Take Me, Simply

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A desperate woman, driven by lust and greed, attempts to steal from her employer.

Submitted: June 10, 2016

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Submitted: June 10, 2016



Take Me, Simply

By Joseph Logsdon

It was the money, not anything else, nothing of any real value, that made Silvia want to steal from her employer, a man who appeared to be quite harmless, even though in reality, he was very dangerous. She glared at his desk, the exact same desk she had stared at for so many years, through countless struggles and treacheries, part of which seemed to be almost too painful to even understand. The lights were off, the door was closed, and regardless of all of that, Silvia still felt, at least deep down, that her morality was tainted. She felt somewhat naked, similar to if she had already committed the crime. The diamonds, their value estimated to be within the millions, appeared to be just waiting for her to make a move, either by stealing them directly, or by taking a more subtle approach. One thing was for certain: she would not have a second chance.

Everything that had happened to her, the good, the bad, all the things in between, provided a sense of anger, not even mentioning the fact that she appeared to be quite weak, with her eyes constantly moving from left to right, right to left, usually with the same level of precision and emotion. She knew that one mistake, not just a little mistake, but a major one, could ultimately, if she didn’t play her cards right, result in the end of her career. Silvia guided her hand towards her coat pocket, safety and caution clearly her number one priority, as everything else seemed to be a waste of time and importance. It was just her, no one else, and that seemingly terrible fact, especially when mixed with all of the other facts, certainties she preferred to ignore, made for a very uncomfortable experience.

Her fingers lightly touched the key, intense pleasure suddenly pulsating through her, not dismissive of the fact that just days before, that same key had been viewed as a symbol of disgust, as opposed to a symbol of freedom, which only meant that the main goal, more than ever before, seemed to be much closer to actually being reached. Within just minutes from accomplishing her mission, one that she had planned carefully, religiously, every little detail taken into account, Silvia started to realize that everything would go wrong. There was a combination of nervousness, at the same time mixed with a feeling of excitement, encompassed with many other types of sensations, some innocent, some sinister, whereas others appeared to be somewhere in between.

She grasped the key in her hand, just slightly less confident than she had been. She slowly drove the key into the lock, not really sure of how everything would end, neither physically or spiritually. Silvia held the key in a steady place, perhaps longer than she should have, given that upon turning it, nothing seemed to happen. It was in that moment, only after years of self-doubt and self-loathing, that Silvia finally, against everything she believed in, realized the truth of the situation. She had been so very cocky, with just how she went about acting like someone important, behaving like she actually mattered, that she failed to see the immorality of the moment. Regardless of how hard she tried to remove the key, nothing appeared to actually make a difference. Silvia kept pulling and pulling, never as successful as she hoped she would be. There were numerous complications inside her mind, as many as one hundred sensations at a time.

Just when Silvia started to feel a sense of peace, footsteps began marching towards the door, at first rather slowly, continued by a rapid mixture of stomping and beating. She started to breathe heavily, less and less sure of her ability to cope with the moment. Her chest, almost always with the same rhythm, the same pattern, moved in and out, up and down, with an intensity that seemed unendurable. She kept pulling on the key, ignorant of the fact that nothing, not one thing, could save her from damnation. It seemed to be a combination of a lot of things, most notably the depression, the insecurity, the endless quest for power, along with the lust for sex, greed, vice, wealth, fame, money, and for all of that, there was nothing that truly satisfied her.

Louder and louder, without the slightest inclination of mercy, the footsteps came marching towards the door. Silvia started to gasp, frightfully afraid of the possibility, a very real possibility, not just a false one, that everything would fall apart. She found herself against the desk, simply unable, entirely incapable of making any kind of rational choice. There was a pounding sensation within her heart, equivalent to that of a speeding bullet, a weapon that, with very few exceptions, couldn’t be stopped, deadly and precise to the very end. One final time, she attempted to turn the key, weakness and bitterness throughout her entire body. The drawer, almost completely randomly, finally came open, a loud crashing sound penetrating the walls. Silvia’s eyes widened, intense shock on her face, for instead of finding diamonds, what she hoped she would find, she found what she feared the most: absolutely nothing.

Silvia started to panic, about as distant from contentment as she could possibly be, even more so because of her constant sweating, panting, and clenching. The anxiety grew so steadily, she became so irate, with every little bulge, sigh, breath, not to mention countless other mannerisms, some of them too unpleasant to think about, that she nearly lost control of herself. There was someone, she could only guess who, standing on the other side of the door. Silvia backed into the corner, forever trapped in a world that just didn’t seem to understand her. Above the point of insanity, Silvia dropped the key, hysterical and completely out of touch with reality. She stared into the darkness, further from the truth than she originally thought, because it soon became clear that everything she had known, all the little details, both big and small, had been a shameless lie.

The door slammed open, cold air rushing into the room. Silvia stared into the eyes of her hateful employer, paralyzed with an intense amount of fear, unable to move or think, her senses completely destroyed. He slowly sighed, hatred written all across his stubborn face. There seemed to be a frustrated look in his eyes, somewhat like he had been wronged in an earlier chapter in his life, back when everything seemed just so simple and uncomplicated. He didn’t bother to turn the light on, he didn’t even bother to say anything, but right at the last moment, he walked into the room, clear madness in his eyes. Silvia remained motionless, at the very least shocked by the fact that he appeared to be so very angry, frustrated beyond the point of reason. He grabbed her shoulder, thirsty for blood, pain, and vengeance.

“Rumor has it, you were planning to steal something from me,” he hissed, slamming her against the wall.

“What you heard, whatever it was, it’s a lie,” she screamed.

“Do you think I’m an idiot? I’ve been watching you for days, most hopeful that you would come to your senses, rather than succumb to your greed. What have I done to deserve this? Just two more days, no more than that, I would’ve given you a raise; sadly, after what you’ve done tonight, you’ll be lucky to walk home alive,” he hissed.

“Just the same, will you please let me call my mother? It’s just that lately, she’s been very sick, terminally sick, and with all of this medicine that I’m having to pay for, very often at the expense of just about everything else, it’s easy to see why I might be a little desperate. Try to understand, just for one minute,” she cried.

“You know, it’s funny, I almost thought I loved you. I could have, most certainly would have given you everything, my money and all things with it, if you had only waited for me,” he remarked.

“Wait for you? Why would I wait for you? We might be in the same room, share the same air, the same cells, but we’re living in two separate worlds. Three years, literally three years ago, I started working here, optimistic to the very core. You were very kind, so full of life, and look at you now: you’re nothing but a fucking pig! You could’ve been more, so much more, better than anyone, had you only taken the time, the effort, to get to know me, to actually spend time with me, not just treat me as an object, like some whore with no future. I’m just a slut to you, no better or worse than any other slut, aside from maybe my ability to make any man, good, bad, whatever, feel like he’s a true winner. I could do the same for you, the whole show and everything,” she whispered, licking her lips.

Tempted by her offer, he briefly stared at the floor, nervous to the highest degree imaginable. Silvia sighed, literally her entire future based solely upon his decision. He kept his eyes steady and focused, quite possibly to keep her intimidated. Silvia’s head constantly shook, involuntary anxiety rushing through her weak, somewhat unstable mind. He walked towards the door, optimistic expressions on his face.  

“What did you do with the diamonds?”

“They’re where they ought to be: safe and secure,” he answered, his eyes glaring into her soul.

“And what about me? What are you going to do with me?”

“That’s for me to know, you to find out,” he chuckled, locking the door.

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