Larger Legacies

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Shada involuntarily transported her and her family through the dimensions with the company of The Reaper. The last thing she wanted was to unleash a deadly beast upon a world that had no protection. That one mistake is the cause for many things, including this third tale. It all started with the family falling into a fantasy-like world, but over time that fantasy became a reality, and that reality eventually became a legacy...

Submitted: July 10, 2016

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Larger Legacies

Smoke billowed into the air in large, black clouds. It filled the sky with evil. It sent down its darkness to choke all who smelled the putrid substance. While the smoke’s creator was an active volcano, it had never released its lava. Its heat always stayed far below the surface, but for once in its long life, warmth was sent into the atmosphere. It was finally freed from its confinement.

Deep down the volcano’s surface, a beast silently roamed. Its ghostly eyes were focused on the lava. Its claws were planted firmly on the ground. The warmth was absorbed into its body, giving it more strength and power. It grinned devilishly as it thought back to its victims and what it had in store for them. Nobody knew the true extent of what The Reaper had planned. The head that surrounded it would be its biggest ally, and it was going to use the smoke as both, a trap and a disguise.

It wasn’t long until The Reaper heard the sounds of its opponents from above. The smoke had captured their attention like it had hoped. It circled around the group making sure it didn’t get spotted. Its milky white eyes were fixed on the family of five. The oldest child, Shada, held a notepad in her hands. She jotted down something quickly, which in turn made the smoke leave.

With little to hide behind, The Reaper didn’t make its advance. It waited a moment longer as Shada then continued on to make a pathway leading down to a ledge. When it saw them move down the path, it began to slowly follow. Its eyes were trained on the family when it suddenly charged forward at an incredible pace. The girl spun around at that moment. Her purple eyes were wide in alarm. She raised her arms in reflex, A bright light engulfed them all. Confusion radiated from the family, but The Reaper knew exactly what had happened.

Shada had just involuntarily transported them all through dimensions. That one mistake is the cause of many things, including this third tale. It all started with the family falling into a fantasy-like world, but over time that fantasy became a reality, and that reality eventually became a legacy...

Short wet fur clung to the beast’s body as it crawled to safety. Upon reaching the shore, it glanced back at the family of five. It bared its teeth is a sly grin before it began its journey through the vast country. It wasn’t long until it was weary and practically dragging itself along. Its pale eyes were searching for any place suitable for it to rest. The sun had gone down and the night had become cold. The Reaper had temporarily forgotten what it was doing and why. Without the answers to its questions, it felt lost, but in that moment, its main concern was to get warm.

The Reaper let out a low grunt as it collapsed to the ground. Its strength was running low and it was losing all motivation to continue. It just stayed there for a minute. Its eyes were closed and it was almost completely still. It was barely breathing due to its low energy. After a little longer, it finally struggled to its feet. It remembered what it was doing and why. It remembered the reason for chasing the family in the first place. It growled, deep and threatening. It was going to adjust its original plan to suit its current situation. It marched forward with what little strength it had. It was not giving up no matter what.

The Reaper gazed up at the dark sky. The very last phase for the family of five was about to begin. It was a time where its enemies would be at their most vulnerable, and it was by no means going to pass up the opportunity. It needed to wait them out. Soon the moon would be changing colour. Its new plan was sure to work, it decided. It turned around and headed back the way it came. It used all its senses to search for the one member of the family that could warm its blood.

The higher the moon rose, the darker red it became. It was a symbol none knew. Its rays showered light down from above, covering the land in a dim, orange hue. Not a soul was in sight as Shada and her family wandered along the beach. They were in search of The Reaper. They were all a little worried that something terrible would happen since the beast didn’t belong to that world.

It wasn’t long until the moon was at its highest peak, where its rays were strongest and its colour was brightest. Shada’s eyes were focused on the sky, and so was her family’s. A flash of light suddenly blinded her. She blinked several times to clear her vision. When she had recovered, she glanced over her shoulders to check if her family had seen it. Her eyes darted from side to side in alarm. She couldn’t see them anywhere. The world around her had grown eerily silent. Nothing moved or even made a sound. Her own footsteps were somehow silenced.

Shada swung her head around in search of someone, anyone. Everything was deserted. At first, she had put it down to being nighttime, but there should at least be a sign of life. Deep down, she was beginning to let her fear escape. Her hands shook slightly, and her eyes kept searching for anything. Her heightened senses should at least have picked up something. She frowned in concern. Why was there no one around? She stopped in her tracks when her ears finally picked up something.

