Shame On You Society

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Shame on you society... You belittle those who want to be different, those who want to be unique. You belittle those who do not follow the path which you and many others take willy nilly. You belittle those who ask questions, those who stand up for themselves. You belittle those who dress different, those who look different, those who want to be different physically. Instead of opening your minds and accepting others, you laugh at them, belittle them, disrespect them and abandon them... Well shame on you society, shame on you!

Submitted: June 10, 2016

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Submitted: June 10, 2016



Shame on you society,

For chastising those who want to be different,

For denying those the right to be accepted,

Rather than opening up your minds, you instead choose to become ignorant.


What does it matter to you,

If someone decides to be gay,

What gives you the right to penalize them,

Do not speak if you have nothing positive to say.


What does it matter to you,

If someone wants to stand out from the crowd,

Why should people force others to become sheep,

I say stand tall, embrace uniqueness and be proud!


What does it matter to you,

If someone is covered in tattoos,

Does that make them a bad person,

It is their life… let them choose.


What does it matter to you,

If someone decides to change their gender,

That doesn’t make them a monster or a freak,

Cruel worlds and rejection isn’t the way to make them feel better.


You proclaim to encourage difference,

But then despise those who follow their own light,

Isn’t that a little hypocritical of you society,

It is not for us to say to someone what is right.


Why are you so afraid,

For others to stand out,

Why do you always have reservations,

Why is it you always have doubts?


You may be able to take the man out of the fight,

But you can never take the fight out of the man,

People should continue to be who they really are,

And I applaud them for it; tall they must always stand.


If you have nothing nice to say,

About those who are unique,

Then I pray you will be mature and hold your piece,

For it is not hatred that we seek.


It is not your place to say how others should live,

Let them live their life and be their own personality,

Because this world needs more people willing to stand out,

You make me sick… Shame on you society.


 -- James William Cooper

© Copyright 2018 James William Cooper. All rights reserved.

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