luke's last mission

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after years of training and adventure in the elite luke finally faces a mission which seems impossible to complete, facing despair and betrayal.

Submitted: June 10, 2016

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Submitted: June 10, 2016



As Luke entered the Elite HQ, he went through a sequence of flashbacks; the first time he joined the Elite, the time he took out the apocalypse worm (a virus, that once instructed on what to destroy, would not stop until being destroyed, or completing it’s mission), his first field mission at parliament square and last, but never the least, the time he went to save Gemma from Milo Bay, a man who intended to hypnotize humanity using technology, using a company under the code name of YourLife to do so. It had been fourteen years since the event of YourLife. The Elite had gotten 20 new recruits in that time. They should have been 26 in total, including Elliot, the Elites former commander, but they were now 24. Two less than they should have been. The first was because Angela, Luke’s old comrade and friend, had left to the US. The second was inferior. 3 years ago, Elliot had passed away. After all those traumatic missions, Luke still found it outlandish that his ex-commander had been found smiling on his bed the day he had passed away. Now Gemma, Luke’s own wife, was the commander of the Elite. Another fact Luke found himself very hard to acclimatize to. Of course, Luke, Rez and Jimi assisted Gemma. After all, they were the second in commands. Luke had come up with the idea to split the 20 new recruits into four teams of five: Gemma taking group 1, Luke taking group 2, Rez taking group 3 and Jimi taking group 4. That way in times of crises all Gemma had to do was give an order to; Luke, Rez or Jimi and she would have been putting 20 people to work. Allot easier than giving them all individual guidelines.

Luke snapped back to reality as one of the oldest recruit, Amie, moseyed up to him. “Monsieur Luke, Madam Gemma requested to see you at her office at once,” she reported, in an apparent French accent. Luke nodded and walked towards Elliot’s office.  Luke shuddered. What was wrong with him?! Its Gemma’s office now, he reprimanded himself. As he entered into his wife’s office, she seemed to realize something was wrong with Luke. “Sit down Luke” Gemma instructed. Luke seated himself opposite to Gemma. The same seat he had sat on 14 years ago, when going on his mission to infiltrate YourLife. “Stop it!” Luke thought. “Luke, I have something to tell you,” Gemma said. Just then, the door opened and Amie ran in. “We’re under attack!” she said.

Luke frowned as he stared at the screen in front of him. About eight worms, similar to the apocalypse worm, were attacking the Elites website. For now the Elites defenses were holding. Over time, the websites defenses had changed. They now looked like castles ready to fight off any attack, with their own worms to fight off enemy worms. “Team 1 send out our worms” ordered Gemma. Gemma watched in satisfaction as the worms were sent out to fight off the enemy ones “Team 3 and 4 try finding the source of the attack” Gemma continued. “Team 2 make sure that all of our traps are in place” “YES MISS!” a chorus of ripostes came from the children. Whatever the Elite tried the attack would not yield. Then, one of the firewalls was breached and a trap sprung. Luke smiled, as he knew this trap very well, after all the idea of the trap was formed in a similar way as he had defeated the apocalypse worm.  Every time a firewall was destroyed, a gap formed and the worm went in, but then a cube formed around and vanished replaced by a new firewall.  Just then Gemma ordered a counter and more worms were released. “We’ve found the source, putting it up for the worms to destroy”, Gemma nodded and a castle type website appeared. “Luke check the exact location, you’re going on your third field mission.” Gemma commanded. Luke could not believe it! The Elite had not sent any members on a field mission in 14 years! Luke checked the location. He noted it down on his phone. “I’ll go down to Martin and get all my equipment,” said Luke.

