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this story, is the novel i talked about. i'm still writing it but i would like to publish as much as i wrote so others can see...

Submitted: June 11, 2016

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Submitted: June 11, 2016





Chapter 1



Scarlett woke up hanging on a tree. Blood was dripping from her palms. Her name was written on her hand “Scarlett” she read out. She looked down. A shock of terror ran through her face, her palm was burning with pain as more blood fell down and stained the grass blood red. Her arms were tied with vines to the tree. She started screaming and moving her hand and legs around trying to get up. After she managed to sit down on the brach Scarlett looked around and saw a bunch of more kids hanging on the branches. When they all sat up one girl looked familiar, that girl had brown hair and blond strips. When all of them got down to the ground thy looked around and started running. After a while the teens got tired and stopped. 

Scarlett looked around and saw nothing, but trees and the jungle in front of them. The jungle surrounded them. They could smell the dust rising from above and the crickets were singing their last song. “ Do you know why we are here?” asked Scarlett. Nobody answered until a boy turned around with light blue hair. “I don’t know, but the only thing we can do now is start finding food, shelter water, materials for bedding, weapons and fire and to search for other people.” he shouted out so everyone could hear. “Your right, there will be four groups of there” With a serous way screamed out the girl with brown hair and blond strips. She looked at every persons hand and shouted out “Scarlett, Hunter and i will be looking for food, Noah, Passion and Scar will be going for water. Ethan, Sophie and Emily for shelter. Zack, Melissa, Jake and James will be looking for other people in this place and Caroline, Petey, Alex and Drake will find materials for bedding, weapons and fire. Scarlett started moving with Hunter and Zoe. She saw the terror in Zoe’s eyes. “Your name is …” Scarlett couldn’t remember her name. “ Zoe” answered the brown hared girl. “Do you remember anything” Zoe started talking. “No…” Scarlett never thought about it, but now she released, she doesn’t remember anything. They walked deeper into the jungle until they found a bunch of berries. The bad new were they didn’t have where to put them. “We can cut our shirts and make a bag out of them” with a new idea said Hunter. “Good idea” said Zoe. “Remember don’t eat any, there are about 16 people waiting for food. We will also have to go further to find some more food, because berries wont be enough.” said Scarlett with a concern. All of the three teenagers found a few rocks and started ripping the edges of the shirts. Hunter took them and tied them together making a bag. “ Bring me a stick” said Hunter. Zoe instantly grabbed a branch and gave it to him. He took the branch and tied it up to the shirt bag making it more confer-table to hold. 

They started picking up the sweet berries. After they were done Scarlett looked up and with a concern on her face said “We gotta find some more food like meat. It’s getting dark.” “She’s right let’s go” murmured Hunter. The teenagers started walking in a fast pace until they reached a hole. They stopped and looked at it. It had markings of nail scratches. They weren't human scratches those were bear scratches. “Run. Run!” screamed out Zoe. They all started running back to the judge tree. “Help!” Scarlett heard Zoe shout out. Hunter and Scarlett turned around. A 3 meter bear was standing right in front of Zoe. Hunter instantly ran to the rocks and took 5. The bear felt that someone was throwing rocks at him and turned around to Hunter. “Come here you animal!” called out Hunter to the bear. The beast got onto four legs and started running into Hunter. The brave teen boy climbed into a tree and stayed there. It did not help. The bear started climing. At that time Scarlett ran out to Zoe and helped her get up. “We gotta help him!” whispered Zoe. Scarlett looked up and shouted “Let’s go!” They both ran and climbed into the tree and broke a sharp branch. “AGGGGGHHH! roars the bear from pain of the branches stuck to its back. The girls didn’t stop to throw branches at him. Mean while Hunter took a vine, branch and a rock. He made a slingshot. There was a sudden fall from the tree. The beast was dead. “This will be enough for everyone today…” Breathing heavily announced Hunter. “We need to collect some strong vines and tie up the bear. Today we are lucky to have this kind of dinner.” said Scarlett. After they were done the hard part was waiting. They had to drag the bear for about 5 miles until they came back to the tree. 

Everyone was waiting. Every team found what they needed. “Good job everyone! Tonight we are very lucky to stay alive. Tomorrow might be a harder day for everyone, but we will keep going to stay alive!” Scarlett shouted out so everyone could hear. There was a sudden shout from everyone of joy. “Now the shelter lookers start building! The water group. Go to the material group and spill all the water in the glasses! The material group make everything like fire  that we could use! Now Hunter, Zoe and me will go cut the meat and put the berries in the bowls that the material group have made. When everyone will be done let’s take all the things that you have made or found and put next to the fire!. All of us will eat. The most important thing now is to do our jobs in 4 hours and cook the food!” Scar shouted out so everyone could hear. When everyone started their jobs Scarlett collapsed on the ground. Her leg was all scratched and was bleeding. “Let me help you.” Scarlett heard a boy. He took her in his arms and walked to the nearest tent. He laid her gently and said “Did you fight the bear?” “Yes, with Zoe and Hunter” answered Scarlett. The boy with light blue hair went outside. He came back after 2 minutes with a bunch of big leaves. He started wiping the blood from Scarlett’s leg. “Ouch” whined Scarlett. “Sorry” “It’s ok”. After Scarlett was done she went outside and opened her mouth. There were 4 big tents and 4 small tents. There were signs on the tents that would say rooms for people. One big tent was for water, another for things to use, other for food and the last one was for eating. She slowly walked to the food tent. The food was almost ready. “Hey Scarlett, could you get us some sticks?” Asked Hunter. “Yah sure” Scarlett went outside. She had to go deeper into the jungle until she had enough. She didn’t feel good. It seemed to her that something is wrong in this place. Scarlett was right. Something or someone jumped on her and started to choke Scarlett. “Help. Help…” she whispered. Nobody heard. She tried to brake free, but the animal didn’t let go. “Please…” 


Chapter 2


Scarlett woke up laying on the ground. She didn’t remember what had happened. Scarlett looked up and everything came rushing in her head back. Where is she? “Help!” she shouted but nobody answered. The teen started crawling on the ground. Her legs were bleeding. She crawled out of the whole outside and looked around. Where should she go? “Is someone here? Help! Help! Please!” Scarlett started sobbing. “Scarlett! Where are you?!” she looked up and shouted back. About 9 people rushed to get her up. She could see that they were with a hammock. Scarlett was so happy that she has been save, but she passed out. The next thing, she knew she was in a tent. Scarlett tried to move, but she couldn’t feel her legs or arms. “Lay still” she heard a voice. “Am I in the camp?” Scarlett asked “Yes you are in camp, but you gotta rest. You have been attacked my a snake. We are not sure what kind of snake it was.” she looked at the girl and knew “Your Passion…” Scarlett whispered “Yes” Passion got up and went out. But she turned around and said “ You have a visitor” Passion saw someone come in. “Who are you?” Scarlett asked “I’m Scar” Scar… It sounded familiar to Scarlett, but she couldn’t remember. “Did you see what attacked you?” he asked “No” Scarlett tried to remember, but she failed. He slowly stood up and said “You were gone for the whole night, breakfast will be after 30 minutes.” He walked out. Scarlett started thinking where she might be and how she might of gotten here. Nothing came in her mind. After half and hour she stood up and came out. Everyone was sitting next to the fire. The only thing for breakfast was berries. “Were is the food” Scarlett asked. “Didn’t anyone tell you?” A girl with black hair and black eyes said. “The food hunters didn’t find anything. Instead they got injured, because they fell out of the tree and have been attacked my wolfs. Scarlett looked at them with fear. She grabbed a handful of berries and ran to the injured tent. Hunter and Zoe were laying there. “Hey! Wake up!” Scarlett called out. “We need more food!” Scarlett started shaking Zoe, but she didn’t answer. The teen had to find food, for today or they all will starve to death. A sudden scream was heard. Someone was attacking…


Chapter 3


“Everyone get your weapons! Now!” Noah shouted. Everyone did as they were told. Scarlett thought they were bears, but no those were. She did’t even know. They looked like bears and half like wolfs. Everyone attacked except Noah and Scarlett. “They will kill us! There are too many of those things!” Noah shouted. Scarlett looked at the tree and saw 5 more people dangling on the branches. Noah and Scarlett ran to the tree and shouted “Teens get down and help us fight the beasts I will explain everything when all of them are done.” They did as told, but very slowly because they couldn’t understand what is happening. This time Noah and Scarlett joined the fight. Scarlett was fighting like an animal. She saw that Zoe was having trouble so she ran there and helped. When there was a last beast left all of the 21 teens attacked him. A girl with brown hair and black eyes who's name was Caroline accidentally slipped and fell down. The beast saw her and hit her with his huge paws. Pain scream was heard. No one could help now. Zoe got so angry she jumped on the beast and started stabbing him with her arrows. Others helped her and soon the beast was done. 

Everyone collapsed down and laid there. Blood was on everyone hands. Passion stood up “Everyone get to the injured tent. Zoe, Scarlett and me will be healing you.” Passion said. “Help! Caroline! Please!” they heard a girl named Melissa shout out. Everyone rushed to her. “Bring the hammock!” Passion shouted. Jack did as he was told. When Caroline was in the tent people talked to her. “Caroline stay alive! Don’t leave us! Please…” Passion was screaming. “We can’t save her! She lost too much blood!” Scar was shouting. Scarlett came closer to Caroline “Stay alive we need you!” Scarlett took the bloody head of Caroline that was all scratched up. Caroline was getting paler and paler until there was no sine of life. “No! No! NO! Please stay up” Zoe started screaming and sobbing. “We need to burry her.” whispered Drake. Scarlett nodded. After half an hour Caroline was buried. “Everyone get going!” Carl said “We need to cut the meat. There is enough meat for 5 days to live!” Someone was panting, Ethan was coming and screaming “We don’t have anymore water. We don’t have anymore water!” Scarlett looked at other people with terror in her eyes. “ Hunter, Passion, Scar, Noah Sophie, Melissa and I will be going to search for water, all of you go find food!” Scarlett shouted out so everyone could hear. “Why are you in charge?” The girl with cream eyes shouted. “Piss off of her! We are trying to survive in this place and now you want to be the one who tells everyone what to do? You just came here. We were here from yesterday!” Noah started to defend Scarlett. “People wait, I forgot to tell you that when I came here there was a paper in my pocket…” quietly the girl with blond hair and pink eyes named Pepper. She handed out to Scarlett. “You have 6 months left! You will only get 2 people every months!” Scarlett read out loudly. Teens looked at each other with puzzled faces. “People we will talk about this when we will solve all of the problems.” Passion said. “She’s right move on!”. Everyone moved on to find everything. Passion came closer to Scarlett “Do you think we will survive? Why are we here?” “I don’t know…” Scarlett answered. “The only thing I know that there is a reason why we are here.” Soon they reached a river with only about 5 liters of water. “Take all of it. The hard times have come…” Hunter whispered.


Chapter 4


“People! Hard times have come! We only found 5 liters of water! Teenagers! Save water! We can only use 1 liter per day! Tomorrow we will keep searching deeper into the jungle for more water!” while Noah was shouting everyones eyes shown big terror. After the day ended everyone got into the hammocks and fell asleep. Scarlett couldn’t sleep. She went outside and sat on the ground and started sobbing. She felt someone hug her. Scarlett looked up and saw Noah. “Why are we here?” she asked Noah. “ I ask the same question to myself everyday in this place.” Noah was starring at the sky. “But I believe that we will somehow get out of here” he continued. Scarlett looked into his shining eyes and smiled. She had never felt better in someones arms before. Well at least she thinks so. Scarlett felt how he squeezed her tighter to his chest. His heart was beating fast now. Noah looked down and said “You have never made me feel better…” Scarlett looked at him and smiled. 

She was about to say something until Drake showed up. Both of them stood up fast, because they didn’t want anyone to see them like that. “I’m sorry for interrupting, but James started bleeding hard from his eyes, mouth and ears. We can’t stop it.” Noah and Scarlett looked at each other and ran to the injured tent. Jake looked horrible. He was choking. Rivers of blood were rodding from his nose and mouth. His eyes we white with red lines. The skin started to rip off. A shout was heard from his mouth. “Help! Help! It burns! Burns! My inside!” Now Jake was screaming from pain. His skin got paler and paler until he was white as a sheet of paper. “Save him please!” Melissa started sobbing through her tears. “Please stay alive. Don’t leave me!” she went on screaming. Suddenly James grabbed Melissa and started choking her. It seemed like he was a different person. Scarlett, Noah and some other kids tried to help, but Jakes grip was strong. Melissa managed to break away from his grip. “He’s not like that! What’s wrong with him?” Melissa asked. “He got a disease from the beasts. He was the only one to cut them.” Passion looked with concern. “All of you get out except Scarlett. You might get infected.” Passion continued. “What do we do with him?” Scarlett asked. “The best thing now is to kill him or to keep him here but then we could all get infected and die after about 5 days.” Passion whispered so Jake couldn’t hear. “Jake tell me what’s happening?” Scarlett tried to ask, but the only thing she heard from him were only grunts from pain. 

“Let’s keep him and make the girl tents into another injury tent. The girls can sleep in the same tent as the boys.” Scarlett decided after a long pause. Passion didn’t look happy but she agreed. After Scarlett and Passion talked about Jake they went outside. “Teens, please make the girl tent into a injured tent. We will keep Jake, but only Passion, Melissa and me might visit him because others might get infected.” Scarlett announced. “Ewwww there is no way I will be sleeping with the boys.” Jessica shouted out. “I don’t think that you would rather sleep outside were there might be the beasts waiting for a peas of meat, would you?” Passion asked with disgust. “Why does Scarlett always announce everything? Why can’t I be the announcer?” Jessica continued. “Just shut up. As I already have mentioned you came here later. And Scarlett was the very first one to get here. You are a selfish girl that only thinks about herself! So now this is the time when we all have to think about each other!” Noah started shouting at Jessica. The diva instantly fucked off and looked disgraced. “Girls and boys! We need more water! Today 5 people will be going to search for water. They will be Melissa, Ethan, Zack, Pepper and Alex.” Scarlett shouted. Everyone went off except Melissa. “Please, please don’t let Jack die. He is a nice guy, I will tell you a secret. He asked me to be his girlfriend. And I agreed. Now I don’t want to lose him.” Melissa was looking down. A tear dropped on the ground. “I promise we won’t let him die.” Scarlett promised, but in her heart she hand a doubt that Jack might die. “I have to go find water" Melissa said. Scarlett nodded but said. “You don’t have to go I can go and you can stay next to Zack.” Melissa looked at Scarlett with doubt, but agreed. Melissa ran straight to the tent and sat down next to Jack. “Please live. Don’t leave me…” 

Mean while Scarlett gained up with the water group. “What are you doing here? I thought that Melissa will come” Alex said. “She had to do something” Scarlett looked away. “Tell me whats wrong.” Alex asked with concern. “It’s that Melissa loves Jack and Jack loves her. And I don’t want Jack to die.” Alex looked at Scarlett with surprise in her eyes. 

All of the way nobody said a word. They were too scared to see what they fared to see. No water… The biggest fear. 

“Come here! I found some!” Scarlett heard Pepper shout out. They all ran towards her. They thought they found water enough for everyone, but they were wrong. There was 20 liters. It was enough for 2 weeks if they drink two waters in one day. They all took it and started heading home. “We can’t go. We need more water. Pepper get Zoe. She is fast we will need her.” Scarlett said. Everyone grunted but did as they were told. After about 30 min. Both of them were panting. “We came here as fast as we could” Zoe was still panting. “Everyone let’s go. We need to find at least 50 more letters.” Scarlett announced. All of the teens did as they were told. They continued walking. “Hi” Scarlett came closer to Zoe. “Hi” Zoe answered back. After a long silence Zoe asked “Do you ever feel that people only care about themselves?” “I feel that some people do but some care for others too. Like you.” Scarlett answered and smiled. “I feel something for Hunter. I don’t know what is, but something makes me feel like he is important to me.” Zoe was looking the other way. “Maybe you… Like him?” Scarlett asked. Zoe instantly blushed. They continued walking. The day was a lucky one. After 2 or 3 hours of walking the teens found a river rushing down a water fall. All of the peoples eyes widened. They ran and jumped in the river. The smiles on their faces widened. They drank and played in the water. Until Scarlett jumped on the nearest rock and announced. Take as much water as you can. We will come back here after 3 days to get more with all of the people. This month we won’t suffer!”


Chapter 5


When the group of water came back only terror was shone in their eyes. The camp. It was all ruined. The tents were all ruined. Nothing was left. “What happened?” Scarlett asked. Passion ran out and fell on Scarlett sobbing. “The wind! It blew everything! Jack is dying! We can’t save him! He’s going mad! The world hates us! Thats why we’re here!” Passion didn’t have anymore faith. She doesn’t believe. “Don’t stop! Rebuild as much as you can! We have to have at least 2 tents!” Scarlett was shouting. “All of you have to believe that we will stay alive! Have faith!” Zoe was screaming and sobbing at the same time. After 1 hour there were two tents made. It was getting dark so the teens were going to sleep. Scarlett again could’t sleep so she sat on the ground. After 10 minutes she heard how someone was whispering. She looked out of the tent and saw Zoe together with Hunter outside laying together on the ground. “I love you…” Scarlett heard Hunter whisper to Zoe. “I love you too…” Zoe whispered back. They both hugged each other. Scarlett was happy that Zoe found someone she cares about. She wanted to see what would happen next so she quickly ran behind the injury tent and stood there. For her surprise that couple was kissing. It started as only small kisses until it grew to aggressive kissing. Scarlett wanted to interrupt them until nothing else would happen, but she couldn’t. He wish came true after a few minutes they stopped and looked at each other eyes. It seemed that they were happy together. “I will never let you go. You won’t die. I will search the hole world for you. I will catch a grenade for you. I will do everything for you. Just stay with me the whole time…” Hunter whispered to Zoe. “You mean the world to me. Your eyes shine whenever I look at them. Your hair is perfect. Your face is perfect. You are perfect.” Hunter continued. It seemed that Zoe started blushing. Zoe started playing with Hunters hair which made him groan a little bit. Hunter cupped Zoe’s chin and looked at her. He kissed Zoe’s forehead and said “We should go to sleep. We have a big day in front of us.” Zoe nodded and they both headed to the tent. After 2 minutes Scarlett found herself with a huge smile on her face. Her friend… Her friend will be happy together with Hunter. He will protect her. She was sure about that. Scarlett walked into the tent and laid on her hammock. Now she was cold. Before that wind incident the tent had pillows, they weren't the most conferrable, it also had blankets. But now they don’t. Everyone was shaking from the cold. Through the night she couldn’t see where Passion or Zoe was, but it didn’t matter. The only thing that is in Scarlett’s head is “We need to find food…”


Chapter 6


“Wake up! Wake up!” Scarlett woke up from shouting and shaking. Passion was there. “What?” Scarlett murmured. She thought it was day time, but when she went out of the tent she saw that it was still night time. “I need to show you something” Passion whispered. She led Scarlett into the injured tent where Jack was laying. “He won’t make it this night” Passion sighed and looked down. Scarlett looked at Passion with concern and said “Is there anything we could do?” “I’m sorry but no. We can’t. I don’t even get what was wrong with the meat of the beasts. When it’s cooked it’s not poisonous, but when it’s raw, it is.” “We need to do something. We can’t let Melissa see him die.” Scarlett whispered. “Tell…” they heard Jack whisper. Both of them rushed to him and sat down. “Yes tell us” Passion asked. “Tell. Tell Melissa. Tell her that she shouldn’t be sad or cry, because…. because we will meet in the other world. Tell her that she means the world to me. Tell… please tell…. her that I…. I love her. Love. Her.” After all of the grunts Jack fell in a deep sleep from which he will never wake up. “Let’s burry him now.” Passion looked at Scarlett. “No. She needs to see him in the morning. Melissa will want a chance to say the last goodbye to him wont she?” Scarlett said to Passion. Passion just nodded and laid down. Scarlett wanted to check how every person looks so she went into the sleeping tent. 


Added chapter to know the characters better


Noah - his beautiful light blue hair. She could remember that he has light ocean eyes.

Zoe - Her brown hair looks like chocolate the same as her eyes.

To her surprise Zoe was laying next to Hunter hugging him. 

Passion - Her hair looks like sunshine. And here eyes were blue as the sky. She is the only one who is talented in healing other people.

Scar - Seems like he has blond hair. It kind of looks like brown though. Though Scarlett couldn’t remember what eyes he has. Brown, brown eyes she remembered.

Ethan - She walked closer to him. Scarlett wasn’t fond of him, but still she had to care for him in order for him to survive. His hair was green hair and very weird eyes because they were purple.

Sophie - This girl seemed that she was afraid of almost everything. Though her hair was black the same as her eyes.

Emily and Jessica - from the second day she could see that they were good friends. Well thats because they mostly think only about themselves. Emily had black hair with green eyes, and Jessica was the opposite of Emily. She had white hair and cream color eyes.

James - Ugh, she could see that he was flirting with every girl in the camp. Trying to find a girlfriend. Scarlett saw that he started hooking up well with Jessica, but who knows. He has blond hair and green eyes. 

Melissa - Oh Scarlett can already see what pain will Melissa will have to take in. Her boyfriend just died. He hair was black with red stripes. Though Scarlett couldn’t remember what did the color of the eyes looked. 

Zack - From the very first day this James similar guy had hooked up with Emily perfectly. He has purple hair as well as the eyes.

Petey - To Scarlett’s surprise this boy is very scared in relation ships as Martin, but he seems to be having a good time with Alex. He has hair that is white with black stripes. Scarlett never looked at his eyes so she didn’t know how they looked.

Alex - She is the funniest girl that Scarlett know in the camp. She can be a very good friend. Alex is spending her tome mostly with Petey. He hair is green hair with yellow stripes and her eyes are green as well.

Drake - Seems like a guy who is bored all the time. His hair is back as well as the eyes. 

Pepper - Talks a lot to Martin who is also very quiet all the time. Though she fights very well. She has blond hair and pink eyes as long as Scarlett could remember.

Martin - Is scared of relationships. Is a very good follower. He might have brown hair but the eyes are weird. It seems like they change color.

Ryan - Is not the biggest girl flirter but still. Has a good relationship with Drake. They both are good friends. And his beloved girl is Scarlett. Scarlett remember how yesterday he came to her and started flirting with her. His hair is green as his eyes.

Carl - He is a very sweet guy. Talks nice to every girl and respects them. His hair is pink with black stripes as well as his eyes.


Back to chapter 6


After Scarlett was done walking through all of the hammocks to hers. After she laid down she instantly fell asleep. 

Scarlett ran was running through the jungle towards that river. Sweat was running down her forehead. Some animals were chasing her. Scarlett ran as fast as she could. One animal grabbed her leg with its jaw and took her down. All of them started bitting her. “No! Stop! Somebody! Help me!” Scarlett was shouting as loud as she could. She looked down and saw some kind of huge cats. Their jaws were stabbing her like knifes. She kicked as hard as she could until she broke free and ran. A huge tree was in her way so she claimed it up and stayed there until they were gone. Scarlett looked down to her legs and saw only scratches and blood. When she managed to get down, Scarlett ran was running through the jungle towards that river. She took the water and came back to the camp after a few hours. But when she came back nothing was left. Nothing. Blood rivers were rushing down, and all of her friends were dead. Laying there, all bloody. Now Scarlett is alone. Without her friends. How will she survive alone in this jungle with no support? “No… No. No! No! No! No! Get up! Wake up! Look at me and say ‘I’m alive’! Please Zoe, Noah, Hunter, Passion! Melissa!” Scarlett leaned next to her best friends and started shacking them. “Wake up! Don’t leave me!” she started screaming and sobbing. 


Chapter 7


“Wake up! Wake up!” Scarlett woke up all sweaty. Her skin was pale as paper. “You were shouting things like ‘Wake up! Don’t leave me! Passion!’ things like that” Zoe looked at Scarlett with concern. Scarlett jumped on Passion and Zoe and squeezed them tight. “Your alive! Don’t leave me.” “Wow wow. Who said that we would leave you” Melissa appeared from the corner of the tent. Scarlett ran to her and hugged her too. “Guys I had a night mare. I dreamed that everyone was dead except me. I was the only one left” All of the girls looked at each other with concerned faces. “I am sure you will never be the last one. We all will stick together” Melissa said. “Come with me to the in the injury tent. I have to check why you had this nightmare” Passion took Scarlett’s hand and led her to the tent. Scarlett sat down on the ground and looked up. “Where is Jack?” Scarlett asked. Passion made a long sigh. “We. We hid him from Melissa for now. I thought she needed to wait for you.” Scarlett looked at Passion and said. “After you check me, we need to show him to her.” Passion walked closer to Scarlett and took her shirt off. She checked her pulse and her face darkened. “What’s wrong?” Scarlett asked. “It’s nothing” After everything was done Passion rushed to Zoe. “Zoe.” Passion was talking with concern. “Scarlett has a disease. It’s different from Jakes. It’s like some kind of metal in her.” Zoe fell down. “Don’t tell me she will die, please don’t.” Zoe pleaded. “I don’t know. I have never seen things like this, but the biggest problem is do we tell her or not?” Zoe made a sigh and with tearful eyes said “Don’t. We will tell her later, but you have to do everything to save her.” “I will do everything I can.” After these words Passion walked out to the tent were Scarlett was sitting and thinking. “Where were you?” “I was visiting Zoe. She said she had some pain in her back, so I did a massage to her.” Passion was talking like nothing bad happened. “Ok”. 