Shada bent down, preparing to transform encase of being attacked. She narrowed her eyes in concentration, but nothing happened. Confused, she straightened up. Her ability to change form was gone. She focused on a building in the distance, trying to read words that were written on it. It was blurred and she couldn’t make out what it said. That was when she realised, she was human once again. She couldn’t use magic, and she had her terrible sight back.

Shada still had her wings, so she wasn’t completely human, but she didn’t know what to do without her powers. Lately, she had been relying on them. She swung her head to the side suddenly. At least her human hearing wasn’t as bad as her sight. Her eyes carefully scanned the buildings in hopes to find out what she heard. She gasped when she saw it.

Emerging from behind a building, a set of perfect amethyst eyes were focused on Shada. The wolf-like creature slowly moved towards her. The red moon only intensified the red and purple glint its black fur seemed to have. Its large wings spread outwards, showing off its massive wingspan. Its paws barely made a sound on the concrete, but occasionally, it scrapped its claws against it. It merely did that to make its presence known. It stopped its approach when it was only a few feet away. It held its head high and bared its teeth in what appeared to be a smile.

It is time for you to finally discover who you really are, the voice of a female echoed in Shada’s head. There is much you do not know. Her eyes darted all around, trying to find out where the voice was coming from, but the only explanation she could come up with was that the wolf was speaking in her mind. Where you stand now is not your home world or even a world at all, the elegant voice continued on, where you stand now is merely a rift between two dimensions that you accidentally created. The world around them suddenly began to change. The buildings morphed into ones she recognised all too well. Her eyes were wide as she stared directly at the front door to her home, where she lived her whole life. This is where we show you who you were, so we can teach you who you are.

Shada slowly stepped forward. The wolf was at her feet and looking to the left. She followed the wolf’s gaze and spotted her brother, Aspire. His dark red eyes were trained on her. At his feet stood a four-legged creature with large, dragon-like wings. Her eyes then surveyed the area. She saw each one of her family members. A smile made her way to her face. She turned back to the house they all stood before.

Within her vision, Shada got flashes of what her world used to be like. She saw how much she played and joked around with her brothers. She saw how timid she was in front of people she didn’t know, and she saw how she had changed. Each one of her family had changed in some way. They were all stronger, but they aren’t fully grown yet. Their abilities had one last turning point. It is time to activate your true power.

Wandering through the empty streets, The Reaper searched for its prey. For hours, it hunted for them, determined to finish its task at last. Since all five of them were in between The Rift, it couldn’t find them as easily as it would have liked. It walked for a little longer when things started looking up for it. It felt the warmth it sought. Its gaze drifted to the moon, bathing in the mild heat that surrounded it. It wasn’t as strong as it wanted, but it was enough to aid it in its quest. Its milky white eyes then scanned its surroundings carefully. The heat was good for two things. One, it fed off the warmth, and two, the fact that it's not cold like everywhere else it went meant one of the five was nearby.

It sensed the mother of the family. It knew she was there even if it couldn’t see her. It tilted its head up to the moon and let out a deafening screech. Its voice not only ruptured the silence but The Rift as well, causing a breakage in the two dimensions. A light erupted from the ground, and with it, came Australian heat. It engulfed The Reaper, but it didn’t flinch. Its powerful legs dug into the ground. Its white eyes were focused forward, narrowed at the intense brightness that covered the entire land. It closed The Rift, bringing it, and its enemies, into one dimension.

As the light cleared, voices could be heard all around, signalling it had worked. All five of the family members were forcefully brought to Earth, but they had already learned what they needed to know. Shada’s father gazed up at the sky. The moon was still an odd red colour. He frowned when he realised he was separated from his family once more. He began walking, ignoring the eyes that followed him. Most of the citizens were in shock, unable to believe there was a guy with dragon wings right in front of them. They stared at him speechlessly, possibly even thinking they were seeing things. Some of their eyes darted away, perhaps looking for hidden cameras, checking if this was all a joke.

The Father wasn’t concerned about the crowd that watched him. He had only one goal in his mind, and that was to find his family. He was like a radar with his senses on high alert. His eyes scanned the area for any signs of his children or wife. He stopped walking for a moment. He had picked something up. He didn’t know why he had a bad feeling, but he somehow knew exactly where his wife was. Then he figured it out. She must have been in danger. He ran forward and willed for his body to transform. Since he was no longer in The Rift, it was possible for him to change form. His navy blue were narrowed in concentration as he shifted. He began running on all fours in his wolf-like body. He was panting heavily. The heat was beginning to take a toll on him, but he had to keep going. He tilted his head up at the sky and howled, calling his main ability to aid his wife.

