The Principal Does Not Twirk

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A principal's secretary is outraged over students playing a joke.

Submitted: June 09, 2016

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Submitted: June 09, 2016



The Principal Does Not Twerk

By Shadowgate

It seemed like just another Friday morning at Gwen Davis High School. This Friday morning the school principal Martin Cummings allowed three honor roll students to carry out the morning announcements.

"Attention teachers and students my name is Edward Barman and I'm in ninth grade."

"My name is James Dyke and I'm in ninth grade."

"My name is Keisha Wayne and I'm in ninth grade, back to you Edward."

Edward began speaking "today we are pleased to announce that SAT Scores are in so if you want to know your score go on the school webpage and you can access it there. We are also pleased to announce the school dance will be held this Saturday at the Bill Ward Stadium. Oh but it's also important that we inform you no twerking will be allowed at this dance whatsoever."

Keisha got on the intercom and said "that means you Principal Cummings. I don't care if you are the school principal you can't twerk."

James got on the intercom and said "the rule is the rule Mister Cummings. No twerking even though you wanted to and you think you should be entitled to because you're the principal."

The three students all started laughing as did every student in the school. The teachers in all the classrooms gave the students dirty looks.

After they finished the morning announcements and came out of the principal's office and the Principal's Secretary Gloria Crenshaw was very pissed off.


Edward said "we know we were just having some fun."

Mrs. Crenshaw said "you think it's okay to do something like that on the morning announcements? What on Earth makes you think so? You all are honor roll students! Oh I hope all three of you get expelled. I am furious. The school principal does not twerk."

Keisha cut in and said "I don't think he'll expel us for that."

Mrs. Crenshaw snapped "the school principal does not twerk young lady."

Keisha said "you said that three times already."

Mrs. Crenshaw said "I'll say it again the principal does not twerk."

The school Principal Mister Cummings walks in the office and says "don't be too hard on the kids for having a little fun. Last weekend you were twerking at my house."

Mrs. Crenshaw was shocked that he would expose that in front of anyone, particularly students. All three honor roll students had the brightest smiles on their faces.

"Principal Cummings I can't believe you said that in front of them."

The principal replied "well it's true and we had a great time."

Keisha commented "you're a hypocrite Mrs. Crenshaw."

Mrs. Crenshaw was infuriated and she yelled "OHHHHHHHHHHHH!"

The honor students walked back to class and Mrs. Crenshaw well she felt much dishonored but that's how hypocrites deserve to feel.





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