Both of them went out of the tent. “Help. Help.” Scarlett heard someone calling, but didn’t understand from where it came from. “Everyone come here!” Everyone lined up into a line. Only 18 people were there. One was somewhere and it was Emily. “Search for Emily!”. Everyone ran around the camp. Noah and Scarlett headed to the jungle. “Please! Help.” Scarlett and Noah heard the shout louder. Both of them ran deeper and deeper, until they found Emily laying. “Please. Help. I’m stuck under this rock.” Emily pleaded. “We will help you no matter what.” Noah looked concerned. “Everyone come here we hound her! Call Passion!” Scarlett started shouting the others for help. When everyone what there Passion circled the rock and whispered to Scarlett “We can’t save her. I’m sorry. We could try, but there is not a lot of chances that she will get out. Except…” Passion made a long pause and looked at Emily, who was trying to get out of under the rock. “What? Do what?” Scarlett asked. “She wont let us. You know her.” “Do what?” Scarlett asked again, but a bit louder. “Cut her legs off” after Passion said that, Scarlett fell down to the ground. Noah ran to her and got her up. “What’s wrong?” He asked. “She…” Scarlett fainted on Noah’s arms. “Passion!” Zoe called out for Passions help. “She passed out because of her dream. Melissa remember Scarlett’s nightmare?” “Yeah” Melissa answered. “He nightmare was that she was the only left in the camp. Everyone was dead, except her.” Passion explained. “So… she’s afraid of being the last one?” Pepper asked. “Exactly” Passion, Zoe, Melissa were going off to get Scarlett to the injury tent when Noah called out. “Can I go with you?” Zoe nodded. “You all stay near Emily, and try helping her.” Melissa said to the others. When Scarlett was already laying in the injury tent all of them went out except Passion. She checked Scarlett’s stomach and went out. “It’s getting worse and worse” Passion said with concern to the three teens. “What’s worse?” Melissa and Noah asked. Passion looked at Zoe. “You didn’t tell them?” “No I thought that you will tell them.” “Whatever, Scarlett has a decease that I don’t know. Something is wrong. She might die. Me and Zoe decided not to tell.” After Passion explained Noah looked very pissed. “How couldn’t you tell her? Do you know what she will do when she will figure it out?” Noah started shouting at Passion. “When she will be awake I will have to tell her!” Noah started walking, but Zoe grabbed his arm. “One, I know that you won’t because you will be scared. Two, do you know what she will do?” Noah turned around “Do you know what she will do when she will figure it out.” After those words Zoe let go of Noah’s hand.


Chapter 7


When Scarlett woke up she looked around and saw Melissa sitting next to her. “Where is Jack?” she asked. “I don’t know…” Scarlett answered, but her eyes lied. “Please don’t lie to me. Did you really think that I won’t notice that he isn’t here for 4 days now?” “No…” “So please show him to me.” Scarlett thought for a moment and decided to show. She walked through the injury tent to the very end of it. A big bump was at the end that was covered with a blanket. Scarlett opened it. There he was. White as paper. “Oh, Jack…” Melissa laid down next to him. “Please, no…” Passion came in and saw what was happening. She gave an angry glare to Scarlett who didn’t show any emotions. “The last words that he said wore “Tell. Tell Melissa. Tell her that she shouldn’t be sad or cry, because…. because we will meet in the other world. Tell her that she means the world to me. Tell… please tell…. her that I…. I love her. Love. Her.” Passion had remembered all of the words that Jack had said. “Jack… I love you too…” Melissa collapsed on him and started sobbing like a baby. Scarlett came closer to Melissa and laid her hand on her shoulder. “We have to burry him, next to…” Scarlett made a long pause. “Next to Caroline…” Passion ended Scarlett’s sentence. Melissa only nodded and walked out of the tent. “Why didn’t you wait for others?” Passion asked. “Because she asked me to show her! She knew!” Scarlett had so much fear for others dying, she screamed on Passion. “I’m sorry I didn’t mean to shout on you.” After these word’s Scarlett ran out of the tent. She ran to Emily, where she still was laying, stuck under the rock.

“Please help! My legs! They hurt so bad!” Emily full of tears was laying and begging. “We tried to help in every way” Drake turned to Scarlett. “We just can’t move it out.” Martin and Ryan went on. “There is no way we can get her out of here!” Jessica saw crying with tears now. Scarlett came closer to Emily and sat down. “Listen we know a way to get you out, but you won’t like it” “I will take anything!” Emily screamed out. “I will take whatever to get out of here!” Scarlett made long sigh. “We could…” “Say it, what?” “We could… we could” “Just say it!” Emily screamed out. “We could cut your legs off.” after these words, terror slammed right into Emily’s face. She looked around everyone and said. “I will tell you my decision tomorrow.” Scarlett nodded. “Someone has to sleep with Emily tonight. We would bring your hammock and tie it.” Scarlett said to everyone. “I will stay” Zack came up and looked at Emily. “Anything for her.” “Ok. Carl could you please bring Zack’s hammock? Thank you.” Carl rushed to the tent and got back with the hammock. “I’m not feeling very well… I think I will go to my hammock to lay for a little bit. Maybe I’ll feel better.” Scarlett announced and started walking to the sleeping tent. Zoe made a disappointed glare at Passion and Melissa. “I’m coming with you.” Noah said, but then Passion pushed him off and said. “You can’t go, because you will tell her. It’s not the time.” But Noah didn’t listen. Zoe and Melissa came to help. “You don’t understand! You got to tell her!” “We can’t. She is going through a lot now. Just stop…” Zoe pleaded with her eyes for Noah not to tell Scarlett. “Ok… I won’t tell her… For now” After those words Noah headed to Hunter. “I’ll go. Maybe I’ll find what’s wrong.” Passion said. Melissa and Zoe only nodded and went away. “Are you feeling better?” Passion went in the tent. “A little bit better, but still my ass and my stomach hurt, a lot.” Passion looked away with concern. “Maybe i could check your stomach. I could massage it. That should help.” Scarlett only nodded and laid down. “No let’s not stay here. Let’s go to the injury tent. 

When they got there Scarlett laid on a huge hammock that was straight. When she laid on it the vines massaged her back so it made her feel better. Passion started to press Scarlett’s stomach trying to find something. When a half and hour past, Passion was still pressing the stomach, like everything was normal. On the other hand Scarlett fell asleep. “I found it. I found it. She… She has something…. something in… in her stomach.” Passion was panting from running. “What?!” Zoe and Melissa asked in the same time. “She has something in her stomach. I don’t know what it is, but we have to get it out.” “By we you mean you?” Melissa asked. Passion made an angry stare. “I’m sorry, but how are you gonna get it out?” Melissa apologized. “I am not sure.” After those words they separated. 

“Everyone start making dinner!” Pepper shouted. All of the teens went deeper into the jungle were the meat was being left. “We only have one more beast! only 5 liters of water!” Martin shouted out of the jungle. Every person fell down to the ground. With no hope. “Move on! Tomorrow we will search for food and water! Now start making dinner!” Ryan screamed. It took a while fro everyone to start their work, but when it was done everyone sat down for dinner next to the camp. Except three people, Scarlett, Zack and Emily. Tomorrow will be the faithful day for Emily. What will she say? What will she do withe her legs?


Chapter 8


“Morning! Morning!” James was trying to wake everyone so bad that his band hair was making a mess and his green eyes were sending lightings. Noah came out of the tent first and set off to the jungle. Scarlett, Passion, Pepper, Melissa, Zoe and Hunter set off together to find food and water. “Everyone stay here and clean the tents. Maybe build something else!” Zoe was walking and shouting at the same time. Everyone who stayed in the camp only nodded and set to work. “Where was the river?” Noah asked “It’s a three hour walk from here, but we can get there. “What about food?” Pepper asked. “We can hunt something in the way.” Hunter was looking the other way. Hunter and Zoe were the last ones walking so they had some time together. “What do you want to do this evening?” Hunter asked. “Stay next to the fire with you.” Zoe was blushing, but she managed to answer. “You know. When we will get out of here, we will be to together. Ok?” Hunter looked into Zoe’s eyes. Pleading her to say yes. “IF, we get out of here we will stay together.” Zoe answered and crossed her heart. All of the way to the river Hunter and Zoe were holding hands together.

“The river should be somewhere here.” Pepper was trying to remember. “Yes in should be right over there” Pepper ran to the other side and stopped like there was a ghost right in front of her. “Whats wrong?” Scarlett asked. “The water. Where is it?” Pepper looked back at them with eyes full of tears. Everyone raced there. Zoe collapsed and couldn’t get up. Hunter took her in his arms and laid her next to the tree.

“Get all of it… All.” Noah whispered. After all the water was taken it summed up to be only 1.5 liters. “We need to search for more or we all will die from not having any water.” Passion murmured. “Keep going.” Scarlett said. Hunter came next to Zoe. “Wake up. We have to go now. We will be searching for more.” Zoe only nodded and stood up, but she collapsed again to the ground. “Hunter can you carry her?” Passion asked. “Anything for her.” “Bring her back to camp. Pepper will go with you. Incase someone attacks you.” Passion pleaded him. He did as he was told. Pepper followed them through the jungle.

“I’m so thirsty” Melissa was winning. “Keep going, we need to find more water.” Scarlett told her. They were already walking 5 hours from the dry river. The sun was burning then from above. “We won’t be able to move more if we walk 2 more hours. We need to turn soon.” Passion stopped Scarlett. “If we don’t move, everyone will die!” Scarlett screamed. “We will die if we don’t turn around.” Passion continued. “There are about 18 people waiting for us to come back with water! What will we say?!” “We need to turn around!” “No!” “Both ways we won’t find water!” “We will if we keep moving!” Scarlett was screaming so loud all of the birds flew away. “Scarlett we need to turn around or we will die.” Noah tried to change her mind. “Let’s move for 30 more minutes, no more.” Melissa tried dealing with Scarlett. Scarlett nodded and they headed deeper. Nothing was found so they headed back. “We need food.” Noah said. “We will find some rabbits or something on the way. Now we need to keep moving.” Passion was concerned. What if they don’t come in time, and they did. Four rabbits and 3 dear, but it wasn’t enough. “No more, keep moving back.” After 8 hours of walking they made it back to camp. All of the teens met them full of hope that water was found, but no. “Where is the water?” Petey asked. “We didn’t find any. Only 1.5 liters.”  When it was dinner, everyone was sitting with no water. There was a little bottle going around the circle. One person could drink one gulp. “I will bring the water and food to Zack and Emily.” Scarlett stood up and walked to the jungle where Emily was laying. “ I bought you some food and water. One gulp each.” “So you didn’t find it?” Zack asked. Scarlett only made a long sight. “I… I decided.” Emily made a long pause. “I decided… that… that I can…. live without… without… legs…cut them…”


Chapter 9


“What?!” Passion was walking back and worth in the injury room. “She said that we could cut her legs. That’s her decision.” Scarlett explained again to Passion. “She will die while we will be cutting them!” “I know, but what else should we do?” “I don’t know.” “Could we cut them at night time? She won’t feel anything then.” “Emily will feel it! I can’t do this! As well it’s already the end of the first month!” “I know. We will get more people.” Both of them were walking back and forth thinking what they should do. “Ok we will decide tomorrow. Now I have to check on Zoe. She is very weak.” After the conversation Scarlett sat on her hammock thinking. “Why are we here?” “Why?!” “Don’t shout.” Scarlett turned around and saw Noah. He sat down and cupped her head. He slowly pecked a kiss on Scarlett’s nose. She looked at his ocean eyes and said. “Your eyes. They always make me feel wonderful.” Noah smiled and looked away. The thought of Scarlett dying was stabbing him in the heart. He whipped away the tears from Scarlett’s cheek and said. “Just don’t, don’t leave me” he pleaded. “I won’t, promise” Their faces came closer to each other until they could feel each others breathing. Noah’s lips met Scarlett’s. Scarlett smiled and kissed him. Noah kissed her back. Their kiss became more passionate through time. They laid down, still kissing, Scarlett made a little moan from pleasure. Noah started kissing her neck. “We… N-nead  to go… go to eat…” Scarlett managed to say. “Wait”. Noah squeezed Scarlett’s breast a little bit, which made Scarlett moan. “I came to say… Oh my god, I’m so sorry.” Ryan came in, but had to go out. “Oh shit we need to go.” Scarlett said. “Yah, let’s go.”

After they went out of the tent everyone was starring at them. “What were you doing in there?” Zoe smirked at Scarlett. “Uhh, nothing.” “Yeah nothing.” Noah repeated. “Ok…” Melissa smirked at her as well. After Scarlett made the announcement about the day. “We, um, today, we, don’t have any more water. None was found…” Scarlett collapsed on the ground. “Get!Her!” Scarlett heard voices in her head, but couldn’t open her eyes. “Get!Her! To…! The… Tent. Scarlett was carried to the tent. “Her infection is started to spread out through all of her body. She’s not gonna live long.” The voices were still in Scarlett’s head. 

Scarlett blinked and felt her eyes with her hands. To her surprise she couldn’t move her legs. When she tried it hurt inside her. “Hi” Scarlett looked up and saw Scar. “Hi” she answered back. Again she felt the connection with him. Like he was his family. “What was that?” he asked. “I don’t know. It seems that whenever I get nervous, angry or I feel any emotions I collapse, pass out.” “That’s weird. Well I better get moving, we will go to find water and food.” Scarlett nodded. After Scar was gone Passion, Zoe and Melissa came in the room. “You feeling better?” Melissa asked. “Yeah. Only I can’t move my legs, it hurts my inside when I try.” “It’s because of the…” Zoe was explaining until she stopped. “Because of what?” “It’s nothing she doesn’t know” Passion tried helping out. “Tell me what is wrong?” “Your perfectly fine.” Melissa said. “Tell me what is wrong!” “Nothing! Your fine!” Zoe became furious. “Tell me NOW!” Scarlett was screaming. “It’s because of your disease!” Melissa couldn’t hold it in anymore and shouted it out. “What?!” Scarlett’s face got paler. “Is it true? Do I have a disease?” Yes, you do. I had been studying your stomach and I found something in there. I don’t know what it is, but we gotta get it out.” Scarlett laid down on the ground. Tears started rolling down her cheeks. “We can get it out.” Zoe was trying to cheer her friend up, but it didn’t help. Passion looked at Melissa with evil eyes. Zoe couldn’t hold it anymore. She started sobbing. Zoe ran to Scarlett and hugged her. “Oh Scarlett. Don’t die.” The other girls joined and were hugging. Noah came in and saw everything. “So you told her?” “Yes…” Passion was whipping her tears off. “So he knew?” Scarlett asked. All of them nodded. “Ok, when will I die?” Passion looked at her with terror. “We can get…” Passion explained, but Scarlett interrupted. “ When?” “I believe, 3 months, maybe 4.” Scarlett nodded. “Ok, we gotta figure things out with Emily.” They went to the place were Zack and Emily were laying. “You came to cut them?” Emily asked. Everyone could see that her eyes were red from crying. Passion nodded. Noah got out the sharp rock and kneeled next to Emily. “Tell me when your ready.” “Ok…” Emily made a deep breath. In and out. “I’m… I’m rea…ready. Noah pulled his hands up, because he wanted to cut them in one time. Up and down he went with his hand trying to aim. “Hold my hand” Emily asked Zack. He too her hand. Last aim of Noah was done and he cut deep down into the legs. “AAAAAAAAAAAAAA!” There was the loudest scream that Scarlett ever heard in her entire life. All of them looked away except Passion and Noah. “Your not done Noah, there is a piece of meat left.” Passion said. She could see the terror in Noah’s eyes, but he did it. One more time. A river of blood was rushing down the legs. From the knees of Emily’s there was nothing only blood. “Get her! Bring her to the injury tent! Now!” Passion was screaming. “My legs!!!!!!” Emily was still screaming like a wild animal. When she was in the hammock that got bloody Emily took the rock and stabbed it in her chest. “No… NO!” Zack shouted. “Don’t leave me! Stay with me! Stay! Look at me… Look at me! Don’t close your eyes! Don’t you dare.” Zack laid her on the ground and begged her. But she only smiled and whipped the tear off his cheek. Then she was gone. “We have to burry her.” Drake said. “No” Zack demanded. “We have to. Animals will get attracted and might kill us all.” Passion was getting angry. “I said no!” “We can’t!” Scarlett came closer to Zack. The only thing he did was push her and start hitting her in the face and hit her with his legs in the stomach. Noah came for help and pushed Zack to the ground. The punches of Noah came harder and harder every second. “Don’t you ever dare to touch my girlfriend!” Noah screamed and made the last punch before Hunter came to help. Zack was spitting blood from his mouth as well as Scarlett. Passion got her up and brought her away.

“You don’t know how it feels when someone you love goes away our of you life!” Zack screamed. “Your right we don’t except Melissa! But she didn’t go screaming and hitting anyone for it!” Jessica screamed on him. “I know that if Ryan would go out of my life I would scream, but not hit. I believe the same is with Zoe and Hunter, Scarlett and Noah, Sophie and Scar, Petey and Alex, Martin and Pepper. That all love each other!” Jessica went on. Zack didn’t show any emotions, he just went off to the tent. “We have 3 more days until it’ll be the end of the first month, and we don’t have any water.” Passion went to Scar. “We’ll figure out something.” He answered. Meanwhile Scarlett went to Zoe. “One by one each of us is dying… Just like in my dream. What if I will be the last one?” she asked. “I promise you won’t be, besides you…” Zoe stopped. “You don’t have to think that I will be mad if you talk about my disease. It’s ok” Scarlett made a friendly smile and went to Passion. “What are you gonna do with Zack?” “The only thing we could do is give him some space. His heart is injured. Emily died.” Scarlett nodded. 

“What about water?” Petey asked. “I think that some people have to go the other way to the jungle. We haven’t been there yet. Maybe there will be water for everyone…” Scarlett answered. “Volunteers who want to go to search for water please stand next to the injury room after 30 min.” Zoe made the announcement and walked away to Hunter. “Will you go?” she asked. “Yes, I need to.” “Then I will come with you.” “No, it might be dangerous out there. Wh knows who lives there.” “But I want to go” “But I won’t let you.” “I don’t care I will go.” “You might get killed, and I don’t want to loose you!” “Just because I’m a girl doesn’t mean that I can’t protect myself!” “You can’t go!” “Why?!” “I don’t want to loose you!” “Is it because I’m a girl?!” “No!” “Tell me the truth!” “Yes, because your a freaking girl! And you can’t protect yourself!” hear it was. Hunter shouted it out. “I never thought you were like this.” Zoe talked in a disappointed tone and walked away. She didn’t look back. But if she would she would forgive him. Hunter closed his face with his palms and cried. Everyone looked at him, but he didn’t care. “What did I do… he whispered.


Chapter 10


Pepper, Jessica, Petey, Martin, , Ethan, Hunter and Melissa were lined up next to the injury room. “Teen’s! You will be going to the other side! Who knows who lives there! That side is dark because creatures that we haven’t seen live there! Take torches and weapons. As well take you hammocks incase you would be stuck for the night. We all believe in you! Bring water!” Melissa was shouting together with Scarlett. “Bring water!” all of the others screamed as well.

The 7 teens startled walking in the dark and mysterious place were no ones ever been. “Let’s pray that they all will come safe and no one would be killed.” Scarlett whispered to Zoe. But she did’t answer. Zoe looked down with disappointment. “Whats wrong?” Scarlett asked. “I was in a fight with Hunter… he didn’t let me go because he said I was a girl and I couldn’t protect myself.” Zoe murmured. “I happened to hear the other part too. Where he said he doesn’t want to loose you.” “Yeah, but thats not the true.” “It is the truth he had to say something that would change your mind.” “That’s the only thing he thought off.” “Can’t you see Zoe how much he loves you. He loves you so much he would go to the dark side of the jungle in order to save you life!” Scarlett made a louder tone. “I’m sorry, but what if this is a trick?” Scarlett made a long sigh. “If you can’t see how much he loves you then why are you with him?” those words struck Zoe in the face. She never expected her friend to say these words to her. Zoe was about to say something, but she couldn’t, Scarlett walked away.

“I heard your talk with Zoe.” Sophie came in like she was afraid of something. “It’s ok, come here. I won’t eat you.” Scarlett called Sophie. She came closer and closer. Wasn’t sure if this is a good idea, but she tried. When Sophie was close enough so Scarlett would hug her Scarlett asked. “Why are you afraid of almost everything?” after Scarlett asked Sophie looked away. “I don’t know. I always think of what could happen. It seems that something bad happened to me. Maybe in the other world, but I can’t remember. Whenever I go to the jungle it seems that the beast might jump out of no where. About people, you don’t know who they really are…” Sophie explained. There was a long pause until Sophie asked. “My I ask something?” Scarlett nodded. “What is happening to you? I heard you have the… disease. Scarlett made a long sigh. “I have something in my stomach that even Passion doesn’t know what it is. I will die after 3 or 4 months if they don’t get it out. So that means that I’m slowly dying.” Scarlett expected Sophie to say that she is sorry, but no. Sophie hugged Scarlett and cried out. “Don’t leave us. You are the strongest and one the wisest person in our camp! You are my friend. We all believe in you! And if you do… then we will all die.” “Don’t say that, Passion, Zoe and Melissa are here. They are also very wise and strong.” “They don’t know what you do.” Scarlett was surprised by that answer. “What?” Scarlett asked in surprise. “They don’t know what you do.” “And what do I know?” “You know something about the past, how we got here. But you don’t remember. Soon enough you will.” After those words Sophie moved on.

“Passion! Passion!” Scarlett was shouting Passions name. “What? What’s wrong?” Passion eyes were surprised and had a little bit of terror. “Did Melissa go to the dark side?” “Yeah. Why is it so important?” “Melissa, she needs to know something, all of them need to know something.” “What do they need to know?” “That side, it has a curse or something, I don’t know. They will all get killed if they don’t come back. By night fall they will all wake up. The beasts, that we have haven’t seen before.” after what Scarlett said Passion’s eyes widened, she stood there frozen for a moment. “Everyone! Get torches and weapons we will all go to the dark side!” Passion went out of the tent and shouted so everyone could hear. All of the teens did as they were told except Zack. Scarlett was looking for him, she found him near the rock where the legs of Emily were cut. “You know, she had beautiful eyes.” “I know” Scarlett answered. “But we need to go rescue the others in the dark side. “I’m not going. “Yes you are, I need everyone to come. The beasts they will kill the others.” “I don’t care” “What?! You don’t care? Whats wrong with you. Your girlfriend just died now you want others to die?” “No, I don’t I just don’t care if the others die or not. We will all die out here.” “You are coming with me!” “No! You don’t just command me like that!” “Yes I do!” “You’re not the main one over here!” “No I’m not, but someone has to stand as a leader and command! And there are 4 people who do!” “Well I don’t care!” “You don’t care about anything even I about your fucking girlfriend!” Scarlett just said it all.  “What did you say?” “What I had to! Now go with the others!” Zack didn’t the only thing he did was go closer and closer to Scarlett until he could feel her breathing. Zack made a fast move. He gripped around Scarlett’s neck and started checking her harder and harder. “First, you do not command me! Second, Emily is not fucking, because you are! Thirdly, no one needs you over here! Understand me?!” Scarlett didn’t nod or say anything. Zack hardened his grip and asked again but louder. “Do you understand me?” because Scarlett wanted to get out his grip she nodded, but he didn’t let go of her. “Somebody, help… help” Scarlett was whispering because she couldn’t breath. “No one will hear you. I won’t kill you today, but have in mind that if you insult me or the people I love or like or have a good relationship, I will kill you then or later. Understand?” “Yes…” Zack let go of her. But it wasn’t over. He kicked and hit her with his legs and hands. “Help! Help! Stop!” Scarlett was screaming like a wild animal. No one heard. Zack only stopped after 10 or 15 min of hitting. Scarlett’s face legs and hands were all bloody and with bruises. Zack only went out of there. She wanted to be strong and not pass out so she stood up and started walking to the camp. Her legs couldn’t hold her anymore so she collapsed to the ground and had to grab herself to the camp. 

“Scarlett? Is that… you?! Oh my god, what happened? Passion come here!” Zoe was screaming for help. “Oh my god!” Passion came out of behind the tent. “We have to get you to the tent. Noah help! Scar!” Both of the boys ran and saw what had happened. “Scarlett breath in breath out, breath in breath out.” Scar was talking to her, trying to help. “Get her to the tent, now.” Passion commanded. After Scarlett was in the tent she looked around. “Hi, who are you?” Scarlett asked Passion when she came in. “It’s me Passion, don’t you remember?” Passion was concerned. “I don’t know anyone who’s name is Passion. What kind of name is that?” “Don’t you remember we are in the camp stranded over here.” “What? Nonsense, this is like a one star hotel,  I think…” Passion got the most the most terrifying idea of what just happened to Scarlett. 