Shada’s mother stood in amongst a large crowd. Her gaze darted around in search of someone she recognised. Since she had no wings, she blended in a little more than the rest of her family. She slipped on a pair of shades to cover her cat-like eyes. She didn’t want to cause any more attention to herself. She looked up to the sky. She was enjoying the warmth as much as The Reaper did. She absorbed it and it strengthened her, just like it did with her enemy. She remained in that position for a little longer, completely unaware of the presence of her foe.

The Reaper slowly stalked up to the crowd. It bent low to the ground and charged forward, ready for its attack. Just before it pounced on its opponent, it smashed into something. It fell to the ground with a shriek of pain. It struggled to its feet and shook its head before looking up. An invisible force was protecting its enemy. It snarled in anger, banging against the transparent shield in determination. With each collision it made, a blue light rippled, revealing the force fields position.

The invisible force had more than one purpose. While it was good as a shield, it also had another form. The father, who had summoned it, had full control over everything it did. He willed it to change form, so it did. It turned from invisible energy into a being of pure light. It grew larger, shifting into what appeared to be a dragon. It glowed a brilliant blue, blinding its enemy for a while. It spread out its wings. Its tail flung from side to side in long, swift motions. It would have hit the startled crowd behind it if it didn’t materialise straight through them. They weren’t its enemy, meaning there was no need to hurt them.

The Reaper knew that the dragon would surely do some damage, so backed off slightly. Even though it distanced itself from them, it wasn’t giving up just yet. It circled around, keeping eyes on its opponent, the mother. It waited for an opening, carefully calculating its best opportunity. When it saw one, it went in for another attack. It dashed forward, ducking under the dragon. It was about to jump at its enemy when she raised her arms in defence. The heat she had absorbed prior to the attack was her main weapon. Her own energy burst outwards in flames. They swirled around her in a vortex of fire.

The Reaper leapt backwards. While fire wouldn’t normally harm it, the flames the mother had created was pure energy. It was an energy that it could not penetrate. The creature the father had created was the same. It was made of similar energy. Its eyes darted over to the dragon. It didn’t like how open it felt. It spun around when it saw the colossal thing come down for an attack. It swiftly escaped into the open and turned around again. Its gaze locked onto the beast. It bent low, and so did the dragon. They both stared at each other, preparing for a challenging battle.

Soon enough, Shada’s father would arrive on the scene. He knew exactly what was happening, even if he wasn’t there yet. He saw through the dragon’s eyes. He saw his enemy as it circled around them again. He had to help his wife. He knew he couldn’t keep the guardian there for much longer, but it would be just long enough until he reached them. On all four legs, he continued to sprint the whole way, and it wasn’t long until he could see them in the distance. Just as he had almost reached them, his spell had worn off. The dragon vanished like smoke, leaving only a wisp of its essence in the air.

That was the moment The Reaper had been waiting for. It ran forward, thinking it would finally achieve its goal. The father, however, would not let the beast hurt his wife. He pounced at his enemy, catching it off guard. The two tumbled to the ground, where they proceeded to claw and bite each other. The mother stepped back from the two. She watched them struggle, afraid that her husband would get harmed. She was about to interrupt them when they broke away.

The father stood still. He had his tongue out, panting deeply, but he remained strong on his legs despite the heat getting to him. He tilted his head up and howled, sending a message to his children. It could only be heard by him and his family no matter how far apart they were. It was not only used as a way to tell his children where he was but also contained information about how he felt and what he was doing. Both of his sons immediately stopped walking and looked to the sky. They had received his message. Zander glanced over at his twin brother who was next to him. They knew where to go, so together, they started heading in that direction.

The two brothers walked side by side, trying to ignore the heat they were not used to. It was a change from New Zealand temperature, and even the temperature in the other dimensions they were previously in. They weaved in and out of buildings but kept to the shadows. Zander had the power to hide in the darkness. He controlled it and used it to not cause any attention to him. He held Aspire’s arm so they were both hidden from the eyes of humans. They continued on until they saw their parents in the distance. They were still unable to be seen by everyone apart from their family. Even their enemy, The Reaper, couldn’t see them, leaving it at a disadvantage since the family was finally coming together once more. Only one last member was left.

