantly took off after him near the next set of stairs. I followed him the next set of stairs as he still laughed saying "HA can't CATCH ME!!HAHA CAN'T CATCH ME!"

"Son of a bitch Mr. James!" I screamed at him. He scrambled down the next flight slipping on something and instead of learning by his mistake, I slipped right into his ankles knocking him to the ground.I sat in a wet puddle of I didn't know what, as the orderly grabbed the patient and shot him with meds to knock him out. I didn't know what it was I wasa sitting in until I smelled the stench of urine soaking up my white nurses skirt. 

"You okay there Emily?" he said to me as he helped me up from the floor. "You shouldn't be chasing around these patients sis, it's not you're job." He rubbed his head with his hand, his brown eyes looking to me. He made sure to adjust his long hair in his scrunchy that he kept his long black hair together so no patient could pull it. He was a caramel brown, just like me.

"I know Hush but still! You know I don't like missing out on action in here." I told him. "Ugh this is disgusting." I said.

"Somebody come clean this up!" Hush yelled for janitors down the hall.

"It's always him!" I told Hush as he walked with me back up the stairs so I could sit back at the office to watch the doors. Amy without even looking my way passed me the skeleton keys for the rooms. I plopped down in the seat behing her. 

"Catch him this time hun?" Amy said still not loooking up from her reading. 

"Kind of." I said to her.

"Mhm." she said. I crossed my arms.

"Be careful sis." Hush yelled to me down the hall. I stood up and sat back down in the chair next to her as she paid me no mind, continuing to read her magizine. I looked at her head, hoping she would feel me burning holes in the back of it. I looked right at her orange hair, kept in a bun, her nurse's hat still sitting neatly on top, and she crossed her legs getting even more comfortable. I playfully threw a pen at the back of her head. She shut her magazine.

"So now you think you're funny?" she said to me turning her chair to me. She tried to hide a smile behind angry lips painted with ruby red lip stick.

"Yes sometimes. I'm trying to talk to you. I've had an aggravating day, tripping and falling into someones urine and you don't even want to love me." She laughed to.

"You're so stupid Emily." Amy told me finally smiling back at me. She had the most beautiful smile and daylight seemed to be around anytime that she smiled. 

"what are you reading anyway?" I told her. She picked up the magazine and turned it towards me showing me the pivture of Elvis striking a pose on TIME magazine. "Isn't he just darling!" she told me holding the magazine close to her chest. "I'm gonna be seeing him tonight at concert!" 

"Is that so?" I said to her. "I was never really impressed with famous figures as she was. 'You know I have to go see my mother this evening with my brother. It is her birthday." I rolled my eyes.

"I don't see why you can't stand your mother Emily. She's such a wonderful woman!" 

"Yeah in front of you." I told her. 

"That's mama Brings-me-to-tears!" she said to me. I laughed everytime she messed up my mother's name for the sake of laughter. "And you better hope she has those mirrors draped with her curtains for your sake!" she laughed. I instantly made a straight face not beliving she would make fun of me for that. "Oh....I'm sorry emily." she  came over to me hugging me. "I just always sort of forget that....." Just then there was a knock at the door. I stood up from her hug to see Hush at the door with the other orderly. 

"Let's go see mom. I'm already ready and here you are not even dressed yet." Hush told me. He was already in his nice clothes to go see her, and had let his hair down his back out of the scrunchy which was now around his wrist like a bracelet. He had on a white long sleeved suit shirt, the sleeves rolled up to his elbows snf his black framed glasses. Amy still gave me sorry eyes for what she said and mouthed over to me her apology while Hush still talked. 

"I'm coming, I'm coming. Amy I will see you tomorrow at work." I said a bit annoyed.

"Talk to you later love." She told me picking her magazine back up. I followed Hush in between him and his friend who was following us out the front door. We exited getting inside his green club coop to go see mom. I of course had to change first, but maybe she would actually be happy to see us this time around.
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