Chapter 11


“Zoe! Zoe! Come to the injury room immediately!” Passion was shouting as loud as she could. When Zoe came Passion started shouting from fear. “Scarlett! She has amnesia! She doesn’t remember anything! What happened to her in the jungle either!” “What?! No. That can’t be true. Is she playing a trick or something?” Zoe was trying to think of what could of happened, but she couldn’t. “I checked her. She doesn’t remember anything. Not. A. Single. Thing.” After those words Zoe screamed out. “What are we gonna do?! Scarlett has amnesia AND the disease, and now we have to go rescue the others!” “I will stay with her.” “ok” Zoe went to Scarlett and stood there. “Do I know you?” Scarlett asked. “Yes, you do, but you don’t remember. And you won’t.” After those words Zoe could see that her best friend who has amnesia doesn’t remember her, but she’s trying. Zoe could see that. “i’m sorry, but I don’t remember you neither the others in this place. This guy named…named” Scarlett made a pause, she forgot Noah’s name. “Noah?” Zoe asked “Yeah, and he was like ‘baby, whats wrong with you?’ and ‘Don’t you remember me? It’s me your boyfriend Noah.’ but I don’t know him.” after Scarlett was done Zoe sat down on the ground cover her face with her palms and cried. She cried and cried until Scarlett asked. “Whats wrong with you? Why are you crying?” “Because you don’t remember! You don’t remember any of us. You don't remember how you saved the others what adventures you faced here. You don’t remember anything even me!” “Sheesh no need to cry. I didn’t do anything what you just said. I don’t even know how I got here. I only remember, my name is Scarlett, because it is written on my wrist.” Zoe felt disappointed. She thought that her friend maybe remembered her. “I have to go. There are friends that might die in the dark side of the jungle. We have to save them. Passion will stay with you.” when Zoe was walking out Scarlett said “You know you remind me of someone, but I can’t remember. Good luck though. on saving your friends.” Zoe just smiled and answered. “If you had remembered you would say, ‘good luck on saving OUR friends.” even these words didn’t sound bad for Zoe but they struck Scarlett in the heart. She felt guilt that she didn’t remember anything about her past.

While Scarlett was laying in the injury room, the others were almost ready to go to the dark side. “Is everyone ready?” Passion asked. “Yes” everyone murmured. “Now you should all know, that some of you or some one will die, or get injured. But we have to save our friends. Your hearts are loyal and beyond that. I believe in you all!” Passion shouted out the last words to show who proud she was of having such friends, everyone started shouting hurray after the speech of Passion except one person. “Sophie whats wrong?” she looked at Passion with concern and said. “First of all Zack wasn’t found, second I’m scared of dying.” “What? Where is he then?” “We haven’t found him.” Alex came closer, her green was being shoved in the wind. “He walks bare foot right?” Passion asked. “Yes, we all do” Pepper also came closer. “I remember when he was injured at the time when the beasts came he got a scar. A big one that hadn’t healed up yet. Did you check for foot prints on the dirt?” after that camp doctor said it the others looked at each other and went looking for him again and Passion went with them.

After walking they found some footprints near the rock. They weren’t ordinary there was a circle bump in the footprint. “That’s the scar” Passion pointed at the circle bump. They followed the footprints until they came to a huge hole. “Why did you come after me?” a voice asked. “Why did you leave?” Passion asked. “Because I did something horrible” the voice murmured. “Tell us now” Zoe came closer to the hole. “I can’t say” “Say it now!” both Passion and Zoe shouted. “Ok, ok…” The person came out of the hole. It was Zack. “Because your dumb friend Scarlett called my girlfriend a fucking girl I…” Zack was cut off by Zoe “She’s not dumb! Your dumb! What did you do to her?” “Whatever, I started kicking her through all of her body…” Now this time Zack was being cut by Sophie. “You what?! What did you do then, son of a bitch?” everyone was surprised of how Sophie shoed her emotions. She get’s scared of some of the things. “After then she passed out and ran away.” Zoe could’t believe this. She started running into Zack and smacked him in the face, and started kicking him. “How does it feel huh!? How does it feel?! That’s why Scarlett doesn’t remember anything! Because of you! Now she has amnesia! You son of a bitch! What have you done?! Get out and never come back!” The others ran to Zoe and pulled her away. “Oh my god.” Passion backed away from Zack, “He’s… dead.” “What” Zoe was still furious, but couldn’t believe she just killed someone. “It must be a mistake I couldn’t of killed him!” Zoe was trying to protect herself. “He died because of hunger. Last time he didn’t eat for 3 days. He said he was’t hungry. So he died because of you and the food.” Zoe fell down. “Burry him” Passion turned around and walked away. Nobody showed respect, except Ryan. “Hello, brother. I never thought you would end like this. Why did you cause Scarlett amnesia? You have changed. That’s not what Emily had wanted. Or did she. Well see you in the other world. Soon. I promise.” Ryan walked away and looked back with no tears. Only inside a part of his heart was missing. 


Chapter 12


All of the teens were marching through the dark side. Wishing to find what they are seeking for. “What if they aren’t alive anymore?” Alex came closer to Carl. They looked at her in a shy manner and Martin answered. “Then… then w-we will have t-to do whats best for them.” “Pay them r-respect” Carl continued. “Yeah, but all of us are dying one after one, like flowers who are being picked in a garden. What will the last ones do?” “T-They will either k-k-kill them selves from h-horror, or t-try to survive.” James came closer and answered to the question. 

After the team had walked for 1 hour they  heard a shout. “Hey come here! Quick everyone!” James was shouting. “Take the hammocks that you brought right now!” Noah was also shouting from the top of his lungs. “No…” Zoe looked down from the hill. Blood was there all over the place. “Check who’s alive and who's not!” Scar commanded. Zoe ran down to Hunter who was laying on the ground all bloody. She took his hand and cried out. “Open your eyes, open them, open your eyes! Now! Don’t leave me in this place! No!” Zoe put her head on his chest and sobbed like a baby. But she heard something. It was something beating. “H-he’s alive. He’s a-a-alive!” Zoe smiled, but horror was in her face. “The ones that are alive take them with you! The dead ones, leave them here!” Ryan shouted. “No! We will not leave them behind!” Zoe shouted. “Yes, we will. We have to save energy you know?” “No! Take the dead ones to me and I will check who they are! We will take them to our place and burry them next to the others!” Zoe was screaming. 

A line of three dead bodies were brought to Zoe. Jessica, Petey and Ethan. James came closer and kneeled down next to Jessica. “Who did this to her?” he asked. “We don’t know” Zoe answered. “Will we leave her here?” he asked. “No, we will take her and burry next to anyone who you like.” Zoe was beginning to be scared, as well as the others. His fists tightened and his face became red. “James, breathe in breath out. Everything will be ok.” “No it won’t” James murmured. He came closer to Jessica. Zoe say something was in his fist, but she couldn’t tell what it was. “See you on the other side.” He took out the thing he had in his hand and stabbed each one of the dead bodies. “Stop! James! What are you doing?!” Alex ran to him and pulled him away. “I’m sorry. What have I done?” he looked confused. Didn’t know why he was doing it. 

“Help.. uh…please.” there were whispers. “What was t-that?” Carl asked. “Someones in there.” Zoe whispered. She ran to the direction of the whispers. “Hang on! We’re coming!”Alex shouted. The came to a fallen tree and looked under. Two terrified girls were grunting from pain. “Melissa, Pepper!” Sophie called to them. “Get us out of here…” Melissa stammered. “Everyone help us! Now!” Sophie called the others. They all came running to the tree and each one of them grabbed around it and puled it up. Two girls were lifted and carried to the hammocks. “One person will drag and injured or dead one. The two who are injured the most two people will be carrying them!” Scar shouted. Hunter and Melissa were in the hammocks of two people carrying in them. “What the heck was that?” Zoe looked back. There was a animal shout. A loud one. All of them looked back and saw all of the trees falling to the sides. 

“Run… Run!” Noah screamed. They all dragged the people in the hammocks and ran as fast as they could. When they were near the camp Scar screamed. “Passion! Help!” She came out and ran to them. “Scar, Ryan Noah help me get all of them to the injury room! The others hide! These beasts will kill you after a second when you touch them!” Passion shouted. The boys got all of the  injured people as well as the dead. “Melissa! What happened?!” Passion kneeled down to her. “The… the beasts…bigger…bigger that the…others. Attached us.” Melissa managed to whipper out everything she knew and passed out. Passions job was to heal everyone one of them. Scarlett was starring at Jessica who was dead and laying next to her. As well as Pepper who was laying, her eyes were starring at Scarlett. Passion knew that Pepper will be mad for about 5 minutes, because of the hit in the head so she had to watch her. She might kill someone. For a second Passion had to wipe all of the blood from he injured with leaves. Pepper took something from the ground and threw it to Scarlett’s head. The throw was so hard Scarlett passed away.


Chapter 13


“Why? Where?” Scarlett opened her eyes and saw a bunch of teens in front of her looking at her with concern. “People we have to go rescue our friends! They might be dead by now!” Scarlett instantly sat up getting ready to go out to the dark side. “We already went there.” Passion said with a sigh. She looked at the others with a stare that meant ‘Give us some space’. They all went out. “Uh, um, you, do you remember what happened?” Passion asked. “Well not r…” Scarlett froze. “Zack. Where is he?” Scarlett asked with a firm voice. “He’s, he’s… dead.” “What?! That can’t be?” “Let me explain.” Passion sat next to Scarlett. “Um, you were hit hard my Zack, you got amnesia. It happened that you had to stay here while the others went to the dark side. They came back with 4 injured hardly and 3 dead. The dead ones are, Jessica, Petey and Ethan. We fought with the beasts that you haven’t seen before. I figured that they run away at the sunrise to the jungle. No one died int his match.” Scarlett closed her eyes and covered her face with her palms. “How did Zack die?” Scarlett asked through her palms. “Two reasons, he was dying from thirst, Zoe was hitting him hard when she figured out that it was his fault you had amnesia.” “Are there any good news?” Scarlett asked with hope. “Yes, today is the start of the second month. Two new people are here…” Passion stood up and walked out. 

Two girls came in. One seemed to be shy, she had pink hair with green stripes and her eyes were purple. The other girl came in like a brave warrior, but when she came in and saw the blood she came to the scared level. Her hair was purple with black stripes, and her eyes were half blue and half pink. “Come in.” Scarlett called. “What are your names?” “I’m Amethyst.” The brave one said. “And this is Bianca.” Amethyst pointed out to the shy girl. “Has anyone yet told you what is this place?” Scarlett asked. “Yes, a girl named Zoe explained to us that…” Scarlett cut through. “I don’t want to talk about it. Bianca have you gotten something? Something in your hand?” Scarlett asked. Bianca nodded and handed a little piece of paper to Scarlett. “Passion!” Scarlett called. “Passion, the paper says that we will get water tomorrow! As well as food! Tell that to everyone!” Passion didn’t show any excitement. “What’s wrong?” Scarlett looked at Passion. “Drake died. From thirst.” Passion went out of the tent. “No…” Scarlett whispered. “I also have a paper with me.” Amethyst came closer and read it out. “We won’t help you, again. No water or food will be brought after this time. Remember, live…” 

All of those words were announced to the crowd of teens waiting for water and food. “Everyone must try to stay alive until tomorrow!” Pepper shouted. 

Scarlett went closer to the dead body of Drake. “You never said that you were thirsty or hungry, you just helped the others. Though others can’t see it. Your not boring like the others might say. See you in the other world.” Scarlett leaned down and put a flower on his chest. They all buried him next to a Zack. “I wonder when it’ll be my turn.” Scar thought out loud and walked away. “Scar! What the heck?” Zoe ran to him grabbing him by the waist. “What?” he asked with no emotions. “You have no faith in us! In yourself! And now your bringing this all upon us?” everyone gathered closer to see the fight. “Zoe don’t do this…” Passion came closer and held her hand tight. “Calm down, I said this because no body cares for the others.” “What?! You say they don’t? Look around! Wen Jack died… do you remember what Melissa was going through? That’s because she cared! She cared for him! The same is for everyone else. When someone dies some cares! Cries for god sake! So now, you, shut your mouth and go away!” Zoe’s face became red from shouting so loud. She looked around and ran away. 

“She needs to know how to control her nerves better…” Amethyst murmured. Hunter came closer to Amethyst and said. “What do you know? You just came here. You don’t even know her.” “Well do you?” those words cut deep down into Hunter. Did he know her? “You know what? Everyone go to sleep because tomorrow we’ll get water and food!” Scarlett claimed on the nearest rock and announced this. 

Scarlett came with the others to the tent and laid on the ground because all of the hammocks’ were taken by Passion to heal the injured. “Why are they all… like this?” Bianca came closer to Scarlett. “They’re scared. They’re scared of dying. That’s why.” “Are you scared of dying?” Bianca asked. Her voice was like a mouse. It seemed that she was small and innocent all the time. “Yes and no” “I’m sorry I don't seem to understand.” “I’m scared of dying because others would suffer and cry. I’m not scared to die because then all of this will be over for me. The pain, thirst, hunger and fear for m self and the others.” these words seemed to impress Bianca so she continued asking. “Who is Jake?I saw his name carved next to the jungle.” “He was Melissa’s boyfriend and everyones friend.” “What do you mean was?” “He’s… dead.” “I’m sorry I didn’t know…” Bianca turned away. “There are about seven or more people in there, buried. They’re all dead.” Bianca turned around and collapsed on Scarlett with a hug. “Just don’t die ok? I’m scared. All of you are brave except me! It seems like I’m the only one who is frightened of everything. Don’t leave me.” Scarlett stared at her for a moment, but gave a worm hug back. “Bianca, everyones scared. I am, everyone is. I promise I won’t leave you.” Bianca looked up at her and said. “Amethyst, she said, she once said that I’m too small for this and that I’m a mouse that should of never come here.” “Don’t listen to her. She’s brave, but she hasn’t seen the beast’s. I think when she’ll see them, she will be the mouse then.” “You think so?” “I know” Scarlett nodded her bed and laid down. “Good night.” Scarlett  said. “Good night” Bianca answered. 


Chapter 14


Scarlett woke up all sweaty and her inside hurt. She looked around and didn’t see Bianca by her side. It seemed that no one was there before. She stood up and held her stomach with her hand from the pain. Scarlett lipped outside and saw Bianca on her knees gazing at the stars. “You know, it’s dangerous to be outside at this point.” Scarlett put her hand on Bianca’s shoulder. She instantly looked around and looked down. “I had a dream…” Bianca was trying to remember. “The one where I asked help for the stars and they did. They gave this place everything we needed. So I came outside to ask them for help.” Bianca stood up. “I know th-that might be weird, but I believe that the stars will help.” Scarlett could see that Bianca was getting nervous by how she held her hands. “That’s nothing bad, everyone has to believe in something. You believe in the stars. Just don’t stop believing.” Bianca only smiled and walked away in to the injury room. “Why are you going there?” Scarlett asked. “I-It’s, I-I want to see the injured ones.” Scarlett followed Bianca and hid behind the tent. She looked at the corner and saw something that she would always remember as long as she lives. “I don’t know why, but it seems like I know you all. Just wake up and enjoy this place. We are here for a reason. We  have to show how strong we are. This is a test. I’m not sure how to get out, but we will definitely die in this place if we don’t go anywhere.” Bianca whispered the same thing to the others and went out. Scarlett was so shocked, she could’t believe that this little girl who seems to be about 13 years old, yet understands more than the others. She came back to the sleeping tent, but couldn’t sleep, she had the same nightmare about being the last one to survive. What if that will happen? So many people have died in this place. The only thing seems to help forget about it. Scarlett is dying and will be dead in maximum 2 months.

The whole night Scarlett was sitting and thinking about the future. When the sun was rising, Scarlett sneaked into the injury tent and saw Zoe sitting next to Hunter and holding his hand. “I don’t care what you said last time. I just want you back.” Scarlett heard Zoe whisper. Zoe was crying. Scarlett could hear it from the voice. “You’re my life… j-just stay with me.” Zoe was about to stand up when someone grabbed her leg. She looked down and saw Hunter smiling with a weak smile. She fell into his arms. “Your alive! Just don’t leave me again.” “C- coarse I’m a-alive.” Hunter began choking. “Let me go… your gonna kill me with this hug.” Hunter managed to steamer out. Zoe released him and said. “I’m so sorry for hugging you so bad.” “And I’m sorry for insulting that your a girl. You really are a special girl if you managed to kill Zack.” “How did you know?” Zoe looked surprised that Hunter knew about Zack dying, kind of because of her. “You know when you lay in an injury room you learn a lot of things.” Hunter smirked and chuckled. “You are so naughty.” Zoe smiled and him and pecked Hunters nose with her finger. 

“Hey! People we’ve got water and meat!” Scarlett heard Scar shouting. Everyone headed next to the tree and saw about 70 liters of water and “we’ve got 10 bears, 15 bunnies and 16 hogs!” Passion shouted with delight. “But we have to save it! Today we will spend 3-5 liters and two bunnies! The bears we will eat the last!” Scarlett shouted. All of the teens took the food and water and brought it into the whole were they would put their food and water all the time. “You know what? I have only been here for about two days and I’m so happy that I say we go on a trip to the jungle. Explore, find new things. Maybe there are some plants that could be used for medicine, we could find more food and water and last, who wouldn’t want to explore such beautiful jungles?” Amethyst was giving the idea that everyone seemed to like. “Who want’s to go and explore raise your hands.” Passion asked and raised her hand too. “Who want’s to stay here and look after the injured?” Zoe, Ryan, Martin and Scar raised their hands  and went to the injury room. 

Mean while the others took some food put it in their hammocks and went exploring the jungle. “Will you look for medicine?” Scarlett came closer to Passion. “I’ll try even though I don’t even know how it looks like” Passion seemed concerned, but still smiled. “C’mon your the doctor in our camp.” Scarlett tried to cheer Passion, but it didn’t help. “You know you should’t hide things from people…” Scarlett looked the other way. “What if… What if I told you…that there is no way out?” Passion looked at Scarlett. “Coarse there’s a way out. We have to go somewhere, but I don’t know where yet. Don’t turn into Scar. I know you, you always have faith and hope.” “Yeah but…” “Just believe, if you don’t, I’m sorry you don’t have to bring it up on the others.” Scarlett walked away from Passion who just stare down. the group walked for several hours. Passion had gotten tons of leaves and plants to try out for medicine, but there was no food found. “Where the heck are all of the animals gone?” James asked. “I think they’re hiding.” Carl thought out loud. “What would they be hiding from?” Bianca asked. “Maybe…” Noah turned around. “They’re hiding from… the b-beasts…” Noah had the terror in his eyes. Everyone feared to move. “Help!” Alex was being dragged by something that no one could see. “I’m coming! Hold on!” Martin was running after her, trying to save her. “Don’t tun after her they’ll eat you too” Amethyst was screaming, but Martin was out of sight. Bone crunching was being heard. They all looked around, and saw only slithering vines rapping around everyones legs. “Take something sharp and cut it!” someone was screaming. Noah took Scarlett’s hand and held it tight. They were all being pulled harder and harder. “Scarlett, don’t! Don’t let go! Don’t let go!” Noah screamed. Scarlett’s hand got out of Noah’s hand and she was pulled deeper and deeper into the jungle, where she hasn’t been. “Help!” Scarlett was screaming. “Scarlett! Where are you?” Scarlett could hear the others shouting. “They’re dragging me! Help!” Scarlett was trying to explain, but no answers were heard. “Help!” Scarlett was trying to scream louder, but the vine squeezed her harder. it seemed so weird, but Scarlett was being pulled for the whole day until she fell asleep.


Chapter 15


“Scarlett… Scarlett…” Scarlett woke up though couldn’t open her eyes. “Scarlett.. Scarlett…” the same whispers were being heard over and over again. “What do you want?” Scarlett asked. She didn’t get an answer and tried to move her legs, but couldn’t. They seemed to be tied as well as her arms. Scarlett laid there trying to get out until her eyes  were opened and she could see a weird figure in front of her face. I seemed to be a snake., It was all black with purple stripes and her eyes were red. “What do you want?” Scarlett asked. “Food…ssssss” the snake was getting closer and closer, until it bit Scarlett. “Ahh! Stop!” the snake was bitting Scarlett harder and harder. “Help!” Scarlett was shouting, but no one came nor answered. “The snake slithered closer to Scarlett’s head and said. “You… and your presssssssiosssss camp… will be ssssssssoon finissssshed. My ffffffffamily will have a ffffffeast! We want to eat! And you won’t stop ussss!” Scarlett tried to say something, but she could’t. The venom has worked. “Y-you w-will never take u-us all…” Scarlett whimpered. “Oh I already did. One by one, my animalsssss kill you, people! Look today they did too. Two little friendsssss of yourssssss.” Scarlett looked the other way and saw Alex with Martin laying there. They’r eyes were open and they’r mouths shoed great terror. It seemed that before they died they were scared. “Alex… Martin… Help…please…wake…u-up…” the pain in Scarlett’s body was getting harder until she seemed to be paralyzed. Scarlett could’t speak, move nor breath. “Your going to make a wonderful colessssssshion addinttttttttion and wonderful food…sssssssss…” these words were in Scarlett’s head until she fell asleep.


Chapter 16


“Ah…” Scarlett looked to the right side. “Ahhh!” she saw how her skin was being ripped off. “Help! It hurts! It hurts! Stop!” soon her palms skin was all peeled off and you could see all of the meat and muscles. Scarlett soon couldn’t take the pain anymore so she made a run for her life. She stood up and ran as fast as she could through the jungle. “Scarlett! Scarlett!” those words struck her in the face. Noah and Passion are somewhere close here! “Help… Help…” Scarlett was trying to shout but couldn’t. The beasts were still following. “Please…” it was getting harder and harder for Scarlett to run. The beasts were gaining on her. No hope was in her mind. “Scarlett! Scarlett!” the voices were shouting and Scarlett ran and ran. “H-help…” Scarlett fell down and tried to get up but the beasts were already scratching her back and legs. “Scarlett!” the voice seemed to come closer and closer. “Please!” Scarlett managed to shout one word. Scarlett could hear the people coming closer and closer to her until they reached her. Scarlett opened her and saw Noah and Passion fighting with the beast, trying to save her. Two more people came and put her in a hammock and started carrying her to the camp. She took one last glance at Passion and Noah who seemed to give up their life for her. 

Scarlett woke up in the injury tent and looked around. She thought she would see Passion nursing her, but Zoe was there. She was putting on some kind of leaves on her legs. “Uhh… where’s Passion?” Scarlett looked around and saw Passion all scratched wand with a huge scar on her neck. “It’s my fault…” Scarlett whispered. “No. It’s not. It’s not your fault you were dragged into the jungle.” “I saw him.” Scarlett looked at Zoe. “Who?” “I saw the snake who controls all the animals and she is responsible for the dead ones. She said. She said that she will kill all of us.” after Scarlett said explained everything else Zoe collapsed into a sitting position. “So Alex and Martin. They’re dead. They will be the only ones not buried.” Zoe made a long sigh. “Where’s Noah?” Scarlett remembered. “He’s…uh he’s…” Scarlett’s eyes widened and her skin got paler. “Don’t tell me…” “He’s dying. I don’t know what to do. Passion would, but I don’t. It seems like he’s got a big hit in the head and he doesn’t wake up, nor show any life.” His face was pale, not bright like always. Scarlett dragged herself closer to Noah. Passion was ready for screaming, shouting and crying, but no. “Hey Noah, we’ve been through lot’s of adventures weren’t we? I guess it’s time to move on. I wish you good luck in the other world. I’ll stay here and look after the others. They need someone you know? I know that I’ll meet you. Cause I won’t be a surviver. I hope you’ll meet others that passed away wherever you’ll go. Look after them for me.” Scarlett pecked a kiss on Noah’s fore head and sat on her hammock. Zoe was looking at her in shock. “You’re not gonna cry or scream?” Scarlett shook her head. “I’ll meet him in the other world. Sooner or later. You can’t change the nature. One day we’ll die and live somewhere else. Noah has a new life in front of him. These teens they need to have hope in something do they?” Zoe made a long sigh and nodded. “If I’ll cry, the others will be in bad mood. I know that it’s my fault that Noah is dying.” “Scarlett it’s not your fault that he’s dying. It’s nobody’s fault. Only the snakes.” “Yeah, but if I would’t… if I wouldn’t…” “See you don’t even know why it’s your fault.” Scarlett look glance and saw something she never saw in Noah. It seemed. It seemed that he was happy. Maybe it’s because the pain is over. Maybe, just maybe, he’s somewhere wonderful. 

Scarlett tried to move head but it hurt. Zoe helped her get up and they both went outside. Everyone stopped working and looked at Scarlett. “Hello, again I survived. Thanks to Noah and Passion who saved me. I have been some place where the queen of all of the beasts was. She's a snake. It’s her fault that each of us are dying. We can’t have any food unless we search deeper into the ground.” Scarlett took a deep breath and tried to keep her tears inside. “Hopefully we still have enough food for one week as well as water, but we need to hunt. Tomorrow half of the camp will go searching for 2 days.” Scarlett could’t hold her tears in anymore so she cried in front of everyone. “I hope we will h-have a g-good dinner.” she tried walking down of the rock herself, but stumbled and fell. “Oh my god, Scarlett are you okay?” people came rushing to her. “I’m f…” vomit came rushing down from Scarlett’s mouth. She vomited until nothing was in her. She stood up smiled and walked to the tent as nothing had happened. She sat down on her hammock and tried to think of what just had happened to her, but some mumblings stopped her from thinking. Scarlett walked outside. The wind brushed her hair and the stars were bright. She looked at the camp fire where everyone was sitting, holding hands and singing. The girl came closer and sat down next to the others and joined the singing. 


