Thee Evidence I Am Seeing

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taken from my book, "Interstate Freedom"

Submitted: June 10, 2016

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Submitted: June 10, 2016



Thee Evidence I Am Seeing


I just wanna be a flyin' chicken

But I don't know how to fly

I don't know what is wrong with me

Why I want to die

But if I reach inside of my chest

And pull my heart out

__beating in my hands

____I'll know I'm not even a man

A man would have a woman

Which I don't have

So I will be the target

For labels to be put upon me

And none of them would be "a man"

The far-gone wits in my brain

Have shriveled up as a result

And with a jolt of lightning

I am hit in the head

__and laughed at

Because it's too impossible for me

To be anything else but "a lack of"

When it comes to "manliness"

I'm just a hit and miss

So over

So through with it

Thee hours pass

The days, as well

And all the baggage

No hope to sell

Something that is so wrong

But still moving on

Because time always moves forward

And maybe the future won't suck

Just 'cause I am shown no love

I won't think of the popcorn

Spinning butter in thee air

But the master plan is not here

The master plan is not now

I can't even pull my hair

Because I can't even fuck a cow

But I'll know what I'm able

__to laugh at

"A flying chicken

About to crash"


06-10-'16 #3

D. L. Cannon

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