The 1000 words of a Silence..

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Submitted: June 10, 2016

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Submitted: June 10, 2016



The 1000 words of a silence..

As you sit on the train after a long days work, with other commuters chatting into phones and with friends and colleagues...
Or on the beach on a summers day with families playing around you, in the sand and sea, laughing and yelling and dogs barking...
Or in the schoolyard at collection time on the last day before summer holidays, with the sun blaring down between the trees, and parent and child all excited and happy about the holidays..
I'd like you to just take a second and stand, look around yourself... and imagine...
Imagine looking and seeing people's mouths and bodies in motion, and hearing voices.. But making no sense of what is being said, and feeling lost in the discussion, like a losing piggy in the middle..
Imagine seeing the waves crashing against the rocks and the sand, splashing parent and child alike as well as animals, but with no sound of yells or yelps of people and animal running away from the incoming tide.. Feeling slightly left out as your getting wet because couldn't hear the of rushing tide behind you.
Imagine your children running towards you with arms open wide, with faces full with smiles of happiness and excitement, full school bags and arms full of drawn pictures of your oncoming holidays, but with no sound, like the black and white films of old.. Half the story being told.
Imagine the birds singing in the trees and the cows gently grazing in the countryside, or the cars driving past you, crunching up the Tarmac under their wheels... And now take all the sound away from this..
It's not easy is it??
Now imagine this from birth for 2 years.. being in a family or social event or class, at any age, where you don't feel part of the group through no fault of your own.. 
Imagine playing Hide & Seek in the school playground at lunchtime,and not hearing the Class bell go, and so being late back to class through no fault of your own..
Imagine talking to someone new in a social environment and guessing what's beings said, struggling to understand, through no fault of your own..
Imagine dreading your phone ringing from a work colleague or friend, knowing you'll struggle to understand what's being said and end up playing a guessing game, afraid of appearing stupid for not understanding and getting things wrong through no fault of your own..
Now just slip in your own little world, your own personal world where everything's better and you understand all.. Better place isn't it??
Just because that person smiles, don't assume they're happy.. They may just be well practised in the fake smile..
Just because that person doesn't say anything, don't assume they want for nothing..
Sometimes a moments silence can speak a lifetimes words..
Don't you think??

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