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Its a girl, who is struggling in life. She doesn't have one. But she wants one....

Submitted: June 11, 2016

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Submitted: June 11, 2016



Eve was walking down the street. The lanterns were shining, making her calm. What is happiness? She thought. What do you feel. She tried smiling, but she couldn’t feel a change. Her heart was still desperate for a loving family. Soon Eve have to go home. She tried running away, but it didn’t work. 

Soon she entered a field, she laid down. The trees surrounded her from all of the sides, the wind brushed Eves hair in the darkness. “You’re so beautiful, you shine there. I wish I was a star, being surrounded by friends, that shine to each other.” Eve thought for a moment, pointed at the smallest star and said: “Be my star, shine on me. Bring me peace, freedom… joy.” she laid there for a few minutes, stood up and walked back home…

None saw Eve, she was invisible and this girl knew that. Her bed was small, a bunkbed, there were four more of them around her. Her heavy body collapsed on the bed. Her mind was full of thought’s, wishes to be happy. “Eve! This is my bed!” Eve turned her head heavily and saw Emily standing next to her. “Well, now I’m sleeping here…” Eve didn’t wait for and answer and laid her head back. “Ms. Lisa! Eve took my bed again!” Emily started shouting. After some time their teacher came took Emely by her arm grabbed her and said: “Get out!” “No…” Emely murmured. “You’re nothing!” Ms. Lisa took a small piece of paper and started shouting on her: “Your parents left you! You still think they will come back? They wrote some stupid things on this paper just to make you feel better! They don’t want you!” after these words Eve grabbed the pice of paper and ran out of the children home. She didn’t know where to go, but she had to. Thousands of thoughts were rushing in her head. Soon Eve stopped, look around and collapsed to the ground. A ball was stuck in her through, but she swallowed it down. She will be strong won’t she? 

“Forget about the past, live today. Yesterday was the past, tomorrow is the future, but today is, today. You can’t change it…” Eve turned around and saw her friend, Scarlett. “Just forget it, our parents are the past. We don’t need them.” Scarlett kept talking. “I don’t want to forget them. They’re a part of me” “You’ll see, soon you’ll drift further and further from them.” Eve only nodded and said: “I won’t come back” “Don’t” Eve looked up at Scarlett. Her deep ocean eyes were shinning in the dark and her blond hair was on one of her eyes. Scarlett was always an example for Eve. She was always brave, didn’t care about anything. Soon Scarlett walked away. 

Eve didn’t want to do anything. But die. It wasn’t her life. No. So she jumped out of the window and ran to a river. Soon she was there, putting her hand in it. It soothed her as she closed her eyes and jumped in and disappeared in the deep blue river. There she was alone. She belonged there. And she will always be there…

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