The Love That Stood Still

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Submitted: June 11, 2016

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Submitted: June 11, 2016



Chapter 1


We met at my friend party he had for his girlfriend. i saw her standing there by her self i knew she was the one because her smile was as bright as the star in the night sky while the moon shine i look at her for a while not knowing what to do. all of sudden she looks at me and smile's but that's what i thought but i heard a man voice yelling where's emily!! i look at the girl he smile went to a bright star to a dull rainy night she looks at me and looks down the mans comes in the room and grabs her by her arm and tells her where she has been she just stood there not saying anything looking at me i can tell that she was not litsen to him she just looked at me and i looked at her i knew that i may not see her ever again. and then i heard a loud smack. the man slap her and she fell on the floor and i saw a tear drop from her eyes. at that moment my whole life change i went up to the guy and punched him in the face we backed up and yell whats your problem dude! he ran over to me and pushed me to the ground and punched me in the face two times i rolled my fist up and punched him in the face one good time i knocked him out. i heard the police siren outside and people yelling the cops are here i knew that my friend was pissed that i ruin he's party but i knew i had to help her i ran to her and grab her arm and told her lets go she got up and ran out the back door with me i ran to my car and got in and spun off i didn't know where was i was going but i knew she was safe and she knew she was safe. Are you okay i said. she look at me and said yes thank you. thank you. where is your house i told her i live with that guy you fought at the party but now i know that i cant go back there are he will kill me. whats your name i told her. its emily she said softly well how about this emily. i told her that she can come to my house and sleep there for the night and if that guy ever try to get you i will protect you and never hurt you. she looked at me with her blue baby eyes her smile shine like the star in the night with the moon i looked at her she told me to pull over i pulled over she got out and she told me to come with her i got out the car and she was standing in front of the car looking at the moon i looked at her she turn around and looked at me we both stared at each other  i grabed her by her waist and pushed her  body towards me. I whisper in her ear and said you dont have to worry about him anymore . I felt her grab me tighter . Look at  her and kissed her. Now that kissed was not like any other kissed the kissed made me feel like i did not belong in this world .  I drove her to my house and show'edher around . This is one nice place you live in. Thank you i said to be honest i just moved here last month.  I can tell Emily said may i use your bathroom i need to take a shower. Surei gave her one of my T-shirt i know she could not fit it but i was just being nice plus  all she had was a dress. I went to my room and got into bed. I heard the shower running and the water hitting the tub. Then i stop. Wait! I forget to tell her where she had to sleep i only got one bedroom. I hurry and turn my bedroom light on and sat back on my bed. Im done Emily said softly i turn around and saw her hair dripping with water. Now there was a time when i was alone  and i never had no one. You can sleep with me i said. She walk over to the side of my bed and kissed me i kissed her back she pushed me down on the bed and got on top of me and whisper no one has to know. Buzz buzz  ugh i got up turn my alarm off  i  looked to see if she was still asleep  but she was wasn't on the bed. But i could smell the sunshine state  eggs  with He's  friend bacon with some toast honey sasuge pigs in the blanket and i Could smell the mountain top coffee  i got up and wen't to the kitchen  and saw Emily cooking breakfast. I was in shocked but then i didn't mind at least i didn't have to cook she looked at me and said i know your hungry . Here you go i wasn't sure if she poison it but i could tell she knew what i was thinking . She ate oneof my bacon and drunk a sip of my coffee  i didn't poison it Emily said  i believe her i began to eat and if there is a god then holy crap she can cook i didn't know how to thank her so i told her lets go im going to buy you some new clothing. Thats what you want i said  yeah  is it ugly Emily said. No its beautiful  i just wanted to  see if thats what you wanted  i said  i went to the check out but when i was looking for Emily she was gone Emily!!!  I yelled Emily where are you i was looking everywhere  mister are you ok . No im not i said im looking for my girlfriend. Umm mister when you came in the store  you came  alone. I didn't know what the manager was talking about i came with Emily . I ran to my car and drove home i remember i had cameras in my house  i went to my room and play'ed the tape. How in the world is this happen on the tape i was the only one on there i went to the bathroom and turned the  water on  fifteen minutes  left i went back to the bathroom and turned the water off and walked to my bedroom and heard my voice saying im done everything that happen was me i didn't know what was going . Are you ok ?? Emily  said  i turned around and saw Emily behind me  what's going on  i said  Emily didn't say nothing  all  i  saw was her walking towards my livingroom i followed her and saw me in the kitchen yeah im ok i forget that the coffee was hot . What in the world is going on i was just in shock with the whole thing i saw me telling Emily to get ready so that he can buy her some new clothing. Everything is happen over again maybe  i can see What's  going on i followed them to the store and when i walked in in the store i felt reailty kicked backed in i didn't know what to say are do but i was glad that i didn't  see  another me  i brought her new clothing and went back to myhouse and she got a dress up like the beach  lets to the beach  . I didn't  mind because i live by the beach . Sure  i said  we drove to the beach and sat out there she pulled out something green and whisper all i want to do is get high by the beach  we enjoy the green buddy she got up a ran to the water  i got up and followed her  she started to splash water at me and i did the same. We laugh and begin to walk she said  she love long beach  walks  i grabed her hand and told her that life is to short for no happiness  and she said . We are born to die. We kissed and walked. And walked . We finally stop to see the sun go down  we heard a plane  fly by it had a sign on it and it said  will you still love me if i ever die . I love you Emily said i love you i said back. Emily !!! What did you say to the dude. we both turn  back and saw Emily ex boyfriend. Where in the loving god have  you been  he yelled. I don't love you anymore she said  get away from us. Emily said  back . Litsen dude i know we had are little fight at the party but thats the past now if i was you i will leave before you get your butt whooped a second time i said back at Emily ex boyfriend . Who do you think you are talking to like That  he yelled  back he begin to run towards  me  and i dodge him and punched me in the face he took out his gun and pointed it at me i grabbed  it we both was fighting for it. Pow!! I heard  a gunshot and grabbed the gun from Emily ex boyfriend and turned to see Emily she was on the floor bleeding  i saw Emily ex boyfriend running off i aim the gun at him and shot  him through his leg he drop and begin to crawl  i looked at Emily and i Could tell  she was dying the bullet hit her right in the chest. Come on baby Don't die on me please . Come on  keep your  eyes open. She begin to move her lips and she said  we were born to die then . She stop breathing. I got up and aaw Emily ex boyfriend crawling i went up to him and turn him around. Man chill im sorry !!!! He was yelling for his life i heard police sirens i aim the at him and shot him. Pow i knew that i messed up so i ditch the gun into the water and got into my car and drove home i got into my house and change my clothing  i went to my livingroom  and sat on my couch and turn the tv on on channel 7 news i Could not believe my eyes on the news the women  spoke. The three people that was at the party are dead  Emily smith. Jacob cole.  and nick Robson it started as a small fight and turn into a deadly shooting. I heard a voice  it was Emily and she said we are born to die...  

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