Home is behind the world ahead

And there are many paths to tread

Through shadow to the edge of night

Until the stars are all alight.


Mist and shadow

Cloud and shade

All shall fade

All shall fade


It seemed that everyone knew it even thought they have never ever sang it before. After the song was done Scarlett looked at Noah and smiled. It seemed that this was the only time this camp has reached a little bit of peace between each other. “I say we get some rest and tomorrow will be the day we will decide who goes and who doesn’t!” Zoe was standing on a rock and smiling. Her eyes were sparkling in the night. As everyone headed to the tent, Scarlett sat on the ground, looking at the fire which was beginning to end. “Hey, it’s getting cold, you should go inside.” Scarlett looked back and saw Scar. “Yeah, I know, but sometimes it’s better to think about things that have happened. Passion and Noah, they saved my life, though killed themselves.” Scar came closer and put his hand on Scarlett’s shoulder. “Passion will survive, as well as Noah.” “If they won’t…live, I won’t be able to live with myself anymore.” Scarlett didn’t wait for an answer from Scar, but walked away into the tent. She laid in the hammock, and fell deeper into the thought hole, util she finally fell asleep. 


Chapter 17


“She’s awake, she’s awake” voices were in Scarlett’s mind, until she opened her eyes and saw Zoe smiling. “What?” Scarlett stretched her hands out and looked confused. “Passion, she’s alive, she woke up just now!” 

“You’re alive!” Scarlett screamed. “Yeah…” “What should I do with you… I don’t know… I don’t know what to do… I-I mean, what if I don’t take c-care of you-“ “Stop babbling. I will tell you what you should do and thats it.” Passion said, and looked at Noah. “I’ll tell you what to do with Noah too.” Scarlett looked at Noah. “Do you know if he’ll survive?” Passion didn’t answer. “Do you know?” Scarlett repeated. “There is a big chance he won’t, but we will try everything to save him. I know how much he means to you, it’s the same as how much does Scar mean to me.” “But it doesn’t seem that you like Scar that much.” “You know, sometimes, sometime love isn’t only about holding hands, cuddling or doing anything like that. It’s the feeling that says- you love him, and that’s what matters. I feel that he has feeling for me, but is afraid to show them.” Scarlett only nodded and said “ What if I said to Noah that I didn’t cry when I saw Noah laying here-“ Passion interrupted. “I heard you talk to him. I could’t open my eyes. But what you said, only showed me more of how you really loved him. How much you love him now. If you cry when someone dies that doesn’t mean that you love that person more than the one that talks like you.” After saying these words Passion tried to stand up, but collapsed back on the ground.  “You should rest” Scarlett came closer and put her hand on Passions head. “I have to check on Noah, maybe I could help him in some way.” Passion was panting from trying. Suddenly a there was a loud scream. Scarlett looked at Passion “I’ll see what’s h-happening.” Passion nodded. About a million feelings were in Scarlett’s head. What’s happening? “Amethyst stop!” Scarlett ran to the scream and saw Amethyst hitting Bianca. “Stop!” Bianca made a high scream. Scarlett came closer and saw what she was fearing to see. Amethyst’s eyes were white and she seemed to have gone wild. More people came and tried to pull away Amethyst, but they would just fall down with scratches on their faces.Amethyst was bitting, scratching punching and shouting like crazy on Bianca. “Someone go to the jungle and get as many vines as you can!” James shouted to the others. Pepper stood up and ran towards the jungle. Amethyst followed, she ran on four legs and was shouting. Saliva was dripping from her mouth and scars started growing on her. Pepper looked back and saw Amethyst and tried to run faster, but it didn’t do any good, because she was gaining. When she did she bit Pepper and ripped out meat out of her hands and ate it. “No! Help!” Sophie ran to her and pulled Amethyst away from the ground. Pepper only had scars that were bleeding. Meat pieces were missing. It seemed that Pepper didn’t move anymore. To Scarlett’s surprise Passion came limping outside and came to Pepper and dragged her in the injury. Sophie tried fighting with Amethyst, but Amethyst just bit off her finger and ate it again. It seemed that she’s like the other beasts in the jungle. One by one people were being pulled by Passion to the injury tent until Zoe and Scarlett were left. “We have to get the vines now!” Zoe was shouting. Scarlett nodded and shouted. “Hey Amethyst! Catch me if you can bitch!” Amethyst sniffed the air and looked at Scarlett. Blood was rushing from her eyes and mouth. She made a loud roar and ran towards Scarlett while Zoe ran to the jungle, took some vines and ran back. When she reached Scarlett and gave her the vines both held it tight from different sides as Amethyst ran into it and collapsed. While the girls had time they tied Amethyst and hit her head with a rock.


Chapter 18


“How is she?” “Worse and worse” Passion covered her face and sat down. “How about the others?” Zoe asked again. “All of them are fine except Noah, I don’t think he’ll make it… he doesn’t show any signs of  life only he’s breathing.” Zoe nodded and came next to Amethyst who was screaming and trying to scratch. “What happened to there eye?” Zoe asked. “She… She um she ripped i-it out and ate it like the other parts of Sophie, Pepper and the others.” “What?!” Zoe looked at Passion with horrified eyes. “I don’t know what happened to her, i think that we can’t leave her in this tent, because a lot of injured teens are trying to rest and Amethyst is just… screaming. By the way I figured that… um she has a sister…” after those words Zoe made an even more fortified face. “What do you mean?” “I was examining her legs when she was still in coma and I saw a writing the same as in Scarlett’s.” “What did it say?” “Well on Amethyst it says: “Family is born with you at the same time” so that probably means that Bianca is her sister and on Scarlett’s it says: “The name similar to yours is you family.” so that is Scar because it’s almost the same as Scarlett.” Zoe opened her mouth and stared at her until her face darkened. “And you didn’t tell her?! You know this could change it all! Your boyfriend is Scarlett’s brother! How could you hide it?!” Zoe stormed out of the room to Scarlett. “Scarlett I need to tell you something now! Call Scar too.” When both of them were standing Zoe made a deep breath and said. “Because you know that the writings on your hands never lie, so Passion found out that you too are…um” Zoe stopped and said. “Look at your legs and read whats written out loud. Scar lifted his ripped pants, sat down and twisted his leg so he could see the back side of his thigh. “The name similar to yours is you family…” Scar read out loud na dolled at Scarlett. The looked straight at each other eyes and tears came rolling down from Scarlett’s eyes. Scar came closer and hugged her. They stood there hugging until Passion called Scarlett and Scar to help feed the mostly injured ones. They both came to the camp fire and took all of the meat. “Hey we only have two bears left, I think tomorrow will be the time to go hunting, also there is only a week left until the month ends, we’ll get two new people.” Scarlett smiled and came in to feed. She first came closer to Pepper who was whining from pain. All of her scars were covered with leaves that she hasn’t seen. “Hey? You have to eat.” Scarlett whispered. Pepper made a little whimper and slightly opened her eyes. “Wha…” Pepper couldn’t end the word. Scarlett took the meat, opened Pepper’s jaw and put in the mouth. She only smiled and swallowed it. “H-hey” Pepper tried to mumble. “Th-thanks, for giving m-me food…” 

After Pepper was done eating Scarlett gave food to Melissa who had passed out while trying to save James. Scarlett saw the pain that Melissa had felt, the loss of someone she loved. “Passion, why didn’t you tell me that Scar was my brother?” Scarlett came to Passion. “Its… It’s just that” Passion made a deep breath. “Now that you know that Scar is your brother, he won’t show so many emotions to me. He will be with you, try to save you, protect you, not me.” those words shocked Scarlett. How could it be that her friend could have been jealous. The real Passion wouldn’t do that. “You know… if you think that, I think it’s better I leave, because he will only care for me so bye. I will be back in the morning… if i survive, because I’m done with this shit.” Scarlett stormed out. “What have I said…” Passion kneeled down and covered her face.

“If she’s jealous, I’ll go out, for sure….” Scarlett was talking to herself while taking a bowl of water that was covered with leaves. But then she stopped. The same bag that Noah did the first day int his place was there, staring at her. She walked closer to it, put her head next to it and started sobbing. “I-I know th-that I should’t c-cry, because your dying, I promised myself, but I can’t…I can’t keep it inside. Y-you are the reason I live. That’s why I’m leaving. I said to Passion that I will come back, but I won’t. I waited too long. There are four months left till we should go out. I have no idea how. I hope we’ll me again. Good-bye, I love you.” Scarlett started walking out of the food place and looked back for a second and then went deeper and deeper into the jungle.


Chapter 19


Scarlett made a camp fire and sat there on her hammock that she took with herself. Her thoughts were endless. She hasn’t told Passion that she couldn’t move her right thumb anymore. She knew why. The sickness is in her. It’s slowly killing her, with pain. When the fire was out Scarlett cuddled in the hammock and tried to sleep. Soon she was asleep. 

When the morning came Scarlett wanted to eat, but forgot to take anything from the food place. “Guess I’ll go hunting… endless hunting here I go.” Scarlett stood up and tied her hammock on a stick like a bag. For hours she searched the jungle until she got tired. That’s how thee days past. When a week past Scarlett was bony and thirsty. She tried to move but she was too tired to move. “I guess this is the end isn’t it Scarlett. I thought I would die from the sickness, but no. Good-bye world, friends…”

“Wh…. where…do…do… we put h-her?” voices echoed in Scarlett’s head. She opened her eyes and saw one girl with orange hair and yellow stripes her eyes were orange and boy  with yellow hair with green stripes standing with next to her. “What? Let me go! Let me go! Why didn’t you leave me! WHY DIDN’T YOU LEAVE ME! I WANTED TO DIE. I WANTED ALL OF THE PAIN TO END!” Scarlett was shouting loud while the two kids were trying to shut her up. “Shut up they’ll hear us.” It seemed like the girl was young, seemed like 11-12 years old. “Who will hear us? No ones here! Let me out!” the girl looked at the boy and he nodded. “W-what are y-you doing?” Scarlett asked with fear. The girl came closer and wrapped some vines that had leaves tied to them on her mouth. “NNNNNNNN. HHHHH.” Scarlett tried screaming but only mumblings came out. “Hey Tom don’t go out there, they’ll kill you.” the girl seemed to beg the boy. “I need to.” he didn’t say anything else and ran out of the hole. The girl stared as she seemed not to understand what happened. She looked at Scarlett and said: “Stay here I have to get my brother back or he’ll die out there. “For a minute Scarlett thought and then grabbed the girls hand with her palm. “I’m Coral.” the girl said and took the vines with leaves off her mouth. “Don’t go out there. Tell me who’s there?” Scarlett asked. “It’s…It’s the venom queen with her beasts.” “Who’s the queen of venom?” Scarlett asked. “Sh-shes the scariest, most powerful and craziest creature on this place. She kills everything in her way. No one can kill her. My brother, he won’t survive that! The beasts will kill him.” Caroline talked while untying the vines wrapped around Scarlett’s hands and legs. “I’ll go with you. But first I wanna ask you, why aren’t I weak?” “We gave you food. We are here for two months now.” those words struck Scarlett. These kids lived here, it wasn’t only them in this place. “Ok let’s go” both of them ran out and and saw Thomas hiding behind a tree. They ran to him. “Come back. Thomas we need to go!” Thomas took a chance of looking back. As he glared back he wouldn’t tun back. It seemed like he was hypnotized. “Thomas tur-“ Coral couldn’t finish he sentence because she saw something horrible. The queen of venom, the same purple snake who ripped Scarlett’s skin, was on a platform made form snakes and a pillow skunk. The carriers were the beasts and guards as bears. The rabbits would be standing next to her and she would just rip out a part of them and eat it. One by one the parts were ripped off. When one was done another would jump on. “I sssssssmell humannnnnn, it’ssssss clossssssse” The bears started walking closer and closer to the tree where the three teens were praying to live. “We need to run” Scarlett was whispering, but the Thomas and Coral were hypnotized. Suddenly she felt something, some force trying to pull her conciseness away. Something trying to pull her to the platform. “Come to meeeeeee. Commmme to meeeeee the queen seemed to be whispering to Scarlett. She started sweating hard and her mouth, ears and nose were bleeding. Thomas and Coral were already heading to the platform, but Scarlett tried pulling the force which seemed to be like wind pulling her back. She grabbed both of them and tried puling them back, but the force got stronger as well as the kids. “COME ON! DON’T GIVE UP! FIGHT IT! FIGHT THE FORCE!” Scarlett tried screaming, but they didn’t listen. “Yesssssss, you’re mineeee!” the snake whispered louder. Scarlett’s heart was racing and she pulled them until she collapsed and was pulled closer and closer. She grabbed the grass and tried to stand up and pull it but now it seemed like it was not only pulling her but standing on her. When Thomas and Coral were on the platform the queen of venom liked their faces with delight and whispered. “Your mineeee you wont run from the queen of venommmm!” with the last word the bears ran to her and one of them put her head under their arm pitt. “NO! STOP!” Scarlett’s body was shaking from the not having any air in her lungs. “Kill her. She’ssssss mine nowwwww.” Scarlett heard the queen of venom voice. 


Chapter 20


“Open your eyes. Please.” it seemed like Passion has been calling for her. “Hey, someone said don’t give up.” Zoe’s voice was next. “Fight the force, if not come to me, you said we’ll meet, but I wan’t you to live” Noah whispered. “Little sister let’s go play!” Scar pleaded. “I don’t want to lose someone else important in my life.” Melissa cried. 

Scarlett opened her eyes in shock and blood rushed down her mouth. She made a loud calf. She was breathing heavily, didn’t know where she was until she remembered. She’s at the place of queen venom. Of course her hands were chained. The chains were hot, they burned her hands, legs and hands. Scarlett was about to shout until she remembered they would find her so she tried holding it in. Tears rolled down her cheeks. “Scarlett… Scarlett… I don’t think she’s here” she heard someones voice. “I-I’ here…” Scarlett whispered. Steps came closer and she saw Coral with Thomas. “How did get here?” Scarlett whispered from burning pain. “It doesn’t matter we need to go now.” Thomas whispered. Both of them unchained her and all of them ran where their eyes would lead. “Where are we going?” Scarlett asked when she saw a dead end. “I don’t know.” Coral didn’t look at her. The whole place was from rock. It was like a maze with doors and dead ends. Purple slime was on the walls. They ran until they saw a door that had the same force. “Fight it. Don’t let it hypnotize you” Scarlett was trying to talk to Coral and Thomas. All of them tried pulling back, but the doors opened and there was the snake. She was staring at them with a smile. “You have been naughtilyyyyyy have you?” the queen made a nod to the bears, they came closer to Thomas and each of them grabbed to a part. Two by both legs and the others by hand. The demons pulled him. “AAAAAAA, HELP! STOP!” he tried screaming. Coral tried helping, but it wasn’t good enough. Suddenly one part was ripped off. Thomas left hand. “NO!” Coral shouted. “AAAAAA” Thomas was screaming from pain. After some time both of his legs were off. Scarlett and Coral were trying to fight the bears but were always pushed away. Scarlett took a glance at the queen of venom, she was smiling with the most disquieting smile. She couldn’t resist punching her. Scarlett started running to the snake. It seemed like she didn’t see her. Scarlett jumped on a rock and from their made a jump on the queen of venom. When she was about to stab her she grabbed her by the neck with her tail and held her out. “Ssssstupid human. You thought I won’t ssssssssee you?” Scarlett started choking, when suddenly some hand just cut the tail of the snake. Coral. She was all sweaty and pale. “NOO!” the snake was shouting. Scarlett took a chance and ran. Ran to Thomas. Only his left hand was left hand with his head was left. “Thomas…” Coral whispered. “We can’t leave him here. They’ll eat him!” Coral pleaded. Scarlett looked at Thomas who was laying on the ground. “But-“ Scarlett was about to say something “Please” Coral begged. Scarlett looked back at the bears who were running towards them. She quickly took out her hammock, put Thomas in there. Both of the girls grabbed from different sides and ran. Ran as fast as they could. When the bears were about to reach them someone shot to one bear who collapsed to the ground. They looked around while the girls took a chance to run. Scarlett looked back and saw only two bears alive trying to run faster to them. “Come on! Coral faster! Faster! We can make it!” Both of them saw an end to the jungle. They didn’t care what it was, but they knew, there they won’t come. The last time the Coral took a glance was when there were no more bears and they were out. They stopped and looked around. The camp. Scarlett was back. “What is this place?” Coral asked. “This is where it all started and where it’ll end. I was born here.” Coral looked at Scarlett. “What?” “I live here with my friends, but I ran away a week ago and now I’m back. I could say, Im the alpha.” Coral looked shocked. “You mean there are more?” “Yep like 15 more, a lot of us died…” Scarlett looked down to the ground. “Can I stay here?” “What question is that? Cause you can stay, by the way we should already have two more people. The rule is that every month we get two more people.”

“Scarlett!” she turned around and saw Zoe Melissa and Passion running towards her. “Guys!” Scarlett started running to them. All of the girls made a big hug. “Do not ever scare me that  much!” Passion was crying from joy. “Your alive!” Zoe and Melissa were also crying. After a few moments Passion looked over Scarlett and said. “You look horrible, pal. What did you eat?” “I don’t know, the first day I ate some berries the others I didn’t eat anything.” Scarlett looked to the side and saw two boys starring at her. “Who are they?” Scarlett asked. “Achilles and Adam. They appeared one day ago.” Passion answered. “What about… A-Amethyst?” Zoe came closer to Scarlett. “She became even more wild, ripped her other eye. We had to… k-kill her.” “No! Why did you do that? We could of saved her!” “No we couldn’t, she was becoming wilder and wilder and there was nothing we could do” Melissa put her hand on her shoulder. 

“What do I do with the no leg boy?” Passion came closer. “Take care of him, his sister is Coral, the girl that has orange hair. She won’t live with herself if she loses him.” Passion only nodded and went in the injury tent. “Hey, I’m Achilles” the boy with red hair and green eyes came closer as he squinted his eyes because of the sun shining in his eyes. “Hi” Scarlett greeted. “You’re a hot one, aren’t you.” Achilles came closer and wrapped his hand around her waist. “Leave me alone” Scarlett pushed him back. “I have a boyfriend.” “The one that’s dying? Oh well I guess I’ll have to fight for you.” Achilles made a wink and walked away. “What’s his problem?” Scarlett asked Zoe. “How am I supposed to know? He just came here yesterday. I think you should keep an eye on him, he seems to be up to something…” Zoe said and walked to Hunter. 

Scarlett looked at the moon the whole night. Prayed, prayed that everyone will survive. She felt as someone sat down on the ground. Bianca, she didn’t do anything, just stared. “I came here to tell you-“ Bianca couldn’t finish and cracked up. Tears were rolling like rivers through her cheeks. Scarlett kneeled down and cuddled her up. “M-my s-sister i-is dead! Th-they k-killed h-her! I d-don’t w-want t-to l-live a-anymore!” Scarlett squeezed her even tighter. “Shh” Scarlett couldn’t think of what to do. “I s-saw t-the p-pain i-n h-er b-but they k-killed h-her! I k-killed h-her! I-It’s my fault! I did this t-to her!” “Don’t you dare blame yourself! Its not your fault, it’s the god damned snakes fault. She infected her.” Bianca just stood up, whipped her tears off and went to the sleeping tent. After some time Scarlett did the same thing. As she laid in the hammock all of the memories in the jungle came back. 

How she appeared with her friends. People dying. Fights, as well as relationships. Noah seemed to appear in every scene. It seemed that she would always live because of him. He is the one to make her feel better, he was there to hold her by the side. Protect her. Scarlett’s thoughts kept drowning deeper and deeper. A tear rolled down as the others followed. “Oh Noah. If I wouldn’t have went in to the jungle for the expedition, you would be by my side. Joking around. Always serious.” Scarlett whispered through her tears.

After trying to sleep she decided to go to Noah. His face was pale, as he seemed to be in a deep sleep that is slowly killing him. “I’m sorry, you loved me so much I did this to you.” Scarlett rested her head on his chest as she felt him breath slowly. “You know I never told you that I love how your hair looks.” she came up closer to him and hugged him tightly. She didn’t want to let go of him, ever. “I think that… m-my h-hair… does look g-great.” there was a small mumble that Scarlett heard. She instantly sat up and looked at Noah. “What?!” she saw how he opened his eyes slowly. “Noah!” Scarlett hugged him tightly. “I-I can’t… b-breath” Noah tried to say. “Oh, sorry.” Scarlett looked at him as he chuckled and started coughing out blood. “I’ll get Passion.” Scarlett ran out to the sleeping tent. “Passion! Passion! He’s alive! He’s alive!” Scarlett whispered to Passion loudly. She woke up a little scared and they both ran back to the injured tent. But what Scarlett saw made her heart stop. He was all bloody and Achilles was standing next to him. “You know… Scarlett” Achilles started talking. It seemed that he was pointing a sharp object at Noah’s neck. “The day that I saw you with my… friend Achilles I knew you had to be mine, not some kind of dying… thing.” Both Scarlett and Passion couldn’t move. “And my friend, Achilles said he would help me so…” Scarlett collapsed with Passion. But when she looked at where Passion was laying no one was there. Scarlett’s arms were wrapped and she couldn’t see anything. “I decided to make you… to be mine. I think that this… dying boy should go out of you life. So lets play a game. I will touch something to any of your body part and you’ll have to guess what it is. If you don’t guess I will stab your… dying friend. And you… my dear will have to taste some pain. If you do guess I will give you a kiss.” Achilles took an object from the ground and touched it to Scarlett’s stomach. “What is this?” It seemed that it was cold and hard. “Rock” Scarlett murmured. Suddenly she felt as Achilles chuckled and his lips touched hers. “Stop…” she murmured. “Next thing” now the object touched her shoulder. It was soft and round. “Leaf” “You’re a clever girl aren’t you?” Achilles kissed her again. This time the object seemed that it was kind of soft, but she couldn’t feel anything else. “Grass” A stab was heard and Noah let out a hard shout. Scarlett heard as Achilles came closer and slapped her with some kind of vine. He hit her many times until her skin was all red. “Don’t you shout or more will come.” Scarlett was crying as she had to suffer all of this. “Last object.” Achilles came, Scarlett expected something on her body but he only punched her again and again. Threw rocks at her. “You will be mine! YOU WILL BE MINE! IF YOU DON’T I’LL KILL YOU AND THIS SON OF A BITCH!” when he was out of breath, Scarlett started pleading him to let her go, but he just tied her harder and hung her up on a branch outside. He took off her shirt and shorts. As she hung there naked. “If you tell anyone there will be consequences.” Achilles kissed her stomach, neck and lips and walked away. All of the night Scarlett hung there naked, cold, bloody but mostly important enslaved. It seemed like she was a slave to Achilles. 

The sun started rising. She looked at her body and saw buses all over her. She tried to say something but her mouth was wrapped and Achilles appeared. “Darling, how was your sleep? I hope pleasant.” He smiled at her and came closer. “You know I liked giving you pain, so I will continue.” he came around as Scarlett tried to brake free, but tears came rolling down. “Oh sweet heart, no need to cry. All women have to taste the pain. I see that you don't have the same amount of skin on your hand, weird.” Achilles made a few rounds around her and started cutting little meat parts out of every finder. “That will be a reminder, every time you’ll look at you fingers you’ll see little holes.” Scarlett started whimpering. Begging with her eyes to stop. “Now, let’s move on to your beautiful face, I think we have to fix a few things in your lips.” He took another stone from the ground that was much smaller and started stabbing her lips. She was shaking from fear and cold. She was only wearing her underwear. As Scarlett had to take the pain she heard someone cry, beg to stop. Passion. It was definitely her. It must of been the Achilles friend. “Now your lips are perfection. I’m bored, maybe we should give you more pain?” Achilles waited for and answer but got nothing. “Ok it was your choice.” As he kneeled down to take another stone, Scarlett took a chance and hit him in the face with her legs. “Agh, your a naughty girl.” He stood up and put the rock through her shoulder. It perched straight through it. Blood was rushing gown her body. “Uhhhh. mmmmm. nnnn.” Scarlett tried to say something, but couldn’t. After some more time of pain, she didn’t care anymore, she knew that here she will die, it’s all over. He will definitely stab her to death. The stabs didn’t give so much pain anymore. 

Something scared Achilles away as he ran. Her friends. Zoe and Melissa were running towards her crying. “Scarlett! Look at me. Look at me!” Scarlett felt as she was being untied from the branch and wrapped in a cloth. “Don’t close your eyes. Don’t! Stay with us! Everything will be okay.” Zoe kept repeating words to Scarlett as her eyes started to close, a sweet dream was calling her. It promised to give her peace, freedom. Her eyes closed more and more. The last glance was at the boy with rainbow hair and eyes, explaining things with a shy manner to the girls. Passion was being laid next to her. “Scarlett, this will be over if you close your eyes.” Someone was calling her. “You will be free, meet the other dead people. There will be no pain, only peace. Come to me.” and she did. She closed her eyes and fell asleep. 


