Finding A Slice Of Heaven On Earth

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'Am I dead?' Adam wondered. The Angel sighed. He was getting tired of this kid's questions. 'One more stupid question, and you will really be dead', the Angel threatened. 'Aren't you suppose to be perfect?' Adam groaned.

Adam is a 18 year old boy who never really understood life. He was curious about God, the purpose he's supposed to have in life, why he was born, why his parents fought, why his girlfriend broke up with him and why his 30 year old brother never flushes the toilet after using it to this day.

So one day when he tragically died, he found out that a perfect creature made of light who could do no wrong was waiting for him to answer his questions. The Angel. Literally.

Little did he know, in the search for his answers with his Angel through time and history, Adam would discover The Answer for everything.

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Submitted: June 11, 2016

'Is that... Adam? The Adam?' Adam asked. He was looking at a huge figure sitting at the edge of a cliff. The man was humming by himself, ... Read Chapter


Submitted: June 14, 2016

Everything has a beginning and an ending. That's life. We live and we die. But for some people, in between their beginning and ending, th... Read Chapter