The Bad Brother

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Just a short story about a family situation that I heard about.

Submitted: June 10, 2016

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Submitted: June 10, 2016



The Bad Brother

Once upon a time there was a boy born into a family of

three siblings. He was the only boy with two sisters. One older

and one younger. He took after his mother and she always treated

him like her favorite but this would soon change.

Early on you could tell he was going to be a problem

child. He was born with red hair and freckles,not to say

anything bad about this but he didn't like it because he was

teased at school at a young age. So, this was the seed for his

bad attitude. The mother always took up for him when he did

wrong. The father tried to get along with his son but the sons

attitude wouldn't let that happen. As he got older the young man got into drugs and stayed

out late at night. He thought because he was a guy that he could

do whatever he wanted. He stressed out the father so bad that

when he returned home late, the father would yell and throw

things around the home. Family members always tried to help him

but he never showed any appreciation at all. This made family

members turn their backs on him. So, when he actually needed

help again, there was no one to turn to. The boy married once but it didn't last because of this

same attitude he always had. He was rude to people and

intimidated others. He knew how to push peoples buttons. After a

failed marriage he began to do jail time for his drug problems.

This caused stress on his parents because he expected them to

pay for all his expenses. Years of in and out of jail took a

tole on the fathers health. He experienced a stroke and never

recovered from it and eventually passed away. During this time

of the boys life, he had no job, no vehicle and no set goals for

his future. So, the brother had an idea. He took all advantage of the situation and moved back

home with his mother. She was sad about her loss and he acted on

it and eventually took total control of her. He acted almost

like a husband instead of a son. He knew she had an income

coming in and in an established home. At first the mother didn't

mind the company but noticed that he wasn't going anywhere. He

would become aggressive with her about money. He got her to

create a will and leave everything to him and leave the two

daughters nothing. He bullied her so bad and acted like he

wouldn't have a place to live if she didn't leave it to him. For

at least 12 years he lived with his mother and she was not an

invalid at all, she was retired. But at 70 years of age she got

a small job cooking at a home for the elderly. It was the only

way she could have any extra money to buy herself the things she

wanted. The son used her vehicle, ate her food, asked for

cigarette money constantly.He would yell at her if she refused

him. He mooched off her for years because he never had a steady

job because of his drug issues. He would be in and out of jail

and even as a grown man, expected his mother to pay all his

expenses. She would cry to others that he was being abusive but

there was nothing anyone else could do to help her. She told him

he had to go and that made the situation even worse. He began to

yell at her saying he had no where to go. She always gave in to

him when he would get upset and cry. One of his sisters had to go on disability because of the

hard job she had for years. She got a little bit of money and

after she paid her own car off, she felt like doing something

nice for her brother. She paid cash for a older model truck and

simply handed him the keys. Now, who does stuff like that? The

daughter thought it would keep him from using the mothers

vehicle and possibly get a steady job. He didn't even act like

he appreciated what the sister did for him. He almost acted like

he felt like she owed it to him for some reason. He always had

this mind set the world owed him something. The daughter always

helped the mother and brother if they needed it. She bought

groceries if they ran low and even bought cigarettes for the

brother and was always handing him money. Deep down the daughter

didn't realize just how greedy her brother really was. She

didn't like to talk of regret but in her mind, she did regret

buying such a big item for her brother. The younger sister lived

a few states away and she would help the mother all she could

but eventually stopped because she knew every bit of money she

sent she was handing to the brother. The younger sister didn't

want to help him, she wanted to help her mother. No one wanted

to help this greedy brother. The mother soon became so stressed that it took a tole on

her health and had to go back and forth to the hospital. The

brother would ask around with a pity story of not having gas

money and any other excuse he could use. Some people felt bad

for the mother and helped out but none of them ever got their

money back. He always seemed to take advantage of certain

situations. All the stress eventually took a tole on the mothers

health as well. She passed away one night right there in her own

bed. The brother knew everything was his now because he

remembered his conversation with his mom about leaving

everything to him. With in minutes of the funeral being over,

the brother was already at a pawn shop pawning items from the

home. Even before all the paper work was filed he was already

taking items from the home and either selling them or taking

them to pawn shops. In his mind, he had a gold mind. He didn't

share anything with his sisters at all. All the possessions that

the parents had accummulated over the years was sold to

strangers. He eventually emptied the home of all belongings to

help his drug problems. The family didn't agree with the decision about the will

and tried to fight it but nothing happened. The older sister was

asked to go see about his dogs because he was in jail once

again. She hesitated about going over there but her younger

sister said he called her and asked for help. The older sister

did go over there and had a chance to actually see how the home

looked since her mother had passed. She was in shock as to what

she found. The front door was open and it looked like either the

brother or someone else had trashed the home. It looked dark and

dingy and not the warm home the sister remembered. The only

items that looked familiar was a grandfather clock(that hadn't

worked in years) and a flat screen TV. The daughter thought

since it lookd at if someone had burglarized the place, she

decided to move these two items to a storage facility until the

probate process was over. She was hoping she would be able to

keep these items and give the clock to her sister. The brother got out of jail and went back to the home,

some of his personal items were missing and he blamed the sister

that had went to see about his animals. He made her life a

living hell, just like he had done with his parents. He called

cops on her all the time. She said she didn't have his things. The daughter was an executor of the will and tried her

best to do what she knew had to be done. She had anything with

her moms name on it cancelled and notified them all of her

death. She even had the power cut off at the home because they

were in the mothers name. The brother would have to quit living

off his mothers name once and for all. The brother got really

mad about this and called the cops on her once again. He brought

up the fact that the sister had been over there while he was in

jail. The sister was almost thrown in jail herself until she

explained why she was there. The probate hearing was over and the two items had to be

given back. Once again, the son got what he wanted. He was just

an evil soul and very, very greedy. He wasn't finished

tormenting the older sister. He went and got a application for a

criminal warrant for her arrest for his personal items that he

could not find. He was even asking for rings that the mother

gave the daughter before she died. Now, why would a man want a

womans rings, to pawn them, right? It made everyone wonder why he was even still around. He

snitches on people and when he borrows money he never pays it

back. Also, no one liked him because he had a bad attitiude with

everyone. He has no one at this point to turn to. People around

the small town called him a "crackhead". The cops even knew him

by this nick name. It made people wonder why the drug hadn't

killed him or that someone else would kill him. After all, he

wasn't a nice person at all. He wasn't even living on the

property, he was living in some well known drug infested

apartments. Those were the only kinds of people that would give

him the time of day. He was so greedy that he took his sister

to court to try and get rings that belonged to their mother. He

was also accusing her of taking other items. This was so nerve

racking for the older sister, she wasn't use to this kind of

atmosphere. The day came for court and even though the older

sister was almost shaking with nerves and fear, her and the

lawyer faced the brother head on in front of the judge. The

brother has a bad attitude the whole 30 minutes that they were

in court. He kept talking about off the wall topics. The judge

had to quiet him down at one point and tell him to quit talking.

After a small window of pausing; the judge said there is so

evidence here of burglary. This case is dismissed. The sister

was still a little nervouse but soon realized it was all over.

She would not have to deal with her bad brother anymore, unless

he causes a commotion in the future; which she would certainly

be on the lookout for. There may be another book coming about

the bad brother but for now his two sisters and go on with their

lives and let him make his own way. Moral of this whole story is: you just can't keep doing

people wrong and expect them to be there for you when you cry


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