Chapter 21


“Why didn’t you come? I promised you peace.” Scarlett heard the same voice. “Don’t wake up. You have to be dead. They are already burying you. It’s all done.” the voice tried to convince her to stay asleep. Dirt was being thrown on her. “Stay, it’s almost done. Your friends don’t need you.” the anger filled up Scarlett as she tried opening her eyes. When she did she couldn’t breath. The dirt was on her. Her hands tried to dig up, but they were damaged too hard by Achilles to work properly. She tried to kick with her legs, it didn’t work either. When she was about to get out of her breath she tried making a hole for her to breath. It worked. As she took a deep breath she made a tried shouting but it became a whisper. “Help… Please, I-I’m alive” Nobody came. For an hour she was trying to shout but it didn’t work until she gave up. 

“Hi, I never thought you would die like this.” Scarlett heard someone talking. “You know Achilles is now locked up in the place where we there are a few bugs and snake. We decided he has to feel the same, to similar pain to yours. I have been with the Adam boy. He was very nice. I acted that he was hitting me because then Adam would be in trouble. We got more food, Hunter came back with Zoe and um found a few bears. As well the week that you were laying in the tent a river started working near us. So we will try to save it.” Passion made a long sigh. “It’s so weird without you, calm, boring nobody is in charge over here. I-I miss you.” Scarlett felt as someone laid on her and started sobbing. She took the chance. “I-It’s me… get off.” Scarlett tried to say something but again it was a whisper. “Now I’m imagining that you talking to me!” Passion started sniffing. “Get off!” Scarlett took her last energy and made the best of it. It became into a rather loud shout. Passion sat down and started digging the ground as searching for someone. “Scarlett!” as she dug Passion found her. “Guys come! Help me!” everyone rushed and started digging until she was free. Scarlett could feel the sun wrapping around her like she had hands. “Get her out no!” Zoe shouted as she looked exited and worried. As Scarlett was carried to the injury room she looked around and Noah, no one else was there. She laid there looking at him. “H-He lost a lot of blood. I put the leaves who were supposed to stop the blood, they helped. It was just a matter of time he would be gone, because of Achilles.” Passion came in. Achilles, that name rang in her head. “W-where is… h-he?” It seemed like Scarlett couldn’t move anything, no energy was in her. By now Scarlett wanted to die. Too much pain in her was enough. “He’s locked up.” “How… d-did you lock…” Scarlett took a deep breath because every time she would say something she would loose air. “ l-lock him u-p?” “Oh we used some rocks, threw them on him.” for a second Scarlett seemed to feel pleasure, but then- “You need to get him out. Avenge isn’t good, it’ll only bring us anger.” Passion seemed to not be convinced by what Scarlett said. “No. We won’t, what he did to you isn’t forgetful. We won’t. I won’t.” “Then why the FUCK DIDN’T YOU GO SAVE ME WHEN I NEEDED YOU?! YOU WERE THERE SPENDING GOOD TIME WITH ADAM WHEN I WAS BEING HIT MILLION TIMES! YOU COULD OF SAVED ME!.. THAT BOY WOULD OF SAVED ME WITH YOU! NOW LOOK AT ME! I’M DONE! I WON’T BE ABLE TO DO ANYTHING NORMAL ONLY LAY HERE AND LIMP!” Scarlett grew out of breath and passed out. 

“Scarlett we have to go now! Everyone is dead!” Scarlett lifted her head up and saw Zoe looking at her trying to wake her up. Suddenly Zoe collapsed on her, dead. Someone had thrown something to her. “Well, well, well. Look what we have here? Scarlett Smith herself. Your friends have to suffer all of this because of you mistake. You’ll come with us, the queen of venom want’s to meet you, one more time. She missed you. Also the bears and beasts are hungry.” She looked up at him and saw a boy gazing at her. His hair was pitch black. His eyes looked horrifying. There was a scar on his right eye. Like some one had scratched him. The right eye was red and his left eye was black. He grabbed her by her hand and dragged her all the way to the carrier. To her surprise the snake wasn’t there. Scarlett’s hands were tied with the vines and her legs were left because she couldn’t move them from the damage of Achilles. “You know I never thought you would be so pretty. They did tell me that you were pretty beautiful, but now when I see you it’s hard to resist.” he looked down at her and whipped a tear off her cheek. “Don’t cry, it’s for the best. It’ll be over.” “Who told you about be?” Scarlett whispered. “Oh, you’ll see, an old friend of mine. Not in this place in the other side of the world.” those words didn’t make any sense to her. “The other side of the world?” Scarlett tried asking him. “So many questions huh? The less you know the better.” After half an hour they arrived to the place. A huge tree was there standing with a huge hole in it. Bears and beasts were walking in and out, bringing the rabbits. “You remember this place do you?” Scarlett gave no emotions. The fear, paralyzed her body. The force was back. “You feel it do you? She’s calling for you, don’t try to resist it, it’s not worth it.” “Why are you helping her?” “Because she gave me a home, was like mother to me. She took me in when I was small.” “Then why isn’t she taking me in?” “Because she know’s you won’t be loyal. You’re too naive for your friends. Now when she would be killing them would you just stare at them or help?” he made a long pause. “I think you would help. I’m not like that.” He grabbed her again and gave her to the beasts who all tried resisting to eat her. “Hello, again. I’m sssssssorry about your friendsssssss but they have to go. it’sssssss over. I need you, not for eating, but for-“ 

“She’s sweating too much! Get me the leaves! She will die if you don’t” Scarlett heard Passion shouting to the others. “We’re out of them!” someone answered. “Well run to the jungle and get more NOW!” footsteps ran out. She opened her eyes and saw Passion whipping the sweat off her. “Your bleeding too much.” Passion was murmuring. “Just stop…” Passions hands were shaking from fear. “Noah is alive, just wake up…” Zoe came in and put a hand on Passions shoulder. “I think we should let her go… I think it’s for the best. She has felt so much pain, she should be with the other dead.” “Are you, are you fucking NUTS? Just yesterday you were crying her to stay and now you’re saying she should go away? What’s wrong with you? Her disease will kill her when it’s time, before she has to live! Feel the beauty of life! Do you know that life is a road trip, it will have bumps, but you will go through them. There will be beautiful spots too.” “JUST LET HER GO! SOONER OR LATER SHE WILL DIE! I DON’T WANT HER TO FEEL MORE PAIN!” after these words Passion only nodded and said. “Get out, I don’t want to see you, ever in my life. Just get out” Zoe didn’t listen. “I said GET OUT.” when she did Passion sat on her knees and covered her face with her hands. “Why do you get all of this?” she murmured. Scarlett managed to turn around. Passion only stared at her and smile. “How? Did you hear all of this?” “Um, yes.” Passion only nodded and smile. “Are you mad at me?” “Nope” It seemed that Scarlett isn’t feeling any more pain in her body. “You know I don’t feel anything in my hands or legs.” “That’s because you’re getting better. After a week you’ll be bette. By the way Noah is better. He’s already walking, only his scar is still not fully covered. I think he want’s to see you.” Passion walked away and Noah came in. There he was, standing and staring at her. Still shinning. He came closer and smiled. “You know you are a hell of a girl to be hurt so much but still be strong.” Scarlett smiled. He hugged her tight and whispered: “I’m never gonna let you go. Achilles, or any other boy won’t get you.” Scarlett squeezed him higher. “Ow” “Sorry. Your scar should still hurt.” Scarlett whispered. She put her head down and all of the dream came back. “I had a dream that all of you were dead and this boy took me to the snakes place. The last words from the snake until i woke up were “I don’t need you for eating, but for-“ then I woke up. The boy also said that it was my fault that everyone is here and because they are dying. Also he got information from an old friend of him that lives in the other side of the world-“ “Stop, stop babbling. Relax. First, it’s not your fault, second, there is no other side of the world.” “Yeah, but-“ “No but’s just relax. You have to recover. I’ll bring you some fruits we found today. I have no idea what they’re called but they’re yellow round. Passion said they are called something like manigo or mananigo.” “Cool” he went away and came back with a handful of manigos. “Hey, thanks” she took a bite. It melt in her mouth. It was so sweet like candy. “MMMM, this is so good!” “I told you.” After she finished Scar came in and helped Noah pick Scarlett up and carry her outside. “Fresh air will help you.” Scarlett stared at the jungle. “What are you hiding?” She whispered. “Scarlett I’m sorry! Please let me out!” “Bring me to him.” “Are you kid-“ “No bring me to him.” Noah did as he was told, though her was murmuring something to himself about Achilles on the way. “Babe, just listen, let me out. The snakes are killing me!” Scarlett was brought closer, she slapped him in the face. “I am not your BABE, also your are such a son of a bitch. So because you did this to me you should stay here until only shit is left out of you. I thought that bringing this on you would be low but now I see how selfish you are. You don’t deserve living with us.” She gave him a last punch and was being carried away. “Hey Scarlett, this month is ending, we will get more people. About the Thomas person, he’s dead. He lost too much blood. I’m sorry.” “What are we going to say to Coral?” “I think we just tell her.” Scarlett only nodded and asked Noah to carry her to Coral. “Hi, um, how are you?” Coral didn’t answer. “Fine…” “I just wanted you to know… y-your brother… Thomas h-he’s dead…” Coral made a long sigh. “I-I’m sorry, there was nothing we could do. I know how you feel.” Coral stood up and walked away. With no words. 

The next day Thomas and Amethyst were being buried next to the others. Coral didn’t seem to feel any emotions. After it was done Scarlett ran after Coral and stopped her. “Why aren’t you eating? Why aren’t you talking anymore?” Coral was about to go away, but Scarlett stopped her. “My legs hurt when I walk so you better tell me what’s wrong?” “Some things are not meant to be told…” Coral whispered and walked away. Scarlett sat on the rock, so many emotions were swirling in her mind she couldn’t figure out if she is sad, angry frustrated or anything else. “Hi, I’m glad your better.” Scarlett raised her head and saw Zoe. “Did you mean it?” Zoe seemed frustrated after these words of Scarlett. “What did I mean?” “The day when I was bleeding and sweating, you said that It’s better if I would be gone.” “You heard it didn’t you?” “Of course, explain.” “Hunter, he’s… he created a group that no one knows… I should say this to you but, Noah is involved as well as Scar. They want to go… they want to avenge. But me and you know that they won’t return.” Scarlett’s eyes widened. “I thought that if you would be gone they wouldn’t go out. I know I was stupid. I couldn’t decide, but then I understood that there are two people who are very important to you. One is mine. You couldn’t like without them if they were to die.” Scarlett only nodded and asked. “Where is Noah?” “I’m not sure. It think he’s next to Achilles.” Scarlett slowly stood and made a little noise from pain. As she limped her way to Achilles she didn’t see Noah there. She went back and searched around the tents, but he was nowhere to be found. “Noah! Noah!” Scarlett started to panic. “Zoe! Zoe!” Scarlett started screaming for help as she fell down and couldn’t stand up. “What’s wrong? Oh my god, Scarlett are you okay?” Zoe came closer and picked her up. “Yeah I’m fine, but I can’t find Noah, nor Hunter or…” “What?” Zoe asked as Scarlett stopped talking. “No… it can’t be… they left, you said they were planning on revenge.” “They left…” “No! Noah!” Scarlett started limp running to the jungle. Her face was all pale, her eyes were wide and her hands were shaking from fear. “Bianca! James! Carl and Ryan! Call everyone here! Tell them to take the best weapons we have and bring them here!” “But Scarl-“ Ryan wanted to say. “NOW!” Scarlett seemed to panic so bad all of her body parts were shaking. When everyone came, they seemed to be frustrated. “We are all going to the jungle! NO ONE is turning around. There are three teen boys going alone to avenge. WE have to save them!” “Yeah, yeah now because your, Zoe’s and Passions boyfriends are out that doesn’t mean that we all have to go after them.” James said. “These aren’t only boyfriends they are our friends. They think about us! They went there to avenge for all of the death’s that we have seen!” Scarlett was shouting “Now you my pal” she pointed at James “Have felt a death of a beloved person, Jessica. Now you would do this for her life if the was Noah Hunter or Scar would you?” after these words James only lowered his head down and listened. “We will fight till the end! These are our friends!” everyone shouted and charged to the jungle.

Everyone walked faster than ever. Sophie and Bianca seemed to be still scared so Scarlett walked closer to them. “Hey everything will be fine, you just have to believe. I’m here for you.” “Yeah, but what it won’t?” Bianca turned around. Her cheeks were red as always, but her eyes weren’t glowing. The fear of loosing someone else in this fight was killing Scarlett. “Look around, these are your friends, we live by saving each other, do we?” “Yes we do….” Sophie took a moment to think and said. “But sometimes saving doesn’t work. Like with Alex and Martin. They died, because of the live vines. We didn’t save them.” Sophie seemed to have more fear than ever. “What if we are just going to a death hole?” Ryan and James hear the talk and came closer. “If we are then at least we will die trying.” Scarlett turned her head from the others and looked farther thought the jungle. “Do you even know where we are going?” Ryan asked. “I do, I saw it through my dream.” “Oh so you saw it through a dream, how intimidating.” Ryan talked with no respect. “You know some people just don’t understand and have no feelings. The beloved ones who are dead see them and only say: “Shame on you.” So I say you should stop and think about what does your beloved person think now?” “That beloved person is you…” Ryan mumbled. “You’re… kidding right? Through all this time you hated me didn’t you?” “Some people know how to disguise their feelings…” Ryan turned his head the other way. “And I know you don’t feel any feelings for me, but it’s fine, cause I think I found the love of my life.” Ryan looked at Coral who walked alone. He walked towards her and started talking. 


Chapter 21 (extended edition, Noah’s perspective)


“Hey, Noah do you know the way?” Hunter asked Noah while walking. “I do, it’s incredible what things you could get from your girlfriend.” Noah turned at Hunter and Scar who were grinning and laughing a little bit. “We are close” he turned around. He was leading the way while Scar and Hunter were following. “What do you think Passion will do to you?” Hunter asked Scar. “Oh nothing only shout and slap me int he face, classical girls.” all of them made a loud laugh. “What about Zoe?” after Scar asked the question Hunters face darkened. “I made a break with her, I don’t know, I love her more than the stars, but we were in a fight-“ “Again” Hunter heard Noah whisper. “Hey, don’t judge me it’s hard with women like Zoe. They think that you will give all of your life to them…” “Hey bro, give all of it, like I cuddle up with her at night, kiss her. I love her and I show that to her” Noah tried explaining. “Man, I’m not a lover like you.” “Well what can I say? All girls fall for me.” Noah turned around and winked. Another laugh went out of Scars mouth. “Oh man, you should learn from him.” Scar joked. 

After more time of joking they finally came to the tree where the queen of venom lived. “Hey bro” Scar came to Noah. “Todays the first day of the third month, half way done!” They boys smiled. “Scar you go to the other side” Noah pointed the other side of the tree. “Hunter you guard the opposite side of the tree.” Noah pointed to left side of the tree. “And I am going in, I-“ “Man you can’t go alone.” “DON’T, I have to. Just stay here.” Noah came closer to them. “See in this or other world. They shook hands, gave a bro hug and slowly ran to the spots they had to be. “Wait” Noah called them. “Give me a sign if something or someone is coming.” they nodded and ran. As Noah was running he took out his knifes and entered the tree. Inside there was no sign of life. As he started walking thought the marble ground he heard a grunt. The bears were walking side to side guarding the tree, and beasts bringing in small animals, like dead badgers bunnies and other things. He didn't know who to hide from them and get to the top where the queen of venom is, until a brilliant idea popped in his head. He started shouting: “Hey everyone there are people a mile away from here!” the bears didn’t hesitate, all of them ran out. Noah just smiled and ran up. The ceilings of the tree were marble, all of the inside was made out of marble. Only the stairs were from diamond. When he was on the fourth floor a boy was standing. “Well, hello.” his right eye had a scratch and it was red the other one was black, his hair was was pitch black. “I wasn’t expecting any guests, but okay.” he took out a sword and said: “Let me take a wild guess, you’re here to avenge are you?” “Yes, I never thought that the queen of venom slut was so disgusting, I think I can fix your face a little bit can I?” Noah grinned and charged at the boy with the scar. He tried stabbing him in the stomach but the jumped away. The boy came closer and hit Noah in the nose. Blood started rushing from Noah’s nose. He grunted from pain and seemed to be furious. He charged again and stabbed the boy in his shoulder. He made a loud shout and said. “I heard your…. ugh Noah? Well thats a horrible name compared to a name Owen is it?” the boy smiled. “Well the name Owen is yours right? Well I have a question, is it from an owl family or something?” Noah made laugh and winked. “Your a insulter are you?” Owen made a bigger grin and jumped on Noah’s back and stabbed him many times in his back. “AHHHHHHHHH!” Noah started shouting, he fell back on his back and squished Owen. Noah turned around and was about to stab Owen in the neck until the scar boy cut through Noah hand. “YOU!” Noah shouted and started punching Owen who was laughing. “You… you think you won’t….. pff die! You’ll die!” Owen was still laughing until Noah stabbed him in the chest. Owen seemed to stop laughing. He pushed Noah away with his leg. As Owen stood up and tried to stop the bleeding Noah charged again and stabbed Owen in the legs. But then suddenly he heard a whistle. The sign from Hunter. Noah limped to the nearest window that wasn’t covered with glass and saw the bears coming back, but in front of them were all of the teens from the camp running to the tree. When they stopped, the first death appeared. Ryan fell down to the ground, dead. “Hah… you’re all gonna d-die!” Owen was grunting from pain. Noah came closer to Owen and kneeled down. “You, stay here.” after saying this he walked away, and ran down to help his friends. “Hunter Scar we are going in!” the boys nodded and ran towards the fight. They fought till all of the bears were down. “Noah!” Noah turned around and saw Scarlett, she limped to him and jumped on his neck. “Don’t you ever scare me like this!” she smiled and then her smile was gone. Scarlett looked around and saw four people down. They were laying on the ground, dead. “No… this is my fault. I shouldn’t of done this. My fault… no…” Scarlett was whispering to herself. “No. It’s not your fault.” Zoe came up to Scarlett. There were scars all over Zoe’s hands. “Your… hands” “It’s fine.” Zoe quickly said to Scarlett. She walked towards the dead. Carl, Pepper, James and Ryan were laying all bloody. “He was so sweet…” Coral came closer to him with still no feelings. “I talked to him about our memories in our different worlds…” she kneeled down and put her hand on his chest. “Do we leave them?” Sophie asked quietly. “Of course not” Melissa said. “Where are we gonna get them to camp?” Bianca asked shyly. Scarlett thought for a second and said. “We can’t bring them now, we have to go in check what is happening in there. This a chance we could use to know the reason we are here.” Scarlett said to everyone. “We can’t go in there. Not after what just happened out here.” Passion said. “Yes, but what if we find a way out?” “Does it matter more than your friends?” Passion kept arguing. “To be honest, yes, I don’t want to sit all the time seeing my friends die in front of my face. Now if we find a way out, they won’t die anymore. Also today is the start of the third month.” after there words Passion had to think for a moment. She nodded her head and argued again. “The people that send us here they said we would be here for six months. What if we find the way out, but we can’t go out? What then?” “Then we stay there until it opens.” Passion only nodded and said. “Okay, lead the way.” The team walked in the tree. With the inside all marbled. “This… this is just b-breath taking” Sophie whispered. “Wow…” Melissa said. “No time for staring at this place we have to go up.” Scarlett commanded. “Scarlett, at the fourth floor we have to… check something.” Scarlett looked at Noah questingly. “You’ll see.” They went to the fourth floor they saw Owen laying on the ground. Scarlett started limp running to him, but Noah held her hand. “He tried to kill me, we had a fight. He’s in the snakes side…” Scarlett wrinkled her nose and said. “Then why did you… bring me here?” “You might wanna look at his place and ask him some questions.” Scarlett went around Owen and looked at his face. It was the same as in her dream. “Oh my god… How? how did this happen?” “I guess your dreams tell things…” Scar came closer. Scarlett kneeled down firmly asked. “Why is all of this happening?” after these words Owen opened his eyes and spit in  her face. “I won’t tell you nothing.” her grunted. Noah came closer and put the knife next to his neck. “TALK!” Noah stabbed Owens stomach tree times. “F-fine. Someone created this place. Put people in. Me the snake other animals. They created them. It’s a test. A test to see who of you survive, and who is ready to go to the next o-one.” Owen started coughing out blood. Noah was about to kill Owen until Scarlett said: “DON’T, don’t kill him. We’ll need him.” “What he’ll just kill us all!” “No, we need to help us!” “NO, YOU WON'T TAKE HIM TO OUR CAMP! WE’LL DIE CAUSE OF HIM! NO! NO! NO! AND NO! WHILE I’M ALIVE NO ONE WILL EVER TOUCH YOU! I CAME HERE FOR REVENGE, BUT NO! YOU HAVE TO TAKE A PERSON WHO IS ON THE SNAKES SIDE TO OUR CAMP! NO!” Noah shouted on Scarlett like a wild animal. She backed away from him and said. “If, if you can’t handle your temper, I don’t think we should be together.” after saying this she stormed out and stopped. “Oh also, you wen’t away for revenge, but you basically killed four people. Zoe, Melissa and Passion let’s go.” Then she just went away. She started walking to the top floor which was the twentieth. “Why? Why did you brake up with him? I mean he is so charming.” Melissa stared asking questions that everyone wanted to know the answers to. “Don’t ask. I’m not in the mood.” suddenly Scarlett felt the force. Again puling her to the twentieth floor. “Do you feel it?” Scarlett asked the girls. “What?” Zoe asked “A force. It’s calling me to the top of the tree.” after saying this the girls eyes opened and all of them grabbed her by the hand. “Don’t let go!” Melissa was shouting. “Hold on!” Passion and Zoe were shouting. “I have to go up there! It’s calling me! The queen of venom is calling me! I have to kill her once and forever!” the girls looked at each other and said. “We’ll be after you. But first we’ll call for help!” “No! This fight is mine. If I die I will know that I died trying! You guys are my best friends! You would do anything for me… I wish we would have more time together!” Scarlett pulled the girls to a hug. Tears started rolling from each oh their cheeks. “Goodbye…” Zoe whispered. “Sayonara” Passion said. “See you in the other world…” Melissa whispered and they let go of her. The force pulled her up the stairs and she finally was alone with the queen of venom. “Hello, my dear. You came to finishhhhhh thissssss once and for all? Try.” the snake hissed. Scarlett took her knifes out of her pockets and charged to the snake. The snake came closer and wrapped around Scarlett, choking her up. “I never thought it would be sssssssso essssssy.” The snake hissed again. Scarlett thought that it was over, but then she heard all of her team cheer for her. “Scarlett! Scarlett! You can do this! Finish her up!” the voices echoed in there mind. She pulled her hands up and stabbed the snake with her knifes. She couldn't breathe but she tried the best she could. “Aghh!” the snake shouted from pain. The queen of venom let go of Scarlett. Suddenly she saw that Owen was here. “You idiot! Were were you! U ssssssson of a bitch!” “I-I’m sorry your majesty. I was attacked by one of the campers.” “I don't give a shit about it!” the snake screamed at Owen. Owen came closer and started fighting with Scarlett. He limped to her. It seemed that he didn't have any energy. He just jumped on her with no success. Scarlett ran away and stabbed him in the back. He shouted from pain and stood up again. The queen of venom was only shouting at Owen for loosing to Scarlett. “What are you doing? Get up and FIGHT!” the snake kept shouting to Owen until he just crawled away. Scarlett’s hand were stabbed may times. They were bleeding bad. Owen on the other side had bruises all over him. “We have to go! The beasts are coming. They will kill us all if we stay and fight!” Sophie was shouting to Scarlett who stood up and started walking towards the others. “No! We need to know what’s going on! We’re not turning away!” Scarlett was shouting. “Are you mad? We’ll die out here!” Scar was screaming. “WE ARE GOING BACK AND THAT’S IT!” Noah shouted at Scarlett and dragged her away. “NO! NO! I DON’T WANT TO LIVE IN CAMP ANYMORE, IT WORSE THAN DYING!” Noah looked back at Scarlett who was being dragged throuhg the marble and said: “No, I won’t stay here because I don’t want to lose you. I wouldn’t be able to live with myself knowing that I killed you…” “You won’t have to. I won’t die, I promise.” Scarlett was begging Noah to let go. “Today we will find shelter aroud this place, ask as many questions from the owl boy and try to kill queen of venom.” Scarlett nodded and stood up. “Everyone! Run after us! We will find shelter here and then the next day we will kill the QUEEN OF VENOM!” Scarlett shouted the last words with confidence like a leader. 

Scarlett ran down the stairs and look out the door. The beasts were right behind them. Scarlett turned around and ran to the other door as fast as she could. “HELP!” Scarlett truned around and saw Sohpie being dragged. “We need ot help her!” “No! Noah shouted, but Scarlett didn’t listen, she ran to the beasts and stabbed on straight in its shoulder. Sophie broke free and ran to them. “Get them!” Scarlett heard the queen of venom shout to the beasts. “You mother fucker! Come catch us!” Scarlett was shouting to her. As they ran deeper into the jungle Noah stopped and said: “Hide. Hide! Hide!” everyone did as they were told. Scarlett, Passion, Zoe and  Melissa ran under a rock and laid there. All of them were scared to death. When the beasts were standing there and talking what to do no one breathed, no one. “Let’s just go, it was an honor working with you…” one of the bear roard out and all of them walked off. 