About an hour later, Luke was all geared up and at the location. He had the latest brain device, in which the Elite could here all his thoughts there was no need for him to speak or any need of WIFI. The attack on Elite was still going on, a battle going back and forth amongst the Elite and it cyber enemy, and called distracted procedures. The Elite sent Luke to go and apprehend, if must, eradicate the enemy. Luke strode into the three-storied building and pressed on the elevator button. He had to go to the third floor, so he clicked on two. No sense going to third floor and knocking on the door. The lift door pinged open and Luke paced out tentatively. Luke took a deep breath and looked around. Finally discerning what he wanted to see, Luke walked over to the window and stuck his head out. Looking up he saw that he could effortlessly scale the wall to the apartment window he needed to go to. This is Luke to HQ I’m about to enter enemy territory. Luke thought. All right all visuals are working fine for now a voice buzzed in his brain. Luke surmounted the wall and opened the apartment window. However, as soon as he gladdened the window, alarms shrieked out from inside the apartment. He saw a figure open a cabinet and press a button. “Stupid pigeons” murmured a girl’s voice. Luke gradually opened the window. No alarms this time. He hopped down on to the floor and landed without a sound. He looked around and observed his environs. All electronics and papers. Luke crept to the door of the room and walked into a corridor. He heard typing from a room at the far end of the corridor and stalked towards it. Time felt as if it decelerated down and Luke thought he was moving in slow motion. This might be his easiest mission yet! Luke thought. Don’t get to confident, Rez’s voice buzzed in his ear. Luke forced himself to walk faster. As he approached the room door, he felt his heart beat faster. “Why are you so afraid?” asked a voice. Luke shot back as a girl’s head popped out of the room.

Luke’s jaw drooped open as he stared at the face before him. For once, his tongue betrayed him. He, Luke Kittson, was out of words! An Elite agent always ready to silver tongue his way out of problems had no words left? How could he ever do that! But how could he NOT? “Now is THAT how you greet a friend?” enquired the voice. Luke just stared back at the girl. Her blond hair, tied back in a ponytail, only a streak of dyed red hair dangling out “Angela?” Luke finally managed to say. “Yes its ANGELA who else do you think knows all the Elites moves and can foresee every move that Gemma would make?” Angela responded in an exasperated tone. “What? I mean why would you attack the Elite,” Luke asked. He seriously hoped she would just say something like: Oh, I was testing how well you guys were going before I showed up!  “Oh Luke you know why don’t you? To get you out of the way,” Angela, said. “But why?” questioned Luke. “You see, after talking with Milo Bay I realized how powerful technology actually was, so I started to build something similar to Milo Bays work but I wouldn’t hypnotize people. That would be no fun! I would control them if they didn’t listen to me, I would threaten the lives of their beloved, that way I would have everybody fear me! And I would take over the world” Luke stared at her as if she had just fallen from space. Finally, taking in all the knowledge he had, he congregated up the courage and attacked Angela. “Don’t do this Luke, you know you don’t stand a chance” Angela said despondently. Luke gnashed his teeth and launched attack after attack on Angela but she blocked each attack effortlessly “My turn” she proclaimed, a small sound of triumph in her voice. Angela broke into a barrage of attacks and Luke barely garrisoned himself. “I’m really sorry Luke but I guess this is the end of your mission” Angela hauled out a knife from her pocket. “You wouldn’t dare” Luke alleged. “Unlike you, I would” Angela retorted and she sprung for the attack. Luke pushed a button in his long sleeved jacket and a small knife appeared from a slip. He battled against Angela. They sparred back and forth until they both were exhausted. Jadedly they circled around each other. Luke pulled out a red USB as Angela’s eyes amplified. As Luke plugged in the USB to the computer, Angela hurled her knife. The knife embedded itself on the left side of Luke’s chest. Luke clicked the mouse, unleashing a worm from the inside of Angela’s website defenses, and then crumbled to the ground. Luke saw Angela gawp in horror at her website.

Then everything went dark

Luke woke up in a Garden with inexpressible beauty. He looked around in bewilderment. Finally, his gaze fixed on a figure. “Hello Luke” said Eliot. “Eliot? Where am I?” queried Luke, is voice quavering as he dreaded the answer. “My boy”, Eliot answered in a soft voice,

“You are in heaven”…



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