Where the wind doesn't blow

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She's alone, a simple girl, never loved. Her world upside down. The wind saves her, the wind is all she loves. "“You don’t know how I feel! I come here everyday and you never answer!” Jessica shouts out through her tears to the wind. She fell down and started sobbing."

Submitted: June 11, 2016

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Submitted: June 11, 2016






What do you do when you don’t have friends? Do you just ignore that? 

Jess is walking down the street… She wants to be alone today, this night. 

“I don’t believe in friends, people say that they will always hold your hand, but they don’t,” Jessica thought out loud. She wants friends and a happy family, but she will never admit it. Her family always fights. She goes out of the house to his wonderful place were nobody will find her. She finds peace within her. “You don’t know how I feel! I come here everyday and you never answer!” Jessica shouts out through her tears to the wind. She fell down and started sobbing. “People tell me to be strong, they say that one day my parents will not be using alcohol. But they will never change! I can’t wait anymore. People laugh out of me, they say to go away just because I look different.” She looked at the clear blue sky. It looked like a dream, only it wasn’t.

“Hey watcha doing? Jessica heard a boy call out. “Who are you? And what are you doing here?” With a  concern asked Jessica. “I wanted to say to you that you look very nice, but why are you always so sad?” asked the blond boy. “It’s nothing.” quickly murmured Jessica. The blond boy sat down next to her and looked at her. “He looks so nice, his eyes look like the ocean” thought Jessica. “What are you thinking about?” asked the boy. “Nothing” Jessica looked down to the ground. “I’m Noah” with charm said the boy. “I’m Jessica…” murmured Jessica. The boy stood up and looked at her with concern and said “It doesn’t seem that everything is ok” Jessica looked up. “It’s really nothing” “But you look very depressed” “I’m ok! Ok?! Jessica shouted out. Noah looked at her again with his deep light blue eyes. He started walking away from her until there was no sight of him. “Why? Why can’t I ever be friends with someone?” She laid down on the soft grass and looked up. Jessica wished, she wished that she would have a happy family that would love her. When it was getting late she came back home. She started walking until she heard a shout. “ Jessica! What are you doing? I told you, don’t come home today.” Shouted her mom. “But where should I sleep?” Cried out Jessica. “Buy a sleeping bag and go sleep in the forest where you go everyday!” “I don’t want to!” Her mom gave a mad glare and came closer. “If you don’t then you will be one!” The mother started shaking her daughter. Jessica managed to get free and ran out and just ran. She did not know where she was going, but she just ran. Jessica ran away from the reality, from the world that she was not welcome. Someone was shouting behind her, but it did not make her stop. Someone grabbed her arm and hugged her. “Jessica please don’t run away. Stay. I will help you no matter what.” the voice that Jessica heard was familiar, but she could not remember who it was or is. “Let me go! I’m not welcome in this world! My parents drink, they hate me. I have to run. If I run maybe I will be happy in the other world.” Jessica cried out. “Then if you do I will be unhappy. The day that I saw you changed my life!” Now Jessica understood it was Noah. “ I can’t stay!” full of tears shouted out Jess. She got out of his arms and ran. But she stumbled and fell into a hole that had no ending. Noah caught her. “ Jessica don’t let go!!” Cried out Noah. “Let go, let go. Please I have to go. I will be happy. I also love you, but I have to go.” Jessica was crying with Noah. “Tell my mom and dad that I love them. Even thought they hurt me not only with buckles but with words. I will always love them.” Whispered Jessica. “I’m not letting go!” Screamed Noah. “In the next wold we will meet, I promise…” Jessica calmly said, but tears were rolling down her cheeks that once were baby cheeks. She touched Noah’s cheek with her other hand and whipped down his tears. “Don’t forget me” whispered Jessica and got out of his grip. She fell somewhere, somewhere where the wind won’t blow ever again…





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