Slowly everyone got out of their hiding places and Scarlett said: Everyone, we need to find shelter, tomorrow we will attack at sun rise.” everyone only grunted and went off to work. 

After a few hours everyone settled down. Passion and Scar came back with three rabbits, so it was a small feast. Zoe and Hunter brought some water from a near by river. After everyone ate they went to their hammocks. “I’ll be right back-“ Noah was saying to Scarlett until she grabbed his arm and said with anger.: You’re not going out, I won’t risk losing one of my…” Scarlett stopped “One of my teamates. Noahs face went dark and he said: “If you don’t want to risk losing your “teamates” then why did you bring them here? Why didn’t you let us run away when the bears were running to us? Why did you fight?” “Because I wanted to give them freedom! I wanted us all to get out of this god damned place!” “By bringing four friends down!? Is that how you see freedom?” “Do you think that we will reach freedom so easily? People will die!” “You know what? Fuck you! I’m going out if you like it or not! I will go to sleep somewhere else!” “No-“ “No! THATS IT!” Noah walked out to the tree of the snake and disapeared out of her eyes.” Zoe came closer to Scarlett and said: “What’s wrong with you? You seem to only care for yourself. You are not the person I first knew. You seem to ignore the people when they want to live. Just saying, but it’s kind of your fault… f-four of our friends…. died.” Scarlett eyes spread out, she was about to say something, but she just walked to the hanging hammocks that were all around the fire. She laid down on hers and look at the stars.

When everyone was asleep Scarlett whispered: “What’s wrong with me? I want to taste freedom so bad I risk everyones life. They don’t even wanna do this. I have to stop it. Because of this I even had to break up with my boyfriend. What’s wrong with me?”

After some time Scarlett fell asleep, for the first time…


Chapter 22


“Everyone. Wake up. Today is the day we find out why we are here.” Scarlett was telling her speech on a rock. “It was a honor being your friend, sister, beloved. I will see you in the other world.” Scarlett’s face darkened on her last words. “Me, Zoe Passion, Melissa, Hunter are going through the right side up to the last floor, we will attack while the queen of venom is alone. Sophie, Bianca, Noah-“ Scarlett stopped. “W-where is N-Noah?” she whispered. “We haven’t seen his since last night, I think he went to the tree…” Zoe started explaining. “We’ll find him there… I promise.” Melissa was trying to save Scarlett. She only nodded and continued explaining. “As I was saying, Sophie, Bianca, Noah and Scar are going throught the left side to guard the outside, when I will give the signal you will come upstairs incase we need help.” Everyone only nodded, took their weapons. They ran and bend down a little bit so the beats and bears won’t see them. Scarlett showed a sign to the others and all of them seperated. When they were inside Scarlett stopped. “No…” she whispered. “Scarlett move on, cmon…” Hunter whispered to her. “Back up, we’re not going, you all will die, we have to go back to camp…” Scarlett whispered again and lifter her head up. “Are you kidding me? We went so far and now you’re saying we have to go back? Make up your mind, we can’t turn around now, not now, not at this moment.” Passion came closer, took Scarlett’s hand and they all ran upstairs. When they reached the fourth floor Scarlett stopped and remembered. They forgot Owen… She turned to the empty room, only blood was on the shining marble ground. She went in it and saw Noah laying, his eyes were closed and he was stabbed many times in the chest. Scarlett ran to his and started mumbling. “Wake up. Just wake up. Why did you leave? I told you not to leave. Now you’re done. Just open your eyes! I love you! Just open them! Open! I don’t want to meet you in the other world! What if you won’t be the same?!” Scarlett started screeming desperately. “Scarlett… S-Scarlett… h-he won’t wake up, it’s all over…” Passion whispered and put her hand on her shoulder. “No. No! It’s NOT OVER! He’s gonna live! I know that! Just, let’s wait! Please…” Scarlett put her head down on his chest and started sobbing. “Oh Noah, I’m so sorry. It’s my fault. It was me breaking your heart.” Melissa came and gave a hug to Scarlett. “I know how that feels…” Melissa whispered. 

“Scarlett, we have to go. We can take his to cam-“ Zoe stopped. “Hi, Scarlett. How’s the view? Hope you’re enjoying it…” Scarlett turned around and saw Owen standing there all bloody. “You. YOU!” Scarlett’s face became like wild animals, she ran to him trying to finish him off, but he jumped away and stabbed her in the back. Scarlett shouted out from pain an charged again, but it was not good. He pushed her to the ground and pushed the knife deeper into her shoulder. “AGH!” Scarlett shouted. “Scarlett! I can’t move! I can’t” Melissa was shouting, she turned around and saw all of her friends trying to move but it was no good. “What’s wrong? Miss your boyfriend? Well you know what? I killed him! With my bear hands! I would love to do the same to you, only, sad as it is, someone else want’s to kill you. Personaly…” Owen came closer and grabbed her by her hair and started pulling. Scarlett started whimpering. “He killed him. He killed him. He killed him. I killed him with my bear hands…He killed him. I won’t see him again as he is now…” thoughts were whispering in Scarlett’s mind. Sudden anger cought her. She stood up and stabbed Owen five times in his stomach. He only made a loud laugh, took out a purple pottle and spilled some blue liquid on his bruizes. They were gone in 5 seconds. Then it his Scarlett. She charged to him took the bottle away and threw it out to the other side. “Now, you” she was holding the nife next this his nexk while he was laying. “Say why are we here? If you don’t I will try out what things I could do with this dagger.” “I won’t tell you nothing!” Owen spit on Scarlett’s face. “Your choice…” Scarlett took out her other dagger out of her pocket and stabbed his finger to the ground. It went right thour it. Se didn’t take it out, just left it there. “Now you tell me, how do I make the bears go away from the fucking snake and then I will leave you alive…” Owen was whimpering. “Fine.” Scarlett took another dagger and stabbed it right through his leg. “FINE! FINE! Just” Owen was breathing heavinly from pain. “Y-you have to say to them this: “Get me some rabbits…” Scarlett stood up and looked at her friends. They were all on the ground laying without any energy. “Wh-whats wrong?” “The force…the….one…you….w-were talking….about. It got us. G-go kill…her.” Passion closed her eyes. Scarlett stood up and ran to the twelth  floor with anger. “Get me some rabbits!” Scarlett shouted from the corner. The bears and beasts ran out instantly. Scarlett only went in the room and looked straight in the snakes eyes. “You cameeee. Didn’t youuuuu” Scarlett came closer and said: “Today is the last you see the sun.” After these words she charged to the queen of venom stabbing her on her body. “Youuuu areee naughteyyy!” the queen of venom made a loud laugh and bit Scarlett in the leg. SHe colapsed. She couldn’t see anything. Blind. The snake bit her again. Now she couldn’t move her left leg. “I’ll kill you like thatttt.” Scarlett could feel that the snake was smiling. “I won’t give UP!” Scarlett ran to the front though she couldn’t see anything. Tryed stabbing something but she only touched the thin air. There was another laugh behind her. She tryed stabbing the queen behind her but missed. Now she got bitten again and lost her right hand. “Believe. Belive.” Scarlett started whispering to herslef “Belive, just believe” then she got it. Scarlett turned 45 degrees and stabbed the snake. Again and again. “HOW!?” the snake was screaming. Then Scarlett turned 60 degrees and stabbed the snake in her neck. Now Scarlett came closer to the queen of venom and said.”Tell me why are we here?” “Haven’t you noticed yet? This is a show. A TV show. You are tested here who will go to the next level. To the other show!” Scarlett’s face got paler, she let go of the snake, was about to go away but turned back to the snake and stabbed her in the head. Dead, the snake died. 

Scarlett ran down to the fourth floor, took the purple bottle and spiled a little bit on each person. Noah was the last one left. She came closer kneeled down to him and dropped a small drop on his chest. He opened his eyes and looked up. “Noah…” Scarlett whispered and hugged him tight. 

Scarlett explainded everything to the others and said. “We are puppets. This is time to end this. I say we go out!” Everyone shouted and they all ran out. “Wait.” Noah grabbed Scarlett’s hand. “What about Owen?” Scarlett turned to Owen and went closer. “I will let you to go with us.” Owens eyes got wider and he said. “Thank you… but I have to stay here, the queen of venom-“ “I killed her….” Scarlet explained. “Then it’s just a thank you.” Scarlett smiled and they all went out. “Where do we go?” Bianca asked. “To freedom…” Scarlett whispered, they all went to take their hammocks and went towards the dark side of the jungle….


Chapter 23


All of the teens were walking. Some were chatting. Some were slinent. Thinking of death. 

“We’re gonna make it. Don’t worry…” Scarlett felt someone take hold of her hand. She raised her head and saw Noah smiling. “I-“ Scarlett was about to say something bu Noah put his finder on her lips “Shhh.” Scarlett looked down and Noah raised her head. A tear rolled down her cheak. “I-I’m sorry.” Scarlett tried saying something through her tears. “I know you were just trying t-to s-save me.” Suddenly Scarlett started sobbing. Noah came closer and hugged her. Tight. Like never before. Scarlett burried her head in his shoulder. “I-I’m so-“ “No! Don’t appolagise. It’s my fault. I was only thinking about myself and you. But, you. You were the one who cared about other people. You were the one who would risk her life for other people.” Noah looked into her eayes and held her shoulders. 

“Are you comming?” Zoe shouted out from farther away. Noah made a sigh and said: “We will talk later. About you. About us…” Noah smiled and ran to the group to gain up. Scarlett was just standing there. Noone saw her. Soon all of them got out of sight. “N-Noah?” Scarlett looked around. Noone was there…

“Lost?” Scarlett heard a voice and turned around. Owen. “What do you want?” Scarlett asked. Her heart started whimpering from fear. “I just want… you. I want you to feel fear. Hurt. Sorrow. Like I did.” Owen started walking towards Scarlett. Slowly, while she was walking back. “Oh come on… are you gonna run away when I have a chance?” as Scarlett was walking back she tripped and fell back. She crawled back as Owen limped to her. “Now, now. Behave. The less noise you make the less you will suffer…” He took a knife and put it on her neck. It was cold as ice. “Stop!” Scarlett was shouting. He looked at her and made a smirk. Suddelny he raised it and stabbed it in her neck. “Agh! Help!” “Shut up! I’M DOING MY JOB! THE SNAKE IS DEAD! NOW I’M THE RULER! I’M THE ONE!” he stabbed her multiple times at her feet and palms. Black. Only black in her eyes. Passed away. 


Chapter 24 (Noah’s perspective)


He walked with Bianca and Shophie. They were the youngest ones, they needed someone to help them relax. “Go to Scarlett. She’s in depression.” both of them were repeating the same thing over and over. “It’s fine, she needs some alone time…” he would always say that to them. Suddenly everyone heard a shout and turned back. “Where’s Scarlett… Where’s Scarlett?!” Noah started shouting. He ran in desperate back, trying to find her. Everyone was shouting, but he didn’t look back. Not now. Not at his moment.

He ran until he found Owen dragging Scarlett to the tree. He charged to him and shouted. “YOU SON OF A BITCH! SHE SAVED YOU. SHE SAVED YOU. IF NOT HER YOU WOULD BE DEAD BY NOW!” Owen looked back and saw Noah. His eyes widened. He let go of Scarlett and ran away. Noah ran straight to Scarlett. “Stay… Stay. Open, open your eyes. Please…” he took her on his hands and carried her back to the others. 

“No. That’s not good. Everytime this would happen, she would be stronger. It’s probably because of her disease. Her energy is draining. The lightest hit in the face might pass her out.” Passion was talking with Noah. “Can’t we take out the thing out of her?” Noah was trying to save her. “I don’t have all of the materials. I can cut it out, but how will I sew it back together? She’ll bleed to death…” Passion looked down and started crying. “I-If I woun’t be able to save her I won’t be able to live with m-myself.” Noah held Passions hand and said: “She’ll be fine. Look at the bright side, the fourth month is pretty near, we have two more weeks until the next person…” “Yeah, but we won’t be able to meet them, I mean, we are in the in he middle of no where. How are we gonna meet them?” Passion asked. Noah looked at her in a mad glare at Passion. “I’m going to check on her…” Noah started walking towards thehammock that Scarlett was laying. Her hand was hanging out. Her face had bruises. Noah came closer. He put his hand on her cheeck and whipped away the rain drop from her cheek with his thumb. Noah kissed her forehead and said: “You have felt so much pain, so much you’re energy is draining. I promise, I cross my heart, nothing will happen to you no more. Nothing…” Noah kissed her in her hand and walked away. “We have to move…” Zoe started complaining to Noah. “We won’t move until Scarlett is fine.” Noah stood up on a rock and said: “Now, Scar do you still have food and water?” “I do have water, but not food…” Scar murmured. “Me, Scar and Hunter will go hunt rabbits or other animals, everyone put the hammocks and get the fire ready.”  after Noah’s words everyone got to work. 

“How are we going to find any animal in the dark side?” Scar asked. “We will.”

All of them sesarched and searched until the found a family of deer. They sneaked closer and attacked. As Scar came closer and hit the male. Instantly the deer hit him in the face and he fell down. Passed away. “Scar!” Noah came closer to him. “Wake up! Wake up!” Noah started shouting. Noah looked back and saw Hunter dragging two deer. One was a female and another was a male. “How?” Noah started asking Hunter. “I don’t know man. Skills…” “Can you drag the deer to the camp?” Noah asked. “Yeah sure…” “I will take Scar” both of them started slowly walking to the mini camp. 

After a couple of hours they made it. Everyone rushed to them. “Passion! Passion! We need your help!” Passion rushed to them and fell. “No…” she whispered. “He was trying to hunt, but the male deer hit him with his back legs.” Noah was explaining. He carried Scar to the hammock and laid him there. Passion took a while to check him. But after a while she came. Tears were rushing down her cheeks. Her eyes were red. It seemed that she tried to be strong. Kept her feelings inside. No one said anything. They waited. She came out of the small tent and went in again…



Chapter 25 


Scarlett woke up, her musceles were all sore. Her head hurt like never before. She heard someone whimppering at the side. She turned her head to the side because she couldn’t raise it. Passion was there. She wrapped her knees and her head was laid on them. “Wh-what’s wrong?” Scarlett whispered. Passion looked back. Scarlett couldn’t see her face but she felt something was wrong. “What’s wrong?” Scarlett whispered louder. “H-he’s gone…” Passion started sobbing like a small child. “Oh god! OH GOD! WHY? WHY? WHAT DID I DO TO YOU? WHAT DID I DO TO YOU? I TRIED HELPING OTHER PEOPLE! BUT IN  RESPONSE YOU KILLED HIM!-“ Passion was stopped by Scarlett’s grunts. She ran to her and felt Scarlett’s forehead which awas all sweaty. “You’re sweating too much… Someone bring water! Now!” Passion started shouting. Coral rushed in with water. Passion grabbed it and gave Scarlett, but she was too weak. “You have to drink, if you don’t you’ll die.” Passion was begging. “I don’t want to lose you too.” Passion tried many times to tell Scarlett to drink water but it never worked. Sudely she opened Scalett’s mouth and spilled all of the water from the wooden cup to Scarlett’s mouth. Some water got into Scarletts mouth but most of it spilled through the edges. “Come on… come on… swollow it…” Passion was loosing hope to bring her friend, but then a horrible idea popped into her mind. “Someone get me a stick…” Sophie ran out and came back. “What a-are you doing?” she asked in fear. “I’m gonna try to save my friend. Culd you do me a favor? Sit her up and bend her head back.” Passion looked like she was about to do something horrible. When Sophie did Passion took the stick, wrapped moss around it to make it softer. 

Everyone was standing hoping to save Scarlett, they stood there pale. “Sophie and Bianca I reccoment you to go out…” Passion looked at them but they shook their heads. Passion came closer and said to Scarlett and said: “I’m sorry, I have to do this to save you. If you don’t drink you’ll die…” Passion came infront of her while Sophie held Scarlett from the back. Passion took the stick with moss and put it in Scarlett who started chocking bad, groaning from pain. “Scarlett, please wait.” Passion started crying, but didn’t stop. She pushed the stick deeper in Scarlett’s mouth to open the path so she could gove her water. Saliva and blood started rushing from Scarlett’s mouth. “It’s near please wait.” Scarlett started vomiting and chocking more and more, utnil she could breath. “Stop!” Bianca was shouting from the croud. She started running towards Scarlett. “Someone take Bianca away!” Hunter came and took Bianca on his shoulders and took her out. “Stop! Stop! She’ll die like this!” Everyone heard Bianca shouting outside. “Please don’t die.” Blood rivers were rushing from Scarlett’s mouth more and more until a soft click was heard. “It’s open…” Passion murmured and shouted: “Give me whater! Now!” Noah gave her the carved out cup of water. Passion grabbed it while the other hand was holding the stick in Scarlett’s mouth. He spilled the water in Scarlett’s mouth which ran down her throat. Passion made a long sigh and said: “She will be fine, if I will give her at least 3 more cups of water I will be able to take the stick out.” Noah looked at her, ran out and came back with three wooden cups of water. Passion spilled it in Scarlett’s mouth and took the stick out. “Sophie you can let her go now.” Passion looked at Sophie who had tears on her cheaks and was all pale. She only nodded and ran out of the mini tent made out of hudge leaves. The sticks were tied with vines and the leafes were like the roof, there were no walls.

Passion carrefuly laid Scarlett down on the three layer leaves and said: “You’ll get better, I promise…” Scarlett only groaned in answer and fell to a deep sleep…



Chapter 26


“She’s not fine, she drank water, well I made her. But her disease, it’s spreading really fast…” Scarlett opened her eyes and saw Passion talking with Noah. “She can barely walk. I don’t know what to do. Without a leader… We will have to leave her here” Passion continued talking. “NO! I will not leave her! NO! I will carry her no matter where, to the end of the world if I have to! Dont you dare leave her!!” Noah’s face was all red. Inside he felt fear, fear that he will lose someone he loves. Someone he doesn’t wants to leave… 

Scarlett groaned. Noah looked at her and ran. “Scarlett, look at me… I will carry her, but you have to drink, just drink water. We found a river, so we have enought.” Passion came closer with a cup of water. Scarlett tried to open her mouth, but she didn’t have enough strengh. “She can’t do this…” Passion whispered. Noah opened her mouth and Passion spilled the water in her mouth. “Come on…. Come on!!!” Noah started shouting. Water only spilled from her mouth and she chocked. 

“RUN!RUN!!” Bianca came running to them. “Whats wrong?!” Noah asked. “THE BEASTS ARE COMING, WE HAVE TO GO NOW!” Sophie’s face was all pale and she could barely stand on her legs. “No…” Noah murmured, he just picked up Scarlett on his hands and ran. Passion took the hammocks and asfter him. “Every one run!” Melissa shouted. All of them ran as fast as they could. No one stopped, no one looked back. They just ran, until Coral stopped and opened her mouth. “Wait! Every one!” All of the teens stopped and looked at her. “We can’t stop!” Melissa was shouting. “Its the door!” Coral shouted again. “What?!” Noah shouted. “I THINK IT’S THE WAY OUT!” Coral shouted one more time. Every one looked at her in shock and ran towards the door. “To freedome!!” Sophie started shouting as the others followed. “Noah…” Scarlett whispered. Noah looked at her and said while running. “We’re nearly there…” “What?” “The way out…” Scarlett jumped out of his arms and started running, falling down and running again. “Scarlett! Are you crazy?” Noah shouted “No! I wanna be with myslef before freedom!” Noah couldnt say anything…

All of them ran closer and closer to the door until they reached the door. It didn’t open. “WHAT?! OPEN UP!” Hunter was shouting to the door, while everyone was baging. He looked back and saw the beasts comming closer and closer. “Guys!” Hunter started shouting to the group. “Put your hands on the door… Put your hands on the door!” Scarlett shouted to the teens. All of them did as told. Suddenly the doors started shinning, one number had to be pressed. “What the fuck?! Which number?” Sophie shouted. “Six!” Noah shouted as he ran to the beasts with Hunter. “Noah!” Scarlett started shouting. The door opened. They all ran in, until it started closing. “NOAH, HUNTER!” Zoe started shouting, they looked back and started running as fast as they could. Every one cheered. “They wont make it.” Coral whispered. When Noah and Hunter were very close to the end Coral stood in the middle, as the doors squished her from the sides. “CORAL! NO!” Everyone shouted as Noah and Hunter slided under Coral. They ran to the others as Coral got squished entirely. When they looked back a helicopter was waiting for the others. People… Real ones… 

Everyone ran shouting, screaming for help, until Scarlett fell. Not breathing. “Scarlett! NO! DON’T LEAVE US!” Men took the teens and started dragging them to the helicopter. Scarlett was laying there until one men took her into the helicopter… 





Part 2 


In The Sea…


Chaper 1

Finaly saved

“Come on… Come on… open your eyes…” Scarlett heard voices, blured voices echoing in her hurting head. She slowly opened her eyes until she saw all of her friends and two more. “Scarlett!” Melissa, Zoe and Passion jumped on her and hugged her hard. “I-I c-can’t breath…” Scarlett whispered. “Oh shoot sorry.” All of the girls jumped off. “She has to stay put…” I boy with black hair and yellow eyes came closer to the group. “Where am I?” Scarlett muttered. “In a helicopter… You made it out… The cities waiting for you… We know that you found out about this show. I mean you killed her…” A girl came with red eyes and black hair with yellow stripes. “Oh my names Barbara… sorry for not saying it earlier, and this is my…. friend Ezra.” The girl smiled and pointed to the boy. He smiled and went to the pilot. “Where’s Noah?” Scarlett sat down and looked around. “He’s in the lunch room, I’ll go get him-“ Sophie was about to go but Scarlett stopped her. “What is Achilles doing here?” Scarlett looked her friends. “They saved him…” Bianca muttered. “What?!” Scarlett tried standing up but failed, fell down to the ground. “They said that he will be killed in the city, when we’ll get there, after one week.” Passion said. “Also, uh, um O-Owen is here…” Zoe said with fear. “What the fuck!? Why did they let him in?! He can kill people!” Scarlett started screaming at the others. “Calm down?! Like what could this sexy teen do?” Barbara asked. “Oh, you don’t know what he has done he-“ Scarlett was about to say something when Ezra interrupted her. “I saw the show, he almost killed you and Noah and some other poeple. I’m sorry for your loss.” He made a mad glare at Barbara. “I have to see Noah…” Scarlett whispered. Ezra came to her and helped her up. His eyes were concentrated to the door. He didn’t even look at her. When he opened the door for Scarlett, she looked in and saw a buch of other people talking to Noah and Hunter. “Those are other people, the ones that were in another place. They were in a city. Abandoned one. All of them survived.” Ezra whispered. All of the other people look at Scarlett like she was a ghost. Thay looked at her and bowed. Bowed. “What?” Scarlett looked at them and couldn’t understand. “You are a big leader. You saved these people. We respect you.” A boy with yellow hair and black eyes came closer. He smiled with his huge smile. She looked him over. Scars covered his whole body. He noticed and said: “It was hard in the city…” he tried to explain but Scarlett put her hand on his shoulder and said: “I know what you mean. We’ve gone throught that.” 

“Let me through. Excuse me!” Scarlett looked further, someone was there. A similar voice. When the person came throught she opened her mouth and looked at him. Noah. He was looking at her. Then ran to her and took her in his arms. “Noah! I can’t believe. You…” Scarlett couldn’t finish his sentence because he put his lips onto hers. When they let go of each other Noah whispered: “I thought I’d loose you-“ “Babe! Who is that? You said I was yours!” A girl came to him and pushed Scarlett off his arms. She fell down to the ground and hit her head on one of the tables. A girl names Anna with white hair and gray eyes came to help her up. Scarlett looked at the mirror and saw herslf. She changed. Her hair was now white and her eyes were light blue. “What?” Scarlett touched her soft hair. “You changed, because you have proven that you are a leader you were changed. Noah came closer and wanted to hug her, but Scarlett rejected. “Go to your girlfriend.” Scarlett whispered. “It’s not like that-“ Noah tried to explain. “I know what its like. You can go now.” After Scarletts words the girl who had brown hair with black stripes, and eyes that were white took Noah by the hand and took him away. “It’s gonna be okay. Willow, she’s stupid. You’ll see” Ezra put his hand on her shoulder. “How do you know?” Scarlett looked up at him. “Because this happened to me…” Ezra was looking through the window. He seemed so mysterious. 

A boy Matt and a girl Cat helpped her get to the sleeping room. It seemed so weird. No hammocks. Only bunk beads. All of her friends except Noah were in there beds. There was only bunkbed left. For Noah and Scarlett. She laid in the upper one and looked at her friends. Bianca and Sophie, like sisters were cuddled up in one. It seemed so funny. Two of them trying to fit on the upper one. Passion was trying to read a book. She couldn’t understand anything. Melissa was sleeping under Passion. Scarlett smiled when she saw Hunter and Zoe whispering love things to one another. They seemed so happy. Not like her. Her face darkened as she remembered Noah and the girl who everyone calle Willow. She laid down and stared up at the ceiling. She missed the jungle. She missed the stars. The vines. The whole outside world. There she would see the most wonderful sights. Not unlike here. As she started through the window, she saw the stars. They woren’t the ones she was in love with. They were strangers to her.