When Shada was dragged from The Rift, she immediately began the search for her family. Her eyes were focused on the sky. She had heard her father's howl. She quickly changed direction. He was bringing them all together by a simple thing, but it was working. She sped up her walk, wanting to find him as fast as possible. She spun around a corner. She could navigate around rather well considering she had never been down that street before. She stopped for a moment to adjust to the heat. She put her hand up to her head and breathed out a sigh.

Not far from where Shada stood, a female by the name of Ana made her way down the street. Her shoes slapped against the concrete path as she made her way to the bubble tea shop. It was just down the road from her small unit. On a night like tonight, the summer heat was in full on mode despite it being dark outside. Something to cool her down was all that she wanted, and she would even face the heat to get it. The short walk to the shop seemed longer than it actually was, but she kept going. She pulled the short lengths of her dark brown hair up into a ponytail. As she drew closer to the bubble tea shop, she looked up at the sky. Her eyes found the full moon in its intense red state. Her gaze remained on it, but then she bumped into someone, letting out a slight shriek.

Ana’s brown eyes grew wide in astonishment as she took in the looks of the girl that stood under the streetlight. She thought that her small stroll down the street had allowed the heat to get to her. She must have been seeing things. She looked at the girl from head to toe, taking in the dark lengths of her hair and the purple through her fringe. The one thing that made Ana think the summer night heat was getting to her, however, was the feathery wings the girl possessed. She didn't know whether to risk messing up her make-up around her eyes to rub them and blink a few time, or ask the girl if she was getting ready for Halloween early.

Shada stared back at Ana. Without a clue on what to say to the stranger, she just stood there for a moment. She spread out her large wings and flapped them, kicking up the wind. She stepped back in uncertainty. She eyed the girl. “Hello,” she finally said, her facial features reflecting her many emotions.

“Ahh, hiya,” Ana replied.

Shada took another step back. She glanced away. As much as she would love to stay and chat to the girl, she knew her family needed her. Her eyes scanned her surroundings. “I have to go,” she quickly told her before spinning around. She ran into the distance at an incredible pace, leaving Ana standing there to ponder over what had just happened.

Shada sprinted down the streets. She brushed a few strands of hair out of her eyes. It was sticking to her forehead because of the head. She bent low, changing into her wolf-like form. She sped her way across the roads. The eyes of many people were on her, but she was only focused on finding her father. On all fours and wearing a thick coat, she began feeling faint. Her gaze then locked onto her family in the distance. She could see them. She could see The Reaper. She skidded to a stop. All five pairs of eyes were on it.

The Reaper backed up. Even if it couldn’t see all of the family, it knew it was surrounded. It let out a shriek, bending low to the ground. Its pale eyes watched as the father changed to his humanoid form. The twins to its right stepped out from the shadows, also in their semi-human form. Together, the five walked towards it. It felt cornered and knew it couldn’t take them all on. It backed up a little more. It was outnumbered and outpowered. It looked up at them, feeling more and more helpless. It couldn’t do anything, or could it?

The Reaper distanced itself from them. It still had a few tricks it wished to show them. It knew it would catch them off guard. It narrowed its eyes, staring at the family. With its shoulders held back and its head tilted upwards, it let out a high-pitched scream. It lifted its front legs as it gradually changed shape. From a four-legged beast, it turned into an almost human man. Despite his form, he was far from human. The roots of his hair is a vivid black, but as it went down to his shoulders, it fades to the same pale colour as it his. Two horns were protruding from his head. They were curved downwards, but the points were arched up, making them a danger.

The Reaper bared his sharp jagged teeth in a devilish grin. His glowing pale eyes watched the family step back in surprise. He wasn’t a whole other species like Shada had originally thought. She was shocked that the beast that stood before her used to be as human as she once was. His eyes reflected no emotion, and he didn’t seem to care for the lives of others. All he appeared to care about was getting what he wanted. He spread out his legs in a defensive stance. He held out his arms, his gaze drifting to the sky. He absorbed the heat, preparing to use his last tactic to take down his enemies. He was about to unleash everything but was suddenly interrupted by a voice.

Shada stepped forward, her fingers curled into fists. “What are you doing?” she asked, a hint of anger in her voice. “Why do you want to kill us so badly?” Her eyes were narrowed.

