Real Life

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Welcome to Las Talas, Land of the Stars. This constellation of islands collected themselves together in the middle of the ocean to carry the land-walkers, the water-treaders, and the air-drifters
of the mystical and wild. These creatures resided in the various kingdoms scattered throughout the mainland, including the recent establishment: The Kingdom of Seludong.

The ruler and founder of this kingdom is Alcomendras, who gathered the lost and the wanderers and the abandoned to develop of what is now the most abundant and prosperous kingdoms throughout the
land. Wanting to lead a revolution and make stand for those who were in the wrong such as himself, Alcomendras hired certain individuals to organize an association to build his royal affliation to
act as his personal posse. Now, they took control of the most diverse kingdom of the islands, making themselves notable throughout the rest of the land, from other rulers of the islands and in the

Far ways off the coast from the mainland of an isolated island that carried the ruby coves and emerald pine trees, four unusual creatures were washed upon its shores, reawakening themselves into
the strange place. Why they were there and how they got there, they didn't know, and they most definitely don't fully remember who they were before they arrived.

All they remembered was their names and that they are all humans, lost in a world of mythical creatures, gods, and demons.

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Submitted: July 02, 2016

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