When everyone was asleep, Noah still wasn’t there. She decided not to wait for him. But the thought kept hitting her mind. What if he’s with Willow. What if he doesn’t love her anymore? Scarlett couldn’t sleep. She ran out to a long and dark corridor, turned right and found a supply room. Didn’t find anything. Then went back to the sleeping room. There under Passions bed she found the hammocks. All of them. By one look she could tell who’s is who’s hammock. The neat one was Melissa’s. The one with more ripps was Hunters. And the one with grass pieces were Scarletts. She took it and hung it above her bed. When she laid in it all the memories came back. : 

“Scarlett woke up hanging on a tree. Blood was dripping from her palms. Her name was written on her hand “Scarlett” she read out. She looked down. A shock of terror ran through her face, her palm was burning with pain as more blood fell down and stained the grass blood red. Her arms were tied with vines to the tree. She started screaming and moving her hand and legs around trying to get up. After she managed to sit down on the brach Scarlett looked around and saw a bunch of more kids hanging on the branches. When they all sat up one girl looked familiar, that girl had brown hair and blond strips. When all of them got down to the ground thy looked around and started running. After a while the teens got tired and stopped.” “When Scarlett woke up she looked around and saw Melissa sitting next to her. “Where is Jack?” she asked. “I don’t know…” Scarlett answered, but her eyes lied. “Please don’t lie to me. Did you really think that I won’t notice that he isn’t here for 4 days now?” “No…” “So please show him to me.” Scarlett thought for a moment and decided to show. She walked through the injury tent to the very end of it. A big bump was at the end that was covered with a blanket.”

All of them came back. The time with Noah and her friends. The most frightning places… She wanted to go back. No she didn’t. Her mind was fighint. Fighting with the idea. “It’s done. I did it. And I won’t go back… “



Chapeter 2

First day 


The next morning Scarlett woke up with no one in the room. Her clothes were changed. They were weird. Weird to wear. Soft. With long sleeves. Colorful. She came out and walked to the eating room. Everyone was eating chatting. Her eye stopped at Noah and Willow. They were making out. Right there. Alone. By the table. It stroke her heart. The feeling of jealously. First time in her life. As she walked past them like nothing was happening, she glanced at Ezra, alone. Looking throught the window. His yellow eyes made him handsom, beautiful. The mystery made him so charming. 

As Scarlett sat next to him, he looked at her and smiled. “I hope you had a good sleep.” he said. “I came to check on you and saw you sleeping in the hammock.” he continued. “I-I guess I can’t sleep without it. I mean it’s me. I can’t be without it-“ “It’s okay I get it.” Ezra looked at her. For one minute it seemed like it was only they two. Together in one world. Until Matt came. With his pink hair messed up after the sleep and his gray eyes shining. “Hey Ezra! My man!” he slapped Ezra by the back and looked at Scarlett. “I hope you’re feelign better” he said to Scarlett as she nodded. “Well I’ll leave you guys!” he made a smirk and walked away. “Oh, foods here.” Ezra silently exclaimed as a man came closer with two plates. They were round pancakes. Only Scarlett didn’t know. She ate it with hands. “Uh. Scarlett. Those things by the sides.” Ezra pinted “Are ment to be eaten with…” “Oh. Sorry.” she took them and tried but couldn’t understand. He stood up and helpped her to undersand. As he put one hand on one side and the other on one side. He moved slowly, showing her how to. His hands were soft on hers. Embracing her. 

When Scarlett got a hang of it her eyes started shinnign brighter and brighter. “I-“ Scarlett was about to say something but Cat, with blond hair and half green and half light blue eyes came closer and asked Scarlett: “Hey, um I think you don’t know, but we’re throuwing a disco party tonight. I was wondering if you could come?” Scarlett looked at Ezra who nodded. “Yeah sure. Sounds fun. I’v never been at one though.” “Well I’ll see you there. At ten p.m.” Cat patted her by the arm and walked away. “Don’t worry. Parties are fun. Relax.” Ezra took her hand and smile with his gorgeous smile. 

The rest of the day went pretty fun. Ezra thought her how to read in four hours. They played games and had the best time in their lives. Soon she even forgot about Noah and Willow. He wasn’t on her mind anymore. He was blured more and more. Like a memorie being forgotten…


Chapter 3

Disco party


Soon the ten p.m came and it was time. Before she went to the party Passion, Melissa and Zoe came to the bed room, when Scarlett was looked at herself in the mirror. “Scarlett!” They both said her name at the same time. Scarlett turned around in shock and hugged them “I miss the jungle…” Scarlett whispered “Me too.” Zoe muttered “Same” Melissa said. “Yeah…” Passion muttered. They stood there until, they began sobbing. They couldn’t let go. Holding the memories.

“Oh girl. We’re going to the party right?” Zoe asked whipping her tears off. “Well this girl, Cat I think. Well she gave me dresses, that’s what she calles them and other clothes for the night!” Passion exclaimed in excitement. She took a bunch of clothes out of the bag. “Scarlett, you have to wear this” Melissa said. She took out a white dress, with no sleevs. It was holding around the chest. It had a light blue rose shinning bright on the right corner. Zoe took out a pair of high heel shoes that were white and handed it all to Scarlett. “You guys. I can’t weat this its-“ “Shhhh, this is your night have fun! We will all!” Zoe shushed her and led her to the changing room. As Scarlett took off her daily clothes. Stepped in the dress. Zipt it. She looked gorgous. Her wavy hair falling down on her shoulders seemed like an angels. Slowly she put on the high heels. But as soon as she stood up, Scarlett fell down. “Scarlett?” Melissa came in the changing room and helped Scarlett get up. “Thanks, I still don’t know how to use them…” Scarlett stood up and started walking. Slowly. 

Scarlett came to the door. She could hear the loud music. As she slowly walked through the door. The loud music banged her in the face. “Scarlett! You came!” Cat came as her blond hair was waving side to side.  “Hey” Scarlett was looking through Cats shoulder. She was looking for someone she felt safe with, someone that made her special. 

When Cat was done talking she walked towards the bar. “Hey Scar-“ Matt wanted to say something else but Scarlett cut him “Don’t call me that… Scar was my brother.” “I’m sorry” Matt lowered his head and walked away. She turned around and saw Ezra starring at her. “You… look amazing…” Ezra whispered “What?!” Scarlett couldn’t hear him through the loud music. Ezra took her hand and led her to a private room. “You look beautiful.” Ezra repeated as he looked at her. Scarlett blushed. She couldn’t help but kiss him. And she did. Smashed her lips into his, but pushed away. “I-I’m sorry. I didn’t m-“ “It’s okay. Trust me.” after those words his soft lips reached hers. He kissed her passionately. Embracing every moment. His lips helt so soft. Soon they went more agressive. Ezra took her in his hands not breaking the kiss. Put her on the sink and started zipping her dress. Still not breaking the kiss. Slowly he took it off and Scarlett took Ezras shirt off. His skin was with scraches and scars. 

Suddenly the doors opened as Noah went in. “Oh. I just came in to… You know never mind. I don’t care.” Noah left the room. Scarlett lowered her head as she took her dress and put in on back. “I’m sorry, I don’t want to push you. I don’t know what happened to me…” Ezra was all pale, as he went away. “No…” Scarlett whispered as she followed Ezra with her eyes. “Why?Why! WHY!?” Scarlett started screaming and sobbing. Her face met her eyes in the mirror. Sorrow, flooding through her body. Slowly she walked out of the room, then out of the disco. Limping to the bedroom, when she collapesd on her bed. But she wasn’t alone. Noah was there. “You know. I’m not cheating on you… Couples need to burn some briges sometimes through the journey of your life…” Noah started talking. Seemed like to himself. “Seems like you are. We just grew apart.” Sarlett continued. “Willow. She has a bad past. Her l-“ “Don’t talk to me like that! DON’T YOU DARE! I HAD A HORRIBLE PAST. I HAD THE DISEASE. I HAVE BEEN KILLED PLENTY OF TIMES, BUT THAT ISN’T A BAD PAST. NO IT ISN’T! I loved you son long, but it seems like you’re letting it go. You’re letting our relationship flow away into the sky. You just don’t care about me anymore do you? Ever since I saw you make out with that Willow my heart broke and my feelings are gone for you. New ones were born. I guess you are a player. Not telling anything and running away with another girl.” Scarlett grew out of breath, but there she did it. Let all of her feelings out. All of them. Nothing was left un-said. Tears were rolling down her cheeks as she took out a sheat of paper and pressed it to her heart. Noah didn’t say anything just left. Without any words. “Hey-“ Melissa came in and saw Scarlett. “Hey… whats wrong?” Melissa climbed up the small lader and sat next to Scarlett and stroked her hair. “Both of them left me!” Scarlett sobbed harder and harder. “I-I’m sorry. Ezra loves you I promise. he just got scared. Scared that he made you feel un-confortable…” Melissa was trying to confort Scarlett. “How do you know this?” Scarlett turned her red eyes to Melissa. “You never know what you can see by just walking to the bathroom…” Scarlett let out a soft chuckle. Scarlett niffed and hugged Melissa. “You’re the best.” she whispered. 

After a few moments Scarlett went out for a walk throught the giant helickopter. Cat was there smooching  with a girl that everyone called Alice. They made out and stuff, that seemed new to Scarlett. But she just past them like nothing happened. Soon enough she entered the balckony where she just stared into the unknown horrizon. The one she couldn’t understand. She wondered. Wondered what doesn the city look like. Suddenly she felt arms around both sides. Some one behind her. “It’s cold here.” the stranger said. Scarlett turned around and saw Ezra. He looked to the stars as his black hair waved. He looked at her and said: “I never ment to leave you like this. But I was afraid that I was putting you in a unconfartable sutuation. I mean ou still have feelings for N-“ “I don’t, we’re done.” Scarlett put her finger to his lips, shushing him. He cupped her face with his hands and kissed her in the forhead. “Can you sleep with me for tonight?” Scarlett asked him as she turned away, from fear that she sounded stupid. Ezra whipped her tears away and said: “Follow me.” He took her by the hand and brought her to a bedroom. His one. It had a big bed in the middle and two candeles on the shelves full of books. Ezra slowly took Scarletts dress and shoes as she went into bed. When Ezra was only with his boxers he went under the sheets. “Good night beautiful.” Ezra whispered as Scarlett drifited so sleep on his chest…


Chapter 4



Scarlett woke up with Ezra not by her side. As she quickly sat up and looked around and climed down and walked to the libruary. Everything came rushing back from the last day. Ezra, Noah… Everything. Slowly she started walking to the dinning room. Willow was there alone. No one beside her. “Where’s everyone?” Scarlett asked. She made a fake smile, but Willow could see the true eyes of Scarlett. So cold. Willow only pointed into the room behind her. She slowly walked and opened slowly as seeking for something new. There she found all of the people next to a bar drinking cocktails. “She’s here…” someone whispered. “Oh my god…” another whisper. Everyone stared at her with hudge eyes. “W-What?” Scarlett asked with fear. “Scarlett. We saw you at sleep. With Ezra. Why is that?” Matt came closer. “I-I” Scarlett was about to say something. “It’s my fault” Ezra stepped in. “I took her.” Ezra continued. “You can’t do that Ezra! She’s with Noah! What will the city say when they see that Scarlett isn’t with Noah. They were the heartsweets of the show! They will be mad!” Barbara came to the front. “I’M NOT WITH NOAH! WE ARE DONE! HE HAS ANOTHER GIRLFRIEND! AND I’M HAPPY FOR THAT!” After that she stormed out from the room out into the changing room, where she hid in the closet. “Scarlett!” someone was shouting for her. “Scarlett! Another person shouted” “What did you do?” now Scarlett could understand that it was Ezra. “I didn’t do anything. I just tried to make Willow feel fanted!” That was Noah. “By cheating on her? Wow, you could of told her…” Ezra was getting madder and madder at Noah. “I didn’t know how to say that to her! OK?!” Noah started shouting at Ezra. Scarlett came out of the changing room. “If you wanted to be with me, then you wouldn’t do this to me…” Scarlett confidently said to Noah. “Just both of you leave me alone. I don’t know what to think. My feelings are all mixed.” She ran to her room and hid under the blanket sheets. There she laid all of her feelings out. She screamed. Screamed like an animal. Until it was all out. When she sat down and saw Passion standing there her eys widened as Passion came closer and said: “I don’t know how you feel. But I can say this. Burn some bridges between Noah and Ezra, later you will understand who do you need more.” After those words Passion just laid in her bed and looked at the ceiling… 

“Hey girl!” Scarlett looked down and saw Willow there. “What do you want?” Scarlett asked. “I want to tell you that your dumb ass friend isn’t right. Noah doesn’t love you anymore. You’re nothing to him. Nor to Ezra. They don’t need you. YOU just need them.” Those words struck Scarletts heart. She slowly climbed down and stood face to face. “Get out…” Scarlett murmured. “I’m not going anywhere until you say that YOU need them.” Willow started smiling. Scarlett felt hudge anger. As she slapped Willow and tackeled her down Willow started screaming and shouting. Scarlett could stop beating Willow until her whole face was ruined. At the last moment Noah and Ezra came in and took away both of them apart. “YOU! HOW DID YOU DARE! NOAH DO YOU SEE WHAT A CRAZY PERSON SHE IS?!” Willow started screaming. “Scarlett? Why did you do that?!” Noah shouted at Scarlett. “BECAUSE SHE CAME HERE AND SAID THAT NONE OF YOU LIKE ME AND THAT YOU DONT NEED ME AND SHE WANTED ME TO SAY TO HER THAT I NEED YOU!” Scarlett fainted and drifted off. 



Chapter 5

Last day


Scarlett woke up with her head aching. Her hands and legs were sore. “You slept for 4 days…” Scarlett slowly turned her head and saw Ezra looking to the wast horrizons. “W-What?” Scarlett asked as Ezra turned to her. “You slept for 4 days. We’re nearly there, its the last day. But you have to lay. We took your disease out. We showed it to Passion, for studies.” Ezra tried to seem happy, but Scarlett could see that something was bothering him. “Why so concerned.” She asked. “It’s nothing.” Ezra tried to hide it. “So she was right wasn’t she?” Scarlett looked up. “She wasn’t, believe me Willow talks a lot of nonsence. Just don’t listen to her.” “But she was right about Noah. He doesn’t need me anymore. He just needed someone in the jungle. Someone to be with him. But I wasn’t enough for him. Willow came with everything he needed. I’m damaged. From the jungle. I’m not a normal…” Scarlett made a pause thinking of who she was. “Human being.” She finished. Ezra sat down next to her and half cupped her face and traced her cheek with his thumb. “You are perfect, the way you are. If Noah doesn’t see that he’s blind. And that’s it. You’re a thousand times better than Willow. You are more beautiful than the stars.” Ezra pecked her nose and said: “You have a visitor, I’ll leave you alone.” As Scarlett laid in the first aid room Bianca and Sophie came in. They sat down and started crying. “Oh, please, don’t cry, girls please be strong. Or I’ll start crying!” Scarlett sat there fighting the tears. “Noah’s here. And he wants to tell you something. Just know that we love you. Even though we are much younger than you.” Both of them stood up and walked out. Scarlett’s worst night mare came in. Owen… He didn’t sit down nor say anything he just stood there. “Thank you. F-For saving me…” Owen whispered and ran out of the room. Scarlett’s eyes were filled with shock. Did he really just say thank you? The doors opened interrupting Scarlett’s thoughts. Achilles came closer to her. His eyes filled with avenge. Fear ran down her body, as she tried to get away, but couldn’t. He started punching her harder and harder in the face. “HELP!” Scarlett screamed. But no one came. Slowly he took hand cuffs and tied Scarlett with them. A nife started shinning in his hands. He slowly inserted the nife in her shoulder as she screamed. He slowly took it out and did the same to the other shoulder. Blood was rushing to the sides as Scarlett screamed. Achilles started cutting her stomach, as he smiled. Flesh sounds filled the room, as he broke one bone. “NO! STOP! PLEASE! NOAH! NOAH! HELP!” Instead of Noah, Ezra came. His eyes widened as he hit Achilles with a bottle of beer. He fell down unconscious. “DOC! DOC! HELP!” Ezra started shouting as he tried to stop the blood from rushing with his hands. Anna and Alicen came in rushing to help. They both tried to stop but it didn’t work. Then finaly Passion and a doctor came. They both started band aiding the bruses as Ezra from the side put his hand on her head and begged. “Scarlett, stay. Come on you can do this.” Ezra was whispering “GIVE ME THE STICHES.” Doctor was shouting to Passion as she took out the stiches. “Look at me. Just look at me. I won’t let you go. Not now…” Ezra kept pleading as tears rolled his cheeks. “I’m so sorry I wasn’t there. It’s my fault. I shouldn’t of left you. Just stay with me…” Ezra kept begging. When the doc was done with the stiches he took out a syrenge out of his bag. He inserted it to Scarletts arm. She groaned out of pain and fell asleep. 

She woke up in her hammock, everyone sleeping beside her. The familiar wind was swinging her side to side. The stars were above her. The beasts and the queen of venom were standing right beside her. As she jumped out of the hammock and ran as fast as she could, Scarlett’s friends were ripped into pieces as she ran throught the vines. She didn’t notice until she reached the camp were Owen and the bears were destroying it. All of the memories. Best and worts moments. “NO!” She shouted. They all turned around and ran to her. Scarlett couldn’t move. She was stuck. Noah was there, laying by her side. Dead, pale, without any pain. She laid on him and cried begging him to wake up and look at her. To tell her he loves her. But he was silent as the wind. The beats dragged her off of him, as the queen of venom slowly ripped the skip of Noah. Scarlett bit the beatsts. Hit them but it didn’t work. “NO! HELP! DON’T LEAVE ME! NOAH! WAKE UP! DON’T LEAVE ME! COME BACK! PLEASE!!!” 

“Scarlett! Wake up!” Scarlett woke up, everyone was around her. Except Willow. Scarlett looked around and saw all of her bed bloody. The blood dripping from the vine made hammock. They all watched in shock. Matt tried saying something to her but she couldn’t hear anything. The only thing she heard were screams, the wind. Shouts. Hisses of the snake. Kisses. Promises from the loved ones. Vines. Trees. The camp smell. “What’ happening?” The doc came and as soon as he saw all the blood he rushed to Scarlett. “The stiches ripped. How is that possible?” he started to talk to himself. “She had a dream of some kind, and ripped her stiches. I don’t know what’s up with her…” Noah explained. As the doc  examined Scarlett, said: “Bad memories. She’s calling them back. She want’s them back. I will give her medicine to give her normal hearing again, but she will need to use them everyday. I don’t know how she can do this but, she can hear what’s happening, or happened in the jungle. Soon enought she’ll see them. I may be wrong, but I think she belongs to the jungle, she’s a part of it…”



Chapter 6

Finaly there


Scarlett woke up, in the early morning. Everyone was still sleeping. But she didn’t care. She thought about what the doc said. She belongs to the jungle. What does he mean by that? As she silently climed down and walked throught the dark hallway to the dinning room, she sat on the sofa next to a table and thought, thought about everything she heard. But suddenly she hear weird noises. As she went out, she saw Barbara and Matt together, kissing. Scarlett just went back in. Without no emotions, she knew that everyone had a loved one, except one. 

Music started to play, slow one. It made her feel calm. It swayed through the silence and echoed in her ears. “May I have a dance?” Scarlett looked behind and saw Ezra. Standing there. Smiling. “I-I don’t, I don’t know how to…” Scarlett looked down as he lifted her chin up. “I’ll teach you…” He took her hand as she stood up. Ezra moved his legs to the front then back. Side to side. “I-I’m sorry” Scarlett accidentally stepped on his leg. He only smiled. She put her head on his shoulder and swinged side to side. She felt calm, happy to be with him. But she didn’t feel the same as with Noah. With him, it was different. 

They both spend the morning, until Noah and Willow came. “What?! No way?! You promised me! My past is horriblr, don’t you remember?” it seemed that she wasn’t happy with him. “I just don’t feel the same!” He shouted at her back. As Noah turned around to Scarlett, he started runnign towards her. He kneeled on the ground and said: “Please. Forgive me. I was so blind. I didn’t see that you were my everything, just forgive me. Please, then you will make me the happiest  teen-man alive on earth! Just please!” Noah begged, but Scarlett just gave him a cold glare. “Stand up” she said. “You had one shot and you blew it.” Scarlett turned away as Ezra followed. “Why didn’t you stay with him?” Ezra asked. “I know you still love him. More than me. I know that.” Ezra looked at her eyes. “Because, I know, it will never be the same.” Scarlett went out to the balcony as she, started to see the city. “Is that… the city?” she asked. “Yes, it’s beautiful isn’t it?” he stood behind her and hugged her. “I wish I was Noah…” he whispered. “Why?” She turned her head at him. “Because I would be the luckiest man on earth…” Scarlett only put her head on his shoulder for an hour. For Scarlett it seemed like an eternity. When it was time to go to the dinning room to have a last dinner, both of the, walked holding hands. As they entered, everyone called them to sit next to them, but both of them just sat to an empty place. Noah was there alone. With no one with him. Willow was with Owen flirting. “Everyone! I would like to make a tost!” Matt stood up. “I know we all had hard times. One have been in the jungle, we have been in the abandoned city. We passed those time. We have to move on. I know all of you have found your loves. Scarlett with Ezra now. I guess Noah isn’t ment to be with her… Barbara and Matt… William and Anna… Cat and Alicen… and finaly me and Barbara.” Matt rised his champagne glass as the others joined. They all drank it, except Scarlett and Noah. They sat there. With no words. They weren’t ment to be together? Everyone ate, chatted, made out, flirted. Except Noah and Scarlett. They sat with no words. Nothing left. 

Soon everyone headed to their rooms to pack. Passion took as many books about health as she could. Bianca and Sophia took some plushies. Melissa and Zoe took clothes for themselves and Scarlett. Scarlett took her wooden cup from the jungle. The hammock. And the clothes from the camp. Last things that she left in the helicopter was the Noah made bag sticked to a stick. It stayed there on the bed. With no one to use it…



Chapter 7 



All of the teens went out. And Scarlett was the first one to get out. When the door opened and Scarlett had to go the wind blew at Scarlett’s face. As trying to calm her. She walked out and a great roar of screams and shouts, cheers stormed throught the whole city. She looked around and saw the helicopter surrounded by people. They raised their hands and screamed. There were no trees, only the plane track. Four white limousines were waiting. As Achilles and Owen went out, boos stormed throught the whole place. They all hated them. They were the killers. Scarlett was led to one of the limousines were she sat and looked around. A bar was there, a swirling pool. It felt weird, to come to civilization. Melissa, Passion, Zoe, Cat and Matt came in the limousine and sat down looking around in wide eyes. “Your drive will take about 2 hours to the city.” The dirver murmured and closed the doors and went to the front. 

All the way from the port, everyone was silent, scared to ruin something. “Soooo.” Matt said. “Yeah…” Cat whispered. 

When the limousine stopped, all of the teens came out, and again, a roar in the whole city. People were with posters with Scarletts and Noah’s names. Everyone wanted a high-five from Scarlett. “Follow me!” Three men came and brought Scarlett in to the port, where tons of people were standing behind the “Stop” line. Ezra came closer and took Scarlett’s hand. Everyone who saw that boood. It seemed they didn’t like it. “GO BACK TO NOAH!” Someone shouted from the croud. Others shouted the same. 