The Reaper lowered his arms. He just looked at her for a moment, considering his options. His eyes still showed no emotions. His face reflected merely a void. No feelings showed, making it hard to tell what he was even thinking. He didn’t say anything and just stood there. He slid a hand into his back pocket of his white trousers and pulled out a piece of paper. “I suppose since I am about to kill you…” he began, “you would like to know the reason why.” His eyes locked on to her as he held the paper out without even looking at it.

Shada stepped forward but made sure to keep her distance. She cautiously took it with an outstretched arm. She grabbed hold of the paper and unfolded it. She turned it over. It appeared to be a page torn from a book. She stared at it. She found it vaguely familiar but had no idea why. She then began to read the information it contained. “The Morphian species all come in different colours, shapes, sizes, with different abilities and looks, but a few things always remain the same.”

Shada’s eyes drifted over the tiny pictures that were on the paper. It then dawned on her why she felt it was so familiar. She peered at the small words on the top of the page. It gave away the title of the book where it must have come from. It was the same book that Jayvier owned, but why was The Reaper in possession of it. Did it contain information he didn’t want others to know? She read on in hopes to find out the answer. “The species have two sides to them, a four legged version, and a semi-human version. The two sides of the Morphian species are born separately. It is because of this, that the two forms aren’t actually connected by blood, but always shared some sort of distant bond, almost like they were twins.”

Shada stared down at the words. That one page held all the information she wished she had known right from the start. It’s not a nice feeling to be something but not have a clue what you even are. It's like an identity crisis, and all you want to do is find out who you really are. She took a deep breath and continued to read, “The Morphian search their whole lives for their other half, but since they aren’t linked by blood, if one dies, the other still lives, even if they’re merged. They never feel complete without their other half, though. The dreams from the human side and the abilities of the Morphian side are what links the two together. The Morphian’s abilities are always somewhat related to the human’s dreams and what they wish was real and true. Because the species merge into another being, their true age is hard to pinpoint.”

Shada looked up from the page, confused at how it explained why she deserved to die. Sure, it contained interesting information, but nothing related to what was happening at that moment. Her eyes met The Reaper’s unimpressed gaze. “Turn it over,” he said. She did as he requested. On the other side, a bunch of words were strung together, forming what looked to be a whole story. That must have been what she needed to read. Her gaze drifted up to where her family all stood. They were slowly edging closer, curious about the bigger story going on. She began to read the story out loud to everyone.

Floating down from high above, little specks twirled tirelessly through the air. Their gentle dance swayed as the wind directed them towards the ground. A thick blanket already layered the surface of the planet. The animals that roamed the world struggled through the snow endlessly. It was tough for them because the white substance was like wading through a deep swamp. Their long comforting fur was the only thing protecting them from the harsh environment.

Despite the chilly atmosphere, the animals continued to march their way home. The unexpected blizzard prior to the gentle snowfall came from nowhere, catching even the keenest predators off guard. Not even their senses could alert them in time, causing panic amongst the creatures of the wild. But, little did they know the weather would only grow stronger. The storm was far from natural.

A beast with a long body watched the creatures below. It's intense yellow eyes saw everything and its huge ears picked up even the slightest sound. The animals below were cold, buts its coat had the ability to keep heat in. A grin formed on its wolf-like face. Slowly, it stalked its way down the cliff face. It swiftly jumped down, landing in the deep snow. The eyes of all the animals were on it as it moved along. It didn’t see what it was looking for in the group so continued on.

After a bit of walking, it found a cave. It peered into the darkness, Its eyes cutting through it like a knife. Then, it saw what it was looking for. It knew it had smelt the sweet scent of a child, and when it saw the young girl, she looked back at the beast with a startled look. Her beautiful dress was torn and blood was seeping from a wound in her leg.

A woman was tending to the young girl’s wound and didn’t even notice the intruders gaze. A male stood close by them holding a sharp weapon. The family were all starving, and he was prepared to leave the safety of the cave to go hunting, but his eyes locked on to the beast outside.

The beast, realising it had their attention, charged forward. It snarled, revealing its teeth. Its eyes were trained on the girl. It could already taste her. It pounced forward but collided with the mother instead. It didn’t mind, though. It still got a meal out of it. The young girl jumped away, letting out a scream of terror. Her scream echoed out of the cave and could be heard for miles.

