Bradshaw's Confession

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic
Timothy Bradshaw remembers and explains the events leading up to his arrest for murder in Black Ridge County.

Submitted: June 10, 2016

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Submitted: June 10, 2016



Chapter 1 (The Beginning of the End)

I was cold, and the dry pavement on this rainy and blustery night makes my apprehension all the less enjoyable and satisfying for myself. Those sirens, they're loud and why so many cruisers? I thought that maybe one or two would do just fine, but you know how law enforcement is, always sending more than needed. Despite my apprehension on this frigid night I must say that there is still a sense of warmness within my core that's keeping me from shaking like a rattled drug addict. This warmness must be the adrenaline and nervousness of getting caught.

"You have the right to remain silent, anything you say will be used against you in the court of law." I heard an officer yell.

That was all I heard through the noise and commotion of the sirens and weapons being drawn. But I'm finally taken up off this damn pavement, now I'm bound in cuffs, and escorted to one of the cruisers by at least four police officers. Despite my arrest I still could not pathname the reasoning behind by apprehension and arrest. None of this made sense to me really, none of it at all. How I got to this location and the whereabouts of my personal belongings were a blur like a dense fog looming over the dark shadows of the rainy night. One of the officers after stuffing my head down into the back of the cruiser looked at me with sheer disgust and hatred, as if I had committed a crime of unspeakable absurdities and horror. I will never forget the words that this officer said to me, 

"As long as people like you continue to walk the face of this earth, peace will never be discovered but fear will continue to roam." The officer said in a chilling voice. 

"What the hell does that even mean?" I replied. 

He slammed the back left door shut and my ears rung from the fury and power at the force and strength the officer used that I had to shake myself off a little. Although I didn't fully understand the meaning of the police officer's words, they still seemed to cut deep within my conscience for an odd reason. Along with all this confusion, all of the events which have transpired throughout this night have made little sense to me but I still could not shake this nagging feeling of being responsible for whatever it is that I was being taken into custody for. Whatever the reason for my arrest was, it didn't seem to matter at this moment trying to figure it out, simply because there was nothing I could do. 

The police cruisers in front of the cruiser which I sat inside began to file out of the alley like high school students walking in line during a fire drill. Good Lord on a side note though, I never understood why those sirens were so damn loud but I was more focused and curious about the events that were to transpire following my arrest. This was in fact the first time I was ever..........

"Hey kid you're in for a world of shit when we take you to the lieutenant." The officer driving said abruptly.

"What do you mean?" I questioned

"The lieutenant was tracking you from the very beginning and when you slipped up, he came in for the kill. Now you're his property and he'll get you to confess." The officer said in an oddly enjoyable and satisfying tone.

I didn't respond to the officer driving the cruiser. It wasn't because I didn't care about continuing the conversation, but it was because I was actually tired. I knew that I hadn't slept all day and I felt drowsy. 

"No response huh? That's fine kid when the lieutenant gets a hold of you at the station you won't stay quiet for long." The annoying officer uttered again.

Who the hell is this officer anyway? He must really have no one to talk to during his daily routine as a cop since he keeps speaking to me from the front seat. I still wasn't going to respond, instead I was going to put my head down and see if I could actually get some sleep before this so called lieutenant waiting for me at the station talks me to death.

I heard the words WAKE UP KID and leaped up out of my seat startled and confused not understanding what was happening around me. Upon awakening from my slumber I was shocked to realize just how quickly we had arrived to the station. I don't remember dreaming or anything, all I remember was closing my eyes one second and then being yelled at by the officer the next. Like one of those hard blinks that makes it feel as if you were asleep for only a few seconds but in reality you were asleep for a longer period of time.

"Hurry up!" The officer yelled.

The officer grabbed me and pulled me out of the backseat of the cruiser and proceeded to walk me into the station. A swarm of police officers emerged from their cruisers and followed behind him and soon after within a few seconds, I was engulfed in a sea of law enforcement officials. It was quite an intimidating occurrence, a feeling of no escape and hopelessness. It was at this point when I truly realized that I was trapped. A fox cornered by a pack of ruthless hunters who have finally beaten it at its own game of hide and seek. Once we all approached the massive building ahead of us, I tilted my head up in the frigid rainy night sky to be met by the words Black Ridge County Jail. 



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