May Our Ganges Never See This Unseen

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When we never know this submerged idol of Hindu Lord Shiva stands in the flooded river Ganges in Rishikesh, I look down into the change that is the message we know time is vulnerable for its signatures. How will you save this home from the deepest deprivation of our existence? This poem is only one genuine concern I raise before your conscience. :)

Submitted: June 11, 2016

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Submitted: June 11, 2016



Singing this song may light up your life this world feels like a wonderland of dreams,

Words of this greatest deprivation of existence tell us one story,

Night tells us longtivity of loneliness been so good back way home caring all friends in this time,

All time you took until expressions fill this journey unseen yet always warned,

Be never gaining this hope for carving the days feel the dark may disappear,

Counting on your blessings will you join the crowd far this voice feared its destiny?

When twinkling counts of days unseen gives us the strength to carry on more than we can harvest in this life,

If your home where wonders of God fell unspoken far way too long hear this angel just a call away,

Some say without any reason we will get arrested in the time captive of one hunger of soul for this answer,

Our Earthly friends in the heaven listens to this ignorance of our vintage in pain,

May you come as sweetest flower where heart of greatness gives nectar for the beehive of every dreamer,

If God appear in the silence of our prayer when our family gift the delight shining and sharing with others,

Never may this world take the chance for not caring what it seems to be forgotten,

Receiving an answer for an unattended ceremony your time knows what you are told now,

Feeling I am afraid not to leave death on these ends where your love may be lonely remembering all seasons of the highest grace,

It is hard for our companions far away in future unless we offer lasting possessions with what we can save and make for them,

Here may no sunset console its spirit for the freshness our days keep friendship of rejoice in granting this wish,

We buy them one tomorrow under the sky everything from the days we live to seek this help from Mother Nature who may promise this service of such beginning,

I feel small where the route transpose something more than the will of existence loved on those footsteps ahead,

If the whole world in the hands of this creator only seek fulfillment in few common consensus for all we must care only to act sustaining this dawn of need our days are gifted,

Friends who passes through this trouble may not let them down in laying this lifes dearest gift you may seek for all,

If you approve my letter for all bonded in some self sacrifices,

When the need fall conquering the rise of misfortunes we are troubled in this lifeline that support all living being on Earth,

Why not start this contribution right from the very own space in this time,

Say more the days shining in a time I seek your heart for this dream life is born for the worship we may sell in faith,

Little more the stars in heaven may look down just a call away for one family we are born to be loved on our life beloved watched by denomination in this duty,

God may lead our mind from the grassroot of all this that only seems as just ours,

For we make heaven for future generation when we make this simple for everyone who needs your compassion for the time we are gifted,

If our sky rains on moving the supreme universal force for all time I seek something for some grants in this life we sail for someone in need,

This is just a call away when you count on all blessing in the ever lasting life descended for making days better of all.... :)

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