The beast clawed his way into the neck of the woman. Its eyes were locked onto the man who harnessed the sword. He had frozen in place. No matter what he tried, he couldn’t move at all. He couldn’t even look away as the monster dug its fangs into the body of his wife. It looked up from its meal. Its eyes then focused on the young girl. The man pleaded for it to not harm his little daughter, but there was no stopping it. It gradually edged closer to her.

The beast bent low and charged forward. Its bloodied fangs wanted more. Its forked tongue ran along its teeth. It wanted more blood. It wanted to feel its teeth deep in that girl's flesh. It pounced at her, but from behind, it was jumped upon. It fell to the ground and let out a roar of anger. It leapt to its feet and turned around, preparing to attack whoever spoiled its meal. It saw nothing. All that was visible was a pair of glowing ghostly pale eyes.

Those eyes belonged to The Reaper. This creature's human side had originally come from the human realm, and his other half could be any age. The two sides had been living as a Morphian for several years. He knew the ways things worked and he knew the beast he just attacked was a Morphian like him. So far, he had only seen bad ones, out for blood and destruction. He was one of them, but why would he save a young girl’s life?

The Reaper may appear to be a monster, but even he knows killing a small child is absolutely wrong. There was no way he would allow this to occur, not on his watch. Stepping out from the shadows, the two made eye contact. He knew the beast needed to be killed. The animals were all dying due to the snow it created, and so, the two battled it out. Either one or the other was going to die on that night.

The Reaper protected the young girl and her father with everything he hand. He tackled the beast to the ground, where they bit at each other. Placing his clawed paw where his enemy's heart would be, he focused all of his energy there. Heat radiated from his paw. The beast howled in pain as a hole was burnt through its chest. Eventually, it stopped moving entirely. The battle between the two was finally over, but the battle between the Morphian species had only just begun...

Shada stared down at the page in shock. “What?” she said, looking up from the words. “That was such a silly story,” she laughed. “Who wrote this?”

The Reaper frowned. “Well, I don’t know,” he replied.

Shada sighed and glanced down at the page. “So,” she started to say. “You aren’t the enemy?” She thought the story would help her with answers, but as usual, it only confused her more. How typical was that? She knew one thing, though. The story, no matter how stupid it was, was not a work of fiction.

The Reaper looked away. “You won’t remember this, but we have been at war for possibly thousands of years,” he explained. “I have been hunting down every one of The Morphian, and you are the very last on my list.”

“So, now what?” Shada asked.

The Reaper stepped forward. “Now,” he began, straightening his posture. “I finish what I started.” His voice grew deep as he finished his sentence. He bared his razor teeth in a threatening snarl. “You either continue to run,” he gave her few options, “let me kill you,” he added. “Or you kill me first.” He rotated his shoulders back. “Show me, Morphian, who you have become.” With nothing else to say, he charged forward, transforming into his four-legged form.

Shada dashed out of the way and did the same. Their eyes locked. The deciding battle of their lives had finally begun. The remaining options were simple. All she had to do was kill him. Simple and sounds easy, but it isn’t, not for her. She had never done anything like that before. Could she really take a man’s life, human or not? He was just like her, minus a few differences. She certainly couldn’t just let him kill her, though. She had to do something. She didn’t want to run from him her whole life.

Shada’s amethyst eyes drifted away from The Reaper. She scanned the crowd that had formed. Spectators watched as the two Morphian were about to engage in what could become a heated battle. They probably just thought it was a street show. Something put on to entertain. Well, it would certainly be an interesting show if that was the case. The two charged forward and circled around each other. The waited for one to make the first move. They carefully analysed everything their opponent did, making sure they weren’t the one to make a mistake.

Shada and The Reaper continued for a while, only going in for an attack when they saw and opening. Nothing serious was happening and the two began to grow tired. The heat was causing one to pant heavily with her tongue hanging out. The other had the advantage because he was enjoying the temperature immensely. There was no telling when the fight would end. They planned on going until either one was dead, or they both collapsed from exhaustion.

Shada and The Reaper separated. She distanced herself from her enemy. Her breathing became increasingly harder. As if in sync, the two tilted their heads to the sky. The Reaper let out a high pitched shriek that was shortly followed by a howl from Shada. The two sounds surrounded them all, coming from all directions in an echo. The power within it caused a sudden wind that swirled around them. Up above, the sky tore apart in what appeared to be pure energy. The energy whirled in a circular formation, becoming a portal that sucked in air like a black hole.