When the teens got into another lymousine they were brought to houses. As Scarlett walked to hers, Noahs, Ezras, Willows, Passions and Anna’s house they opened their mothouts. The tables were made out of dimond. Living room out of marble. She walked up to the rooms. The very last one was hers, with a hudge balckony and a view to the whole city. The whole city sound made her unconfortable. “It’s… beautiful… though horrible.” Ezra looked into Scarlett’s eyes. “I miss the abandoned city…” Ezra looked at the city as he walked out. Her room had a king sized bed. A closet with drawers of clothes. Next there was a sofa with a TV. Scarlett put her backpack down and arranged the room. She made two hooks above the bed and hung her hammock. Opened the roof with a remote. When she laid down and looked at the stars, the sounds came back. The screams the hissing. “Come to meeeee” she heard someone hiss. Suddenly she jumped out of the hammock and started breaking everything she saw. “GET OUT! GET OUT OF MY HEAD!” she screamed. Scarlett continued shouting and breaking all the vases, paintings, TV. Ripped the clothing. Tears were running down her face. “GET OUT!” “You will never get rid offff meeee” the snake continued. “Scarlett!” Ezra came in, but Scarlett didn’t hear anything. “You will be mineeeee” “STOP! STOP!” she screamed. Ezra rapped his hands around her and whipped her tears. He handed her the medicine as she drank it. Slowly Scarlett drank it and started sobbing. “She w-was in m-my head…” she sniffed on his shoulder. “I know, I know” he whispered and kissed her head. “I’m gonna stay here for tonight. If that’s okay with you.” Ezra looked at her. Scarlett only nodded and went to the closet to change. As she threw out the ripped clothes, one cloth seemed similar. Scarlett ripped the clothes from the jungle. “No…” she raised them and cried out: “NO! WHY?” Ezra ran in and took her up. “Stay here.” he locked her in the bathroom and ran to the closet. “LET ME OUT!” Scarlett banged the door. “After a few minutes the doors opened and Ezra was there. With her clothes all fine. “How?” she asked. “You learn things in abandoned cities.” he smiled and took her in his arms. “How are you so perfect” Scarlett asked as she looked up at him. “Believe me, I’m not…” he murmured and laid her in the bed. He took the hammock off and put it on the sofa. Slowly he went under the covers and whispered: “Good night beautiful…”  Scarlett didn’t answer. “I love you. if you would know how much I love you. But you have stronger feelings for Noah. I know that. Your eyes are my life. Your hair is my heart. Your lips are my happiness.” Ezra whispered and kissed her in the lips. But Scarlett was long gone to sleep…


Chapter 8

In the city


“Scarlett… Scarlett…” Scarlett heard someone whispering. “What?” she opened her eyes and streched out with her arms. “Follow me…” she couldn’t see who it is but she followed him. Soon enough she was in the balckony. Slowly that person took his hoodie off. Noah. Scarlett started heading to her room but he stopped her. “Let me explain…” he tried saying something to her, but Scarlett started sobbing. “Y-ou can’t e-explain anything t-to m-me.” she shook her head. “I can, just listen. Five men were abusive to Willow in the abandoned city. They used her and wated to kill her. Give her to the unknown mons-“ Noah started started explaining, but Scarlett slapped him in the face and started shouting. “YOU THINK THAT IS WORSE THAN I HAD? TELL ME? IF THAT IS WORSE, THEN JUST LEAVE ME. YOU KNOW WHAT I HAVE BEEN THROUGH. NOT MEN HAVE BEEN ABUSIVE TO BE, BUT BEASTS, MEN. FOR GOD SAKE. A SNAKE. BEARS. THINK OF ANYTHING, I CAN SAY THAT WAS ABUSIVE TO ME. DON’T YOU DARE SAY TO BE THAT WORSE HAS HAPPENED. I’V BEEN CHEATED ON FOR GOD SAKE! JUST LEAVE ME ALONE! GO TO HER! SHE NEEDS YOU MORE CAUSE SHE HAD A WORST PAST!” after those words she stormed out of the balckony, back to her bed where Ezra was still sleeping. “I’ll let you consider my words…” Noah said and walked out. “I heard the talk.” Ezra whispered as he turned to her. “Y-You did?” Scarlett sniffed. “Mmmh, go back to him… He needs you. I’m just a teen, who’s in your way. I’ll get out of it if you want.” Ezra was about to go out of the bed until Scarlett grabbed his shouler and said: “No, don’t. I need you. I know I won’t be happy with him. Because he will be so happy, he will only spend time with me. I don’t want that to happen. He won’t be mad. I don’t want that.” Scarlett made a long pause. “I’m not worth being loved. I’m mentaly and physicaly damaged. Who would want me?” Ezra grabbed Scarlett into his arms and whispered: “You are perfect. Do not ever say that to me. You’re the most perfect person ever. Don’t forget that ever. I know this because… because I-I love you…” after those words Scarlett looked at him with wide eyes and said: “You can’t love me. I’m not worth it.” Ezra passionately kissed her  and said: “You are worth loving, you are woth it. Just believe in me. But tell me the truth, do you have feelings for me?” Scarlett didn’t know what to say, she kept silent. “I knew this would happen. I’m sorry for wasting your time.” Ezra got out of the bed and out of the room. “Ezra…” Scarlett stood up and walked to the bathroom. Sat in the bath and sobbed. She sobbed, because she’s afraid, afraid to lose people. One by one… 


Chapter 9

The dead body


“Hey it’s time to go to eat” Someone came in Scarlett peaked out the bathroom door and saw Anna, white hair swinging, and her gray eyes blinging. “Sure” Scarlett went out of the bath and out of the room. “W-Why were you crying?” Anna asked as Scarlett went out of the room. But she didn’t answer, just walked away. When she went to the kitchen, all of the house-mates were sitting by the table. She didn’t say a single word, just sat down and ate her pasta. “Sooo, wasup?” Passion asked. “Nothing…” Ezra murmured. “I’m gonna head out to uhhh William, is that okay?” Anna asked. Everyone nodded as she smiled and went up. But she stopped. “Scarlett. Could you do me a favor?” she asked. “Sure” Scarlett stood up and walked up with Anna. When they entered Anna’s room, there were tons of dresses on the bed. “I-I’m going on… on a… um…” Anna made a long pause. “D-Date…” Anna covered her face and sat down on the red sofa. Scarlett quickly took a short, black and with white stripes dress. Then black high heal shoes and a black rose to clip on her head. Scarlett put it on Anna’s lap and sat down next to her and whispered: “Then you’ll have to live it up. No matter what. It’s the most awesome thing that can happen to you. Don’t run away from it. I’ll help you with no matter what. I mean we’re friends, right?” Anna lifted her head and nodded it. “Ok so now, put this on. You will look stunning.” Scarlett smiled. 

After a lot of time Anna came out of the changing room. Her eyes were shinning like the stars. The dress made her look like an angel. And the clip on the head, looked so royal. “Y-You look… stunning.” Scarlett murmured. “T-Thank you…” Anna lowered her head and blushed. “I’ll be off then…” Anna said and went out of the room. “I hope my life would be like hers…” Scarlett mutered and walked out. But suddenly it hit her. She ran to Ezra’s room and knocked on the door. When Ezra opened it, he was ready to close it, but Scarlett stopped him. “Please, I don’t want to lose you, I’m sorry. I ran away from people who loved me. I was afraid. I couldn’t understand who. But I know that I would be happy to be with you… Not Noah, not anyone else as much as you….” Scarlett looked at him with pleading eyes. But he only closed the door. She didn’t do anything. Just walked away. Scarlett didn’t have any more love for Noah. He was an empty spot. A blank memorie. Ezra was something new. Someone who wouldn’t give up on her. Never. Not unlike Noah. 

The whole day she spend in her bed. Writing, writing down everything she saw in the city and the jungle. What was she missing. She was missing everything. The trees. Stars. Wind. Camp. Everything there. What wasn’t here. Her mind was in the jungle. Some where deep. In the sleeping tent. In the hammock. The sun was already sleeping. The dark went throught the whole city. Only the lights were shinning in the dark. Suddenly someone knocked on her door. Scarlett went to open it. She couldn’t see the face, no. It was dark and mysterious. It smashed it’s lips on hers and took her in his arms. It was Ezra. His soft lips were known, like the stars in the jungle. He laid her on the bed and took her shirt off. “Wait.” Scarlett stopped him. “Yes?” he asked. “I have pain, pain in my stomach…” she said. “It’s because we took your disease out.” He whispered. Out of no where a scream was heard. They both ran down and saw Anna laying on the ground. Right next to the door. Still with her dress on. William was laying next to her. They were both bloody. Anna’s hands were with scars and bruises as well as all of her body. Passion laid down to check on them and said: “William is alive, but uh she is um. Anna is dead. She lost too much blood.” Passion took a table sheet and put it over the dead body. “We can’t show this to the public, they will go wild.” Passion continued. “Are you kidding me? Someone killed her. We need to tell the guard men. What if they come for us? The killers” Noah said. “Noah, what will they do with her if they get to know? What will the police say? Imagine, what they would do with us?” Scarlett argued. “I don’t care what they would do to us. It couldn’t be worse. Never. The biggest things that’s bugging my head is, that we would be keeping a dead person in our place. What if someone find out? They will think we’re killers!” Noah continued. “THIS IS FOR OUR GOD DAMNED SAKE! I DON’T WANT TO GO BACK TO THE JUNGLE! I HAVE SEEN TOO MANY DEATHS. TOO MUCH BLOOD!” Passion came out shouting and screaming at Noah. “I lost a loved person I don’t want that to happen again…” Passion whispered. “Do what you want to. But I wont be there when someone will find her.” After those words Noah went outside and after a few second grew out of sight. “I’m not holding the dead body…” Willow mutered and walked out. “WILLOW! I’M TIRED OF THIS SHIT! YOU WILL ACT AS YOU ARE ASKED. I DON’T WANT YOU TO HAVE THIS FUCKING ATTITUDE. YOU WILL COME HERE AND HELP US!” Ezra shouted at Willow. She turned around, came to him with a slap. “WHAT THE FUCK?” Ezra shouted at her again. “THAT’S WHAT YOU GET FOR INSULTING BE! YOU SON OF A BITCH!” Willow tried slapping him again but Scarlett hit her. Righ in the stomach. She fell down to the ground, not able to breath. Scarlett came closer and hit her with the leg. “DON’T YOU DARE GIVE ME THIS SHIT! FUCK YOU!” Scarlett fell down to the ground, unconscious. “Scarlett!” Everyone collapsed next to her. Blood was all around her. “Her stich ripped. Its not good.” Passion ran to her room, and after a few minutes came back with a first aid bag. She acted quickly. Took out the ripped stitch. More blood ran down, but Passion stopped it and sewed another stitch in. “I’m gonna carry her to the room.” Ezra looked at everyone as they nodded. He took her in his arms, slowly. Moved the hair out of her face as he carried her. Up, through the stairs, when he was in the bedroom hallway he whispered: “Oh Scarlett” he let out a long sigh. “You scare m-“ Ezra was about to say something to her but Willow came in rushing. Out of breath. “Noah… I-I. He’s uh, um. Where is he?” she asked. “Not my problem, if he’s cheating on you. By the way, I just saw you laying there on the ground” Ezra turned around but Willow stopped him. “No, it’s not what I mean. What if he’s gonna be dead?” she cried out. “Not my problem. You shouldn’t be concerned. She should” Ezra looked at Scarlett. Then he looked back at her. “Teammates help each other, not kill them, they don’t fight…” after those words Ezra walked away as Willow kept standing there. 

Ezra laid Scarlett in her bed, put her night clothes on and covered the sheets on her. “Scarlett, if I could tell you something, if I really cou-“ “What could you say?” Scarlett opened her eyes. “I-I” Ezra was out of words. “Tell me.” Scarlett’s voice was firm. “Ok… I-I’m.” Ezra made along sigh. “In the… abandoned city. I tricked my friends. I… was similar to Owen. I had many girlfriends, and I-I, I still have on, h-her name’s B-Barbara. You know her. I was her boyfriend until today, I saw that Matt liked her, I gave up on her and-“ “Get out.” Scarlett looked at him with cold eyes. “Plea-“ “Get out. Just… go. I don’t need you here.” Scarlett repeated. Ezra nodded and walked out to his room. There he sat on his bed. Unable to think. His nerves were getting higher and higher. Suddenly he jumped up and banged the wall with his hands. Shouting. Everyone came rushing to him except Scarlett. He hit all of them, as they fell down. “Ezra…” Passion whispered, not able to move. Ezra kept banging the wall, then hit his friends with the leg, until everyone saw it. His left leg wasn’t real. Made out of metal. He quickly put his pant sleeve down and hit them again and again. “Stop…” They all begged. But he didn’t stop. Didn’t hear anything. His mind was mixed up, with madness and freedom. He couldn’t understand how to be. What to be. The only thing he was thought was being a psychopath. He couldn’t understand how to be free. Willow managed to get up and limp away. “EZRA! STOP THIS NONSENSE! IF YOU CAN’T HANDLE YOUR NERVES THEN GET OUT!” Scarlett came in. “I KILLED ANNA! I DID IT!” The word vomit just came out. “What?…” Scarlett whispered. “I killed Anna… I did it… I didn’t know what to tell you. My mind was fighting. With good and bad. I don’t know how to get free.” Scarlett got out and came back with a knife. “I can’t believe I have to do this…” Scarlett murmured and charged at Ezra. He didn’t do anything. Defend himself, attack her back nor run away. Just stood there. Scarlett came in stabbing his arms. He shouted out of pain but didn’t move. Blood came rushing out. After a few minutes Scarlett was being dragged away by Passion. Ezra was laying on the ground, pale. He was a killer. That teen. Who was so charming, mysterious, something so big. But it wasn’t the truth. Those were tricks. Nothing else…


Chapter 10



Scarlett laid in her bed. Thinking. She was right. Love wasn’t meant for her. No. She was ment to be alone. Noah- Cheated on her. Ezra- Tricked her and lied. “SCARLETT!” Someone screamed. She ran down to the living room. And there she saw the most terrible sight ever. Noah and Ezra were all bloody. It was dripping down. They were fighting. Hitting each other. “STOP!” Scarlett screamed and tried to separate them with Passion. But they didn’t listen. Kept fighting like animals. “YOU COULD OF KILLED HER! YOU KILLER! YOU DON’T DESERVE TO BE HERE! YOU LIAR! YOU BASTARD! YOU TOOK HER AWAY FROM ME, JUST TO PLAY!” Noah kep shouting. “NOT MY FAULT THAT YOU CHEATED ON HER! I WAS THERE TO BE FOR HER! WHERE WERE YOU? MAKING OUT WITH WILLOW?” Ezra shouted back. 

Some one started banging the door. Passion ran to open it, and there they were, police men. They ran in and dragged Ezra with Noah. They shouted and tried to defend but they just got electrified. When they were out, Scarlett just stood there. Her eyes wide. “Where did they take them?” Scarlett asked. “Bigger question, what will they do with them?” Passion muttered. Scarlett ran out with Passion out into the dark street. They both ran, until they reached the police office. Both of them ran in and looked for them. “They’re at room 290. A police man said. That’s were the girls ran. Room 290. When they reached it, Ezra was being electrified, by the police men. His shouting and begging stroke her heart. At the back Noah was being cut, some one was cutting Noah with a knife. “NO! STOP! PLEASE!” Scarlett screamed and banged on the window. A dark man came closer and said: “You won’t free them. They’ll be tortured until death!” he laughed and started walking away. Scarlett made an animal scream and jumped on the dark man. The sound came back. Jungle. Scarlett bit him in the neck and hit him the face and head as he tried taking her off. Soon he was on the ground. Dead. Scarlett didn’t stop. As far as she could see, everyone was guilty. Everyone she saw, would die. Soon she was in the room. 290. Scarlett took away the electrifier and touched the police men. Then stabbed another one with a knife. “GET OUT OF HERE!” she shouted as Ezra and Noah limped behind her. They all ran through the street, until they reached an abandoned house. As they came in the smell of dust hit them. “We can’t go back home…” Passion said. When she looked at Scarlett, she saw her scratch her ears bad. Holding them tight. “I don’t have the medicine.” Passion whispered and said: “I’ll run back and take it from the house. I’ll take clothes, food, our hammocks and some other things.” Everyone nodded as she ran out. 

After about an hour Passion came back with everything she needed and all of the others. Everyone was there. Passion gave Scarlett her medicine and explained: “I came home, police was there. All around it. We all ran out. They followed us, but we were faster.” “I guess, we’re criminals now…” Sophie whispered. Everyone nodded. They took their hammocks, and hung them. Then they went to eat and finaly sleep. 



Chapter 11



Scarlett woke up from the sound of the sirens beeping all over the city. She stood up and walked to the dusty window. Whipped it and looked outside. All the windows were covered, seemed like the city was dead. “Guys…” she whispered. “Guys!” Scarlett repeated, but louder. They all jumped up like from a night mare except Sophie and Bianca. They seemed to still be in the dream land. Oh those little girls… “Let’s have breakfast, and go. We need to go to the shops to take some things.” Scarlett said. Matt rubbed his eyes and said: “You mean steal some things?” Scarlett didn’t answer. “Where’s… William?” Barbara asked. “Oh, shit…” Alicen whispered. “We left him, he’s hid in the hidden first aid room” Cat murmured. “We can’t waist time, come on. We have to get him. Now.” Owen said and took the backpack, and put all of the things in. “They’ll get us. They’ll find us there! We can’t go now…” Willow tried to stop everyone. “We don’t leave friends behind.” Zeo and Melissa confidently cried out and started walking. “Achilles, we can’t take him with us. He’ll attack someone…” Adam whispered. Everyone looked at him. His eyes were glowing with anger. “I’ll stay here.” he hissed through his teeth. “Watever, let’s go!” Scarlett changed the topic. Everyone put their hammocks into the backpacks and walked down the broken stairs. It cracked from the steps of the free kids. Here it goes again. Her they go, live in the shadows. A new adventure. 

“We first have to go to the store. We’ll TAKE, rags, that way they wont know its us.” Passion said while they silently ran through buildings. Soon enough, a store called Aventura appeared in the way. Alicen called everyone with with hand language. As they entered from the back doors, there they were. In a huge mall. People were all around them. Only… cameras. “Shit! There’re cameras!” Alicen reported. “Everyone, go to every store and take everything you need. There are cameras, be careful. When you’ll come to the scan things after the shop, quickly throw the items up and catch them in the other side. We’ll meet next to the fountain.” Scarlett announced and ran off. 

As she slowly walked, she found a store with clothes and food. She put new clothes for everyone. Blankets for the night. Tents, pillows. Food and other things. “Mam, can I check you up? I’m sorry for your inconvenience, but there are 17 teens who ran away. You probably know them from the reality shows. One was “Alone In The Jungle” the other one was “Apocalypse”. So we’re looking for them.” A guard came next to Scarlett. He was about to check her bag, but someone called him and he went away. “Shit… that was a close one…” Scarlett murmured. Soon she went out and ran to the fountain. Everyone was already there. “People, I took some caps, thought that was a good idea…” Sophie said and passed the caps. Everyone put them on. Scarlett piled a pile of clothes. Everyone took a pair and they all went to change. 

After a few minutes they all came back. “And I took some make up!” Barbara took bags of makeup and gave them to the girls. “Why do we need it?” Zoe asked. “Duh, we’ll change how we look.” Barbara protested. Fastly the girls put mascara and eye-liner on and moved on to other things. “Now we have to go out normally. I hope you took lots of food?” Scarlett asked. Everyone nodded and walked out of the store. “Which way are the houses?” Cat asked. Ezra pointed to the East. Adam started running. Others followed. No one stopped until they were in the district. They all ran to the house were William was. They sneaked in and ran to the first aid room. He was there. Laying. Sleeping. Passion ran and woke him up. “Hi…” he whispered. “Hi, we have to go. The police is coming. We’re in big trouble. I kind of killed police men to get Noah and Ezra back. Now we’re all in trouble. We were in the store, we got some things. Here take these clothes and cap. Put it on.” Scarlett tossed him the clothes and continued. “We have a shelter. But now we have to go back there and have normal breakfast.” William only nodded and stood up. But suddenly the doors closed. Someone was there. “IN! IN!” Some one was shouting. “Police men…” Owen whispered. “RUN!” Matt shouted as they all ran out. There were police men on the other side of the corridor. They ran to the other. “IN HERE! IN HERE!” the police man shouted. As the teens ran some let a shot. Bianca fell down and couldn’t get up. Noah ran to her and helped her up. Took her on his back and ran to the door. Again a shot was heard. This time Alicen went down. Cat came to help. Took her on her back. “It’s okay babe.” She whispered and ran to the door. Soon everyone got out and locked the doors from the outside. The police men banged, but it didn’t open. 

After a while all of them were in the abandoned house. A small fire was lit up and people were in their hammocks around it. Passion had taken medicine, she used it for Alicen and Bianca. They were both unconscious. “For Alicen it’s fine, it’s only the leg. I took it out. But uh… Bianca, there’s a little more trouble over there…. uh the bulled went into her back. I can’t take it out. Unless…Unless…” Passion murmured the last words. “What?” Willow asked. “Unless I had… a-a knife…” Passion whispered. “She will loose too much of her blood…” Ezra said. “I’ll hold it up, or some one can help me…” “I’ll help” Cat said. Scarlett took the knife from the police office and handed it to Passion. She took it with shaking hands. Put it next to Bianca's back and sticked it in her back. Bianca woke up and screamed: “NO!” Noah and Matt came to help. They held her tight in the hammock, while Passion stuck the knife deeper and deeper in her back. Bianca, begged and screamed. Soon the knife touched the bullet. She cut a hole around it. Blood came rushing from the sides, as Cat would hold it up. Bianca couldn’t stop screaming. Scarlett kneeled next to her face, while she was screaming and kept saying: “You will be alright, you will be alright…” but it didn’t help. Soon there was a whole in Bianca’s back. Passion caught the bullet with the knife and took it out. A river of blood started running, and Cat couldn’t stop it. “I CAN’T STOP IT! IT’S NOT WORKING!” Cat started shouting. Passion ran to her backpack, and took a roll of bands. Ripped a piece with her teeth and rolled it through Bianca’s waist. 

Bianca kept whimpering, the whole mid day. Everyone ate, sang songs, talked about the old times, told stories about adventures they had. 

“Hey guys! There’s a girl down here and, uh, she doesn’t want to go out of there…” Matt came out breathless from the stairs. “I’ll handle this…” Noah said and walked down. He came down three stairs and saw a girl sitting by the window and eating a sandwich. Her hair was short, green with yellow dots. Her right eye was black and her left eye was yellow. “Hey, maybe uh, you wanna join us? We’re haunted by the police.” Noah tried developing a conversation. “No.” she answered, still looking through the window. “Do you know us?” he asked again. “Yes. You are from the show, Alone In The Jungle. Your name is Noah. The dude that found me is from the show, Apocalypse. Matt. I’v seen them. Their nothing but death. Why did you say yes to that?” she asked and looked at him. “I didn’t. We all didn’t have a choice. I guess they picked us. Erased our memory and brought us there. And some of us made it out.” “I liked Coral. She was so independent, and Scar. Her brother.” she continued. Noah only nodded and sat down next to her. “How did you get here?” he looked at her as she turned back to the window. “Long story…” she muttered. “Well, if you want to, join us any time you want.” Noah stood up and walked away. The girl just sat their eating her sandwich. 

“She know’s us, but I don't think she’ll come to our place.” Noah announced while walking to his hammock. “Sophie… c-could, could… you… p-pass me the… porridge?” Bianca whispered, she took long breaths after talking. Sophie ran to the matt, with the food on it, and grabbed a paper cup with porridge. Came next to Bianca, who was laying on the hammock on her back. Sophie took the spoon and fed Bianca. “I’ll do it myself…” Bianca murmured and took the cup into her hands. 

“Hey uh, guys I’ll have to do a couple things.” Achilles said. But no one paid any attention to him. He just sneaked out in to the city…



Chapter 12



The whole evening was fun. They went to sleep early to have some rest. The next morning Scarlett woke up hearing creaks up the stairs. She slowly sat up and walked to them. The girl that Matt found was there. “You have to go. The police is near. Someone from your side told your hiding spot.” The girl gave a warning. Scarlett’s eyes were wide open while she started waking up everyone. “We have to go. I’ll explain on the way.” Scarlett would shortly say to every person. At first everyone looked scared, but when they started running down they started to understand what’s going on. “I’ll go with you.” The girl came to Scarlett. “And also my name is Lola.” she quickly said. Scarlett smiled and ran on. Down the stairs. They started hearing sirens. When they went out, police men were all around the abandoned house. “WHY ARE YOU GOING AFTER US?!” Scarlett asked them. “BECAUSE YOU’RE DANGEROUS TO THE CITY!” a man with a black suit came out of a limousine and answered. “So why did you bring us here then?” Scarlett asked again. “Because the fans had to see you. But they will slowly forget you. And YOU killed twenty of my police men. I think that’s quite a lot of deaths from one person!” he kept talking. “Let us go! We’ll survive. Just stop hunting us. I don’t want to run anymore!” Scarlett said. “If you don't want to, come with me. Take all of your friends with you. And you will rest in peace! No more running. No more fights! No more hunger! No more deaths! It’s your choice!” the man with the black suit tried to convince her. Scarlett couldn’t stop thinking. Does she end it? Does she give up on her friends. On her life? Does she really not want this life? “I’m not going to stop! I WONT! AND YOU WONT STOP ME! I WILL FIGHT FOR FREEDOM! I’LL FIGHT BECAUSE I BELIEVE IM MY FRIENDS! THEY ARE THE MOST LOYAL PEOPLE YOU WILL EVER MEET! AND I DON’T GIVE A SHIT IF ACHILLES WILL BE OR WONT ON YOUR GOD DAMNED SIDE! BECAUSE HE’S NOT OUR FRIEND! HE’S AN ENEMY! HE DOESN’T KNOW HOW TO BE LIKE OWEN! HE TRIES TO CHANGE! SO I WILL FIGHT! FOR FREEDOM!” everyone listened carefully, their eyes kept shinning more and more by the growing words of Scarlett. On the last word they all shouted. Like a chant and ran to the other side, were there were less police men. One of them let out a shot, which hit Owen. Scarlett ran to him and helped him up. “I’m fine, it’s just the hand.” he said. Scarlett smiled, and still helped him run. As Scarlett got closer to the police men, she took out the knife and stabbed one of them, who was too late to let out a shot. She took his gun and shot the other ones around them. “RUN! RUN! RUN!” she kept shouting. When everyone passed her, she ran after them, while the devils ran after them. They all made a turn to the right and ran straight to the park. Soon they entered it. “They’re not following us anymore!” William shouted. They all looked back and didn’t see the police men. “Where’s Anna, I haven’t seen her since… since… s-since the date…” William said. “William.” Melissa came closer to William and put her hand on his shoulder. “I’m very s-sorry, but A-Anna, she’s… sh-she’s… dead. E-Ezra accidentally killed her.” Melissa said. “What? Ezra didn’t do this. In the abandoned city he was always-“ William couldn’t end the sentence. “You were always the bad guy…” he continued. “YOU KILLED HER!” he charged and smacked him in the face

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