Through that portal emerged a beast. Its large wings allowed it to soar effortlessly through the air. It let out a mighty roar, signalling its arrival. More followed behind. They all circled in the sky. Their scales shimmered in the moon's red light. The Reaper looked up in alarm. A smile formed on his mouth. He was actually slightly impressed. In all of his time hunting the Morphian, none could ever open portals to other realms, let alone do it upon will. His enemy had gotten much stronger.

While The Reaper was distracted for a brief moment, Shada took the opportunity to dash forward. She pounced and tackled him to the ground. Her front paws held him firmly in place. She stayed above him for a moment, trying to decide if he was going to try something or not. He looked back at her with his pale eyes, but  they showed nothing. She still couldn’t get even a hint of emotion from him. She heaved out a sigh as the two changed back to their humanoid forms.

Shada stared down at The Reaper. She had won that battle, but did that mean she had to kill him? He certainly seemed to think so. She stood up unexpectedly. “I am not going to take your life,” she simply told him. “But I won’t let you hurt me or my family.” Her gaze drifted over to the crowd. “Or any of these people.” She waved out her arms, gesturing to everyone as she then looked back at him.

The Reaper pushed himself to stand. He could easily take her remorse as a weakness and kill her on the spot, however, he didn’t. He actually saw it as a strength. She had enough courage to stand up for what she believed in. She would not kill him, but she would protect her family at all costs. Her methods in doing so just wouldn’t end with bloodshed like he was expecting.

The ground shook slightly as one of the giant beasts landed next to Shada. Her head swung in its direction. She stepped away, startled at how close it was. She looked up at it, spotting a woman. Her long golden hair weaved its way down her back. Her amber coloured eyes focused on The Reaper’s ghostly white ones. “Come on, Reaper,” she said, gently stroking the scales of the dragon she stood on. “These ones aren’t our enemy.” She turned her head towards the family.

Without even arguing back, The Reaper took one glance at Shada before replied, “Yes, my queen.” He immediately climbed onto the dragon and stood beside her.

The woman turned to face him. “We have to keep moving,” she began. “There have been reports of another in the Kaynika Realm, and this one is a little different,” she said. She looked back down at Shada. She gave the purple eyed girl a small wave before she whispered a few words to the dragon below her. It spread its wings and quickly took to the sky.

The Reaper wrapped his arms around the woman. “Who are we after now?” he questioned as they flew through a portal.

Shada watched as the two escaped through a portal. “What?” she asked. “That was an unexpected turn of events.” A round of applause suddenly broke out from the crowd that were watching everything. She turned to look at them. Did they really believe it was all a show? She just shrugged and bowed. Her eyes then caught sight of someone familiar with the group of people. She walked over to the girl.

“That was all just a show?” Ana asked.

Shada leant in so no one could hear. “Nope,” she whispered, but quickly turned away before any further questions could be asked. She walked down the street and her family followed close behind. She waved out her arm, focusing her energy on one spot, opening a portal. She was getting good at harnessing her powers. She really enjoyed being able to open portals to other worlds. She smiled as she and her family went through it.

The family of five no longer belonged on Earth. With wings and odd coloured eyes, they would never fit in. If people knew they were real, then who knows what would happen to them. They went to their new home instead. The Kaynika Realm was where they were turned into who they are, making it the place where they belonged.

While they thought that it was over and that they were no longer being chased, there was a whole other story going on altogether. This wasn’t just an end, it was the beginning of a longer tale that many are oblivious to. There is no telling what the universe has planned for these five, but that in itself could be an interesting story. The reality they live has been cemented into words, where their legacy shall live on in its writer…


Word Count: 6,892 with title.

A/N: Hey all! Okay, so first off, I am very glad to have this short story finally finished. It became a pain in the end, but I am happy to have written all three, Fallen Fantasies, Rising Realities, and now, Larger Legacies. I am quite proud of how I have done with these stories, even if I know there can still be much improvement. Anyway, I would just like to thank all my readers for reading, and especially if they comment. Feedback on how I could improve my writing is also much welcome, but I’m just glad you took the time to even read.

I would like to thank my wonderful brother for giving me the awesome name of Rising Realities for the second book. I would also like to thank AnarchyBlues for several things. She hosted the two contests that motivated me to make these first two stories. She also kindly allowed me to write her into this story as Ana. She is the reason for these stories and even got a place in one in the end. Thank you so much Anarchy, and thank you